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Default The "walk out of world" glitch and other oddities
I've seen some posts across various sites about an old patched-out base game glitch where a sim in the household would autonomously "walk out of world", an action that couldn't be cancelled or overridden once it happened. The sim would leave the lot, fade away, and never come back. Was this a real thing back in the day?
I would also like to hear about other weirdness that you might've experienced yourself or heard about, be it due to corruption or other factors. I find this stuff so fascinating.
I think the only weird thing I've experienced myself was when I was playing a premade family and the father just vanished . It spooked me enough that I quit without saving before I could see if he was truly a ghost in the machine or if he was somehow turned into townie or a member of the Default household, luckily it hasn't happened again (and I hope I didn't just jinx myself). I also had a sorta-glitched twin that didn't age up the day he was supposed to, but I think that was more likely due to a mod conflict than corruption, eventually he aged up fine.

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I haven't heard about the one where it's autonomous/uncancellable, but I believe 1 Tesla Court from Strangetown had an option for that. I'm assuming the Sim just disappeared like a townie, and could be re-spawned, but I haven't had the chance to test it myself yet.
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That was caused but a wrong hack from Pescado's hacks that did that, when placing in a wrong game hack Pescado's mod would do things like this and other things like setting sims on fire and so on.

Pescado was known for all kinds of funny things that was added to his mods for all kinds of things player did wrong.
But you had to really mess up your hacks to get these to happen.

Or so I was told about this a long time ago, like around 2006 or so.

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I've had the glitched twin several times in the vanilla game; I think it's just a glitch. Other oddities:

I've had a Sim stay pregnant for 10+ days. She used up her usual pregnancy leave and then went back to work, heavily pregnant. Deleting her with moveobjects didn't induce labour, and neither did moving her out and in again or moving the entire household to another lot. I don't recall what did actually cause her to go into labour in the end, although she did eventually have a healthy baby.

I had Nina Caliente try to use the ReNuYu potion and something went wrong. For the rest of her life, Nina could not communicate with male Sims, or even be on the same lot as a male Sim - if it was a community lot, the lot crashed; if it was her home lot, she froze until the male had left. I worked it into the story and made her a reclusive cat lady, with her income coming from her cats' jobs.

When trying to load a saved base-game-plus-university neighbourhood into Double Deluxe, a Sim who had died of old age showed up on the university campus, looking like an Elder but with bent knees. She was hungry but unable to cook herself a meal . . . and then the social worker showed up to take away the poor little orphan!
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Twins not aging up at the same time isn't a glitch per se. It's just that babies can only grow up on the hour and there's a narrow window of opportunity; and they won't grow up, even with the cake, if their needs are in a certain state. So there can be quite a lot of lag between grow-up times on twin babies.

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I had an apartment lot I'd built once though it ended up being glitched because bills began to bankrupt my sims because I forgot to place the green energy sources before moving families in and I had to evict the families to fix the lot.I also had another problem apartment lot before I ever starting playing hacked games where everybody except my playable family always got into fights and brawls in the hallways of the building and I had to use a Mod to disable the generating random NPC neighbors to fix that issue and was unable to use apartments proeprly until installing that Mod.
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Once when I was playing Strangetown, Ophelia got a phone call and then the Unsavory Charlatan appeared on her lot and just stood around cackling all night while Ophelia was frozen and uncontrollable on the phone. At the end of the night, he disappeared and Ophelia died because all her needs were in the red. I wrote into my story that she had gotten murdered by a drifter passing through.
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I've had the 'good bye to all that" pixel wandering off to the unknown world..but: in the game I was able to retrieve them via the teleport function on Insimenator, and they came back with a job in Medicine, and as a Nurse! Even funnier was the fact that it was none other than: Lillith Pleasant!

The circumstances were that she'd been released from prison by way of court order, and the very first thing she did was get out of town-and there was no stopping her-she'd left so quickly I couldn't stop her.

She seemed very pleased with herself when she came back. I was very surprised because she'd never wanted a job before, and this was the first I'd ever had her take the lead. Good for her!

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