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#76 Old 7th Dec 2020 at 8:55 PM
Lots of proposals at college!!! Much to celebrate, I guess

First Carlos Rojas proposed to Jana Rubio. I'm sure they'll make a nice couple.

After exams most of them did good - but Joaquín Rubio who is now on probation.

There were more dates, such as Inés Blanco again with Alfredo and Juan Pardo with a professor.
Unluckily for him, Noa does not think it's cute to have an open relationship.

Inés' date turned out much better. Or maybe not. Because she ended up proposing and she is not actually into commitment

Juan is also a Romance Sim and not interested in getting married, but one of his girlfriends proposed to him and he couldn't say no either.

(Hoping for more drama from these new couples!)

Also one of the students graduated: Diana Pardo.
She left college with just a few bucks in her pocket, and could only afford an appartment in the cheapest building. Got a job already, so she's hoping to find a better place to live soon.

Back in the main hood, Ezequiel Blanco keeps going out at night for dates. And none of his lovers has find out yet.

The Pardo house was hectic today. First because they had a visit from outer space - young Leonardo got abducted!

And latter because Carlota and Manuel decided to throw an anniversary party - which fulfilled her LTW.

Mila Rubio kept trying to sell old stuff, and while it seems to be working they still haven't saved up enough to buy a cemetery for the family.
And ghosts do not seem happy of seeing the stuff for sale...
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#77 Old 16th Dec 2020 at 7:56 PM
All the students did well in college, and Carlos Rojas finally graduated.
He is living in downtown. He had plenty of issues when moving into an apartment (I have this problem whenever a townie leaves an apartment) but in the third attempt he managed to get a cheap place of his own.
Only has a few bucks left but he'll surelly do better when his fiancé graduates and moves in with him.

That's what his brother Rafael actually did.
He and his wife Josefa finally saved up enough to buy a little cheap (and empty) house in the main hood.

Diana Pardo had a great day at work: went to work, earned a chance-card bonus, got promoted... went to work (again) and got another promotion!
Now if she only got a love interest. Maybe this coworker she has just met?

The Rojas family keeps being the richest one, but the Blanco family is working hard in order to catch up.
Maricarmen got a huge bonus at work, and Ezequiel even wrote a (lousy) restaurant guide. When he found the time, because, well, you know. He's busy.

Ezequiel is a vampire and therefore does not grow older, but his brother Zacarías is completely human (not really, because he's an alien, but at least not an undead one) so he does indeed grow.
Also Zacarías and his wife Mila have finally save up enough money to buy a cemetery so they can bury Mila's parents there!
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#78 Old 18th Dec 2020 at 7:22 AM
Plenty of dates at college. Juan Pardo with this professor, Noa Rubio (who is mad at him) with a townie guy.

Academically things were not good for Noa (too much time spent thinking about love affairs, it seems) and she's now on probation.
But good for everyone else.
In fact Juan Pardo and Inés Blanco both graduated.

Inés will be moving into his parents place, but Juan decided to rent a cheap place of his own.
He got a job (definetely needs to save up money so he can move into a better place) and keeps dating his teacher-lover.
He's engaged to Mercedes, I think, but not in a rush to tie the knot.

Juan lives in the same building as Carlos Rojas, who actually wants his fiancé to move in with him and likes spending time with her.
Carlos also got a job, there is no point in being idle all the day when you could be earning some money.

As I mentioned before, Inés moved back to dad & mom's place. She's an only child and will eventually inherit the place, which is anyway large enough for them all, so why not move in right away?
None of her parents are faithful partners and apparently she inherited the trait, for she keeps cheating with pretty much every guy she meets (who is not a cousin).

At the Pardo household, Miguel's first daughter Yen (Carlota's fourth) got fired. Terribly bad timing since she's about to go to college.

Anyway the family which has more issues is the Rubio family.
They had already managed to buy the cemetery BUT left penniless - and the gardener wants to be paid!
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#79 Old 18th Dec 2020 at 6:08 PM
Yen Pardo goes to college now, and she moved into the shared house.

