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The gray catbirds have migrated for the winter so I don't have feathered company while I'm outside watering.

The top of the Japanese Maple is starting to turn color, fall is coming. While I was watering, I noticed the rabbits have made a snack of the Peter Cottontail plants I bought; how ironic. They've also made a snack of the red Kodiaks I planted in front of the wall. The red Kodiak were not labeled as being rabbit resistant, the Peter Cottontails are labeled as being deer and rabbit resistant. The deer didn't bother with them as they're inside the fence, the rabbits didn't leave them alone. As much as I'd like to correct the problem, it is now August so I'm not going to bother.

I spent a hour or so this afternoon with Magic Eraser sponges scrubbing down bird cages. It was like having two pterodactyl making noise at me in stereo. The only time I got any peace is when I gave them a treat. Brats!

Nothing exciting planned for the upcoming week. More painting and that's about it.
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