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Default Sailor moon amazon quartet .sims2packs?
Okay so this is the latest in my weird cc hunt mysteries. I know for a fact that back in the day i had VesVes in sims2 and at least cerecere's outfit dont quite remember enough to say whether i had the others. after searching all i could turn up is this weird site and lo and behold that seems to be the vesves outfit/hair that i remember having (course i could simply have had somthing similar). However according to the site it was never released? and yet i know i had it in my game? in fact i still do...just without the mesh so it wont work. im guessing i got it off the sims2 exchange back in the day and in the case that thats true i was wondering if anyone by some odd miracle still had the sims2packs saved.
i also checked annoree but she doesnt have the asteroids. ive also checked and of course the amazon hair is located there and their asteroid senshi fuku's but i cannot for the life of me figure out where i got the amazonquartet clothing and where to find the meshes.

also. The faces on these images are not for the faint of heart. you have been warned.
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