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Default Will this laptop run TS3?
Hi, this is my first post here so I'm really sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this. I looked around but this was the only forum that seemed appropriate.
Anyway, I need a new laptop, as I'm going to college soon and currently only have a Chromebook on its last legs.
I play TS3 on my desktop PC (I'm not exactly sure how to find all the specs, nor what brand it is, but it's got an Intel Core i7-7700 processor and 16GB of RAM) and it runs the game pretty much perfectly. I have a ton of Store content and a solid amount of Nraas mods, play on high graphics settings, and though I get some script errors every time I play, some seconds-long "hangs" and the very occasional crash to desktop, it's otherwise smooth as butter.
Unfortunately, that PC has some serious Internet connectivity issues, and is also, well, a desktop PC. It's probably not feasible for me to bring it to college, and either way I still need a laptop.
It's really important to me that whatever laptop I get runs The Sims 3 well.
I saw this laptop recommended on a different site, and it really looks like it might be able to do it, as well as all the other stuff I need it to do.
It's a Dell Inspiron 15 3000, and as I can order it with custom specs, I'd get the Intel i3-1005G1 Non-Touch processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD.
Would this be able to run TS3 without too much of an issue? I have all EPs but I don't always play with them all enabled. I have a pretty significant amount of store content, but I can always pare it down a little. I play with a lot of Nraas mods, specifically ErrorTrap, Overwatch, MasterController, StoryProgression, Careers, Woohooer, Relativity, Traveler, Decensor, and Porter.
Thanks in advance, and again sorry for any mistakes/faux pas in regards to posting this.
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go for the i5, but keep in mind this is a 15W TDP with TDP-up of 25W.

For comparison, my laptop i7 CPU is 45W. But for the record this CPU is from 2012.

To clarify, TDP is not how much power the CPU uses, it is the Thermal Design Power and the wattage is not electrical but the wattage of heat dissipation. The higher the TDP means it needs a cooling system necessary to dissipate that wattage. It can be in some way correlated to the power usage because obviously the more heat, the more electricity is used.

HOWEVER, the big "but" that many ignore is that CPU "efficiency" has been increasing. Hence so, modern CPU can do the same workload as a 12 yr old CPU, with less heat wattage generated. So by that means, it may not be accurate to compare the wattage of modern CPU with a CPU from 12 yrs ago.

That being said, you probably want to do some research and compare the "average" CPU TDP of modern laptops. From what I've been seeing, at least here in this forum with people asking questions, I haven't seen a 45W laptop CPU in a long time, I'm not sure they exist anymore. I have seen many 15W laptop CPU like this one, which can TDP up to 25W. But, if you look at the CPU freq, it is 1GHz turbo at 3.6 GHz, meaning this really is a low power CPU, not really designed to run at 3.6GHz for prolong period.

So that being said, it can be done of course. You will probably need a cooling pad and running it in an air-conditioned room. Because if the laptop could not dissipate the 25W and it overheats, usually CPU temp at 105 *C, it will throttle and cut the turbo, running only at 1GHz.

My recommendation for gaming purpose in laptop, not necessarily a gaming laptop, is find one that has an base TDP of 25-30W. That should be approximately equivalent to what I am running now with the understanding modern CPU efficiency improvement.


It should also be noted that this laptop does not come with a dedicated GPU. It means if you are running TS3 on an integrated GPU, it will draw even more power from the CPU since the GPU is built into the CPU. You are running both CPU/GPU at TDP-up of 25W.

With this new information, I would not recommend this laptop if you are looking to run it at high graphics and the performance in your expectation. You can probably run TS3 on this with low-med to medium level graphics. If the CPU can be kept cool to sustain the 3.6GHz, it will run fine. But otherwise, you're looking at almost guaranteed TDP down to 1GHz most of the time.

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