Noa Rubio spent her time trying to find a new lover - but he date was actually quite dull v_v

All the students did well, and Joaquín Rubio graduated.
He grabbed whatever money he had and rented a very cheap apartment. He of course invited Clara to visit him there
He also got a job because money is scarce as a recently graduated student.

Carlos Rojas asked out a professor! What would his fiancé (Jana) think if she caught him?

On the other hand, Juan Pardo decided to tie the knot with Mercedes.
She's a Family Sim, which means that life may change a lot for Juan!

Paula Rojas and her husband Fernando Pardo decided to divide their fortune between their two children (Rafael and Carlos).
They decided to ask Rafael (and his wife Josefa) to move in with them, therefore inheriting the house, while Carlos will receive an amount of money of equal value.
(In the picture, Josefa, Paula, Manuel who was a guest for dinner, and Rafael.)

At the Blanco household everybody is unfaithful as usual...

And the Rubio family are still suffering the effects of spending all their cash to buy the family cemetery.
Now one of the kids was kicked out of private school (only one though) and the maid decided she would get paid not matter what.
Yeah, they are not doing great...

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#80 Old 25th Dec 2020 at 2:53 PM
College is going well for everyone this semester.
It was the last one for Clara Pardo, who graduated and is decided to move in with her fiance Joaquín Rubio.

She even got a job - but got fired in her very first day!
But what's really important is that Clara and Joaquín are starting a new stage of life together.

Carlos Rojas had received his part of the inheritance from his parents, and he decided to spend it by buying a business of his own.
His dream is being a sucessful businessman, so choosing this path is way more important for him than actually buying a house.
He may change his mind when Jana moves in with him though. Time will tell!

In the main hood, his brother Rafael and wife Josefa had babies - two of them.
Their names are Raquel and Sara, and will one day inherit the biggest fortune in this neighbourhood. Such a good future ahead!

The Blanco family is only slightly behind in richness - by having only one child (Inés) they managed to not divide the money between children.
She's now married to an Alfredo Blázquez, who actually wants a large family... and Inés is already pregnant and waiting for their first baby.
I'm just wondering whether he'll catch her on an infidelity or will they manage to be a happy couple is an odd manner, such as her parents do.

Btw Ezequiel decided that he does not like his lovers to grow old so quickly! And so he decided that a date was a great moment to bite a neck
(On a practical note, she was a semi-playable in my retirement house so now I'm turning her a townie again because it makes no sense trying to keep her in sync.)

Now the large families, which are the poorest ones.
In the Pardo household, the two youngest children are still living at home. Leornardo has an interest in finding what's "out there", and aparently the interest is reciprocated

In the Rubio household are celebrating a birthday: Daniel and Isabel are now teens!
The best lays ahead

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#81 Old 26th Dec 2020 at 2:08 PM
Everybody is doing well in their studies, and romance seems to be thriving as well
Noa Rubio seems to be over Juan, and decided to ask out the former paperboy (now college student too)

Her twin sister Jana already graduated, and move into her fiance Carlos' apartment.
He was looking forward being together too, so they married in the same day.

Nothing fancy here, but I do sincerely love the brings-pizza/groceries-when-you-come-home. And specially that you can tune it to your taste!
This is Joaquín Rubio btw. I don't think he can afford spending much money, but still he bought a pizza...

Speaking of mods, I love that simler90's parenting one includes breastfeeding!

Raquel and Sara Rojas both grew from baby to toddler, and they are both tan-skinned blondes. I bet they'll break some hearts in their time.

In the Blanco family, where being unfaithful is the rule not the exception, Inés had to cut short a date because her husband arrived earlier than expected (thanks to a chance card) ruining her chances of a perfect date (which would count towards her LTW).
Tbh I'm starting to consider I should lower the number of dates required for this LTW...

She gave birth to a baby girl, named Lidia after Inés' maternal grandmother.
Maricarmen is extremely happy of having a grandchild, I guess this gives some purpose to her life now that she has already reached her LTW.

The other one focusing on dates is her father, Ezequiel, who decided to bite yet another lover... This means dates for all eternity!

