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Default Global Curfew
Is there any such thing as a global curfew mod - one that prevents friends being brought home from work after a certain time, and kicks any non-resident Sim off the lot at that time? It's always annoyed me that Sims bring friends home from work as late as 10 pm, but for my apocalypse hood I want a 9.30 pm curfew, and having to clock-watch and get a Sim to say goodbye on the dot of nine is rather tedious.

Googling 'curfew mod' is only bringing up mods that disable the vanilla curfew for teens; I want to extend the child and teen curfews to everybody, so Sims are only off their home lot between 9.30 pm and 6 am if they're actually working the night shift.
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The best way is to not have sims taking regular jobs and have them working vocationally at community lots until they have to get home and to also have dusk be curfew for going out.I'll have that for my Pleasantview Epic Challenge because it takes place in the 17th century with a new world colony as the setting and the curfew was to protect the sims from wildlife attacks.There is no hard coded curfews in TS2 though you can pretend there is though you'll have to watch the clock and make sure to have sims ask friends to leave at dusk as they could be subject to attacks by bears or Mountain lions if out after dark.
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I had a feeling I might have to settle for a dusk curfew. My Sims are on a military base, so it's not actually dangerous for them to be out (as long as they don't go hiking or jogging, which could take them off the base, and luckily they don't do those things autonomously), but the soldiers have more important things to be doing than keeping an eye on civilians wandering around late at night. Sims need to have regular jobs (currently just military, medical and mess-hall) for the challenge, as unlocking careers and finding other small pockets of survivors are dependent upon career progression.

Sending visitors home the moment they step out of the car always seems rude, but I guess they don't really mind.
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I give them a dirty joke then say goodbye.

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You should be able to do this easily by modifying the BCON in this package. The relevant lines are: Visitor Leave Time (for adults), Parents come for kid time, Townie Child Leave Time, Child Visitor Leave Time, and Teen Visitor Leave Time. They are in 24 hour time. I haven't tried actually modifying these so you'll have to experiment.
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Thanks, Kestrellyn. That sounds like exactly what I need, but unfortunately I can't use SimPE - it just crashes my computer so thoroughly that even Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn't work.
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