The youngest of this generation, Isabel and Daniel Rubio, are trying to help their family by earning some extra money.
They really need it, since theirs is the poorest family out of the four.
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#82 Old 28th Dec 2020 at 5:44 PM Last edited by Amura : 30th Dec 2020 at 3:49 PM.
So Noa Rubio graduated (which leaves Yen Pardo alone in a big expensive house...) and because she had some money, she decided to rent a fancy apartment.

Fancy yes, but still rent must be paid. So she got a job. And got a roommate. Maybe they become friends in the future?

Carlos Rojas now has help in his business - wife Jana Rubio, who has not found yet a job in a career she really likes and would rather wait than take another career.
They are doing very well, so they are moving to the main hood after this rotation.

Wondering why I have so few pictures of this rotation. I guess I forgot to turn Fraps on
Because I tend to keep track of pretty much everything and there was no drama (hey, why is there no drama lately?) life keeps going as normal and I'll update as usual with next rotation and keep going on from there.
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#83 Old 1st Jan 2021 at 7:18 AM
Yen is the only playable student left in that huge house. She would be very lonely and bills would eat up all her bonus, so why stay? Instead she moved into a dorm, so she could save money and meet people.

In downtown, couples Juan (Pardo) & Mercedes and Clara (Pardo) & Joaquín (Rubio) keep saving up to buy a house of their own.
But Diana Pardo managed to save up enough for a house on her own already, actually a good one! She's moving back to the main hood to a house better than the Rubio family, in a section just slightly cheaper than her own family!

Noa Rubio rolled a want to marry a rich Sim, so she thought of asking to one of her college love interests about money... Pity he's so poor!

In the Rojas household, Fernando decided it was time to retire.
This means less money to earn - but they are still the richest family despite having already divided the inheritance - but more time to help Rafael and Josefa with the twins.

For Ezequiel Blanco and his daughter Inés life is about dating someone else - and not get caught

But Inés' husband Alfredo wants a little larger children. That's why now that Lidia is a toddler, he convinced Inés to have another baby - yeah, she's pregnant again.

In the Pardo household only one of the children is still at home: Dolores. She asked out the paperguy, and the date ended in friendly terms.

And this is Carlos Rojas, who lives in an small house with his wife Jana Rubio and runs a pretty successful business. He's doing well indeed!
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#84 Old 3rd Jan 2021 at 8:46 AM
Leonardo Pardo is now on college, and decided to move into the same dorm as his sister Yen.
They both did well in their studies and also met some interesting people - which is good in an small hood like this.

In the next rotation the youngest of the siblings, Dolores, will go to college too. So it's a good time to move up into a rented house.
A small one though, not the huge mansion they all used to live in. Only two bedrooms, but siblings won't mind sharing a bedroom for a while.

Downtown residents did well, some of them got promoted, and I'm sure little by little they'll all save up enough to buy a house of their own in the main hood.

The Blanco family welcomes a new baby girl: her name is Carmiña, which would be a shorter version of grandma Maricarmen's old fashioned named.

Grandpa Ezequiel keeps doing his thing, which is going out with other women

Last day in their parents house for Dolores and she decided to ask out the paperboy again.
And again it was a dull date and they are just on friendly terms, but it's ok beause they would have forgotten all about it when they went to college anyway.

The news is that now the Pardo family is ready to divide their inheritance.
If they had to make the best choice economy-wise they would want Diana to carry the Pardo name (and inherit the house) but if they had to make the best choices economy-wise they would not have 6 children to begin with. So they chose grown up the children which both Carlota (who has an excellent relation with all her kids) and her second husband Manuel have 100/100 relation with.
And so Clara and her husband Joaquín moved in. All her siblings else got an equal share in cold hard cash, so the family needed a loan to be able to pay the difference.

The social bunny! Not one to be seen very often indeed!!
Daniel Rubio was already making sure to fill his social motives, but the bunny was worried about him.

His sister Isabel is more social, but her date with paperboy Antonio was so-so anyway.

Carlos Rojas definetely quit his job and decided to dedicate all his time to his flourishing business.
It means taking a risk but he's working really hard for it.

They are doing well, so they also decided to go for a baby, and wife Jana is now pregnant!
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#85 Old 4th Jan 2021 at 1:41 PM
And the last of the Pardo children, Dolores, is finally in college and joined her siblings Yen and Leonardo in the little house they've rented.
Time to study!

And of course time to have fun too
She asked out one teacher and, well, it seemed like a lot fun but not really.

In downtown their brother Juan is falling in love with a vampire Will his wife Mercedes find out?

Anyway the week has finished and they have saved enough money to buy an small house, so here they go!

Noa Rubio decided to propose to (former townie) Juan Miranda after all.
He may not be rich - he is not indeed - but she has not found another guy she likes half as much.

One of the Rojas' pets, Pinneapple, has died of old age after a succesfull life.
And actually the other dog, Choco, has reached the top of its career fulfilling Paula's LTW!

Also the toddlers Sara and Raquel have grown up into two lovely children. Here the family gathered for dinner - but Paula, who was elsewhere, perhaps taking Pinneaple's grave to the family cemetery.

In the Blanco family, little Carmiña grows up too.
Now both Lidia and her are toddlers, and two toddler always means a lot of work! Luckily the grandpas are ready to give a hand whenever required.

In the Pardo household, Clara got pregnant. She invited over her friend Jana who is pregnant too; they spent a lot of time speaking, I guess about pregnancy and birth?
Which btw happened soon enough - and so baby Jorge Pardo was born.

Baby Jorge with cousin Jana and also with uncle Juan. Lots of J in this picture

Jana gave birth in this rotation too, while her husband Carlos Rojas was in his business. The baby is a girl and her name is Sonia Rubio, after Carlos' grandmother Sonia Rojas.
It's also agreed that Jana will inherit the family house, although it's not clear yet when will this happen. Will her parents wait until Daniel and Isabel go to college, or would they hurry things up now that they have their first grandchild?
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#86 Old 6th Jan 2021 at 2:21 PM
Yen, Leonardo and Dolores did well in college.
And also had fun! (In the picture, Leonardo dances with a non-playable student, but they're only friends!)

In fact Yen graduated and decided to rent a quite luxurious appartment - why not, since she has the money from her inheritance?
She got a job. Not her LTW career, but she was to start earning money right away!

Also in downtown, Noa Rubio finally got married to Juan Miranda - who recently graduated.
He is not rich, but she has not met any other rich guys anyway...

In the main hood the Rojas family suffered a loss: Choco, the youngest of their pets, died of old age.
Paula took it to the family cemetery, where she decided to pay a visit to her late parents.

The Blanco family had saved up quite a bit of money and now have moved up... to a house in the same district as the Rojas, and even richer!

Being already the richest of the families, Maricarmen decided it was time to retire and spend her time around her grandchildren.

One of which has already grown into a child. This is Lidia Blanco now.

Anyway Ezequiel Blanco keeps spending his nights on dates, this time with another townie named Asunción whom he's dating for the first time.
If he really enjoys her attentions he may turn her into a vampire too...

It was a good day for the Pardo family too. Clara, Joaquín and Carlota all got promotions!
For Carlota it's the last one, because she has reached the top of her career.

So a great celebration day for little Jorge Pardo's birthday!

On her own house, Diana Pardo keeps focusing on her career - and not wasting time on anything else.
Actually she even created a secret room for her burglary stuff. No regular door here, so no visits will come and annoy her while she's busy!

Juan Pardo is not the most loyal guy, and when wife Mercedes was at work he invited over one of his lovers...

Which does not stop him from wanting his wife too
And actually Mercedes got pregnant!!!

The Rubio family has already decided that Jana will be the one inheriting the family house (while everybody else gets hard cold cash) but it's not doable at this point because 7 people in a 2 bedroom house would be a bit too much. So it must wait until Daniel and Isabel go to college and their bedroom leaves vacant...
In the meatime Jana went to work, expecting a promotion, while Carlos stayed at home with baby Sonia (although he really wants to spend more time in his business!).

When mom was back home it was time for a birthday, and Sona grew up into a toddler - work ahead for mom & dad!
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#87 Old 10th Jan 2021 at 5:42 PM
Leonardo and Dolores Pardo keep doing well at college.
Recent graduates Noa Rubio (and huband Juan Miranda) and Yen Pardo still live in downtown.
Not much to tell there.

The Blanco family is now the wealthiest one.
Lidia and Carmiña are now both toddlers but everybody is helping out. And Inés is pregnant again! Another baby on the way!

More about babies!
The Pardo family welcome little Néstor, the second child of Clara Pardo and Joaquín Rubio.

And also Clara's twin Juan is now a father! Wife Mercedes gave birth to baby Francisco Barroso.

The new generation is beginning, but the youngest ones of the previous gen (twins Daniel & Isabel Rubio) are still teens.
Daniel is not doing great with his studies because he spends so much time stargazing... and finally something had to happen

At the same time Isabel was on a date with the newspaper guy (yep, in this town newspaper guys are all kinda popular) which turned out ok.
Well, an abduction in the middle of the date is quite unique - but not very romantic

Carlos Rojas once again stayed home with little Sonia while Jana went to work. But instead of a promotion she was demoted!
Oh, well, he managed to open the shop in the afternoon after Jana's work, and while he did not earn much everything counts!
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#88 Old 11th Jan 2021 at 4:19 PM
Leonardo and Dolores keep doing well in college.

Noa Rubio and husband Juan Miranda (I'll call them the Miranda family from now on) decided to have a baby.
And although they have a large enough apartment (with 3 bedrooms!) they thought it was a good moment to buy a house in the main hood. One of the cheapest ones will suffice for now though, since they needed an small loan.

Also now they are living closer to Noa's parents, who are happy of seeing a granchild on the way

Inés Blanco had another baby girl, her name is Manuela. Now Alfredo must be quite happy, having such a large family!

Carmiña grew up and is now a child. Because she had exactly the same hairtyle (and skin color) as her sister Lidia I decided to go for a makeover. And glasses.
Lidia is getting glasses too - fancier because she likes fancy - but she had not them yet when I took the dinner pic,

Rafael Rojas got a promotion, but for some reason he does not seem too happy. Weird, isn't it?

Late at night there was this odd situation: the police arrived even before the burglar reached the house!
That's efficiency, I suppose.

Sad day in the Pardo family: Time to say goodbye to grandma Carlota.
She's had a full life, fulfilled her dreams and enjoyed a lovely family. She'll be missed.

But life must go on. And baby Néstor grew up in the very same day.

Francisco Barroso was born the same day as Néstor Pardo, so of course he celebrated his birthday too. And he's an exceedengly handsome toddler!
His mom is pregnant again btw

Carlos Rojas stayed home once more, while Jana went to work and got that much desired promotion. They are certainly doing well!
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#89 Old 17th Jan 2021 at 3:02 PM
Everything keeps going well at college. Which means I'm ready to try shorter semesters and make it harder for my pixels

Let's talk about the families in the main hood.
These are Lidia (pinkish clothes, white glasses) and Carmiña (greenish clothes, plain glasses) Blanco. Lidia is older, but they are in a period of their lives in which they enjoy playing together.

The youngest sibling, Manuela, is just a toddler. And she seems to have the same skincolor and haircolor as her sisters.

This would be a cute family if the adults were not constantly cheating each others. Here is Inés with her most recent lover.
Will Alfredo ever catch her?

Carlota Pardo is much missed, but her widower Manuel is not the kind of person who likes being alone.
He is trying to find love again. Hanging around with this townie woman, whose company he liked well enough...

Later on granchild Jorge Pardo grew up. Nothing remarkable about him - other than his eyes, of course, which he inherited from his father.

At night Manuel decided to hang out with another woman he's long met - she seems to have been enjoying quite a long life already! - and because were already good friends it was soooo easy for them to fall in love!
Manuel does not know that she's one of the Ezequiel Blanco's undead lovers though

Let's talk about the Barroso family, founded by former townie Mercedes Barroso and husband Juan Pardo.
Juan was not the kind of guy you expected to settle, but now he's deeply invested in his role as a father.

Which is great because baby #2 is already here! Welcome to baby girl Lidia Barroso.
(Yes, she's named Lidia after her greatgrandmother, same as her distant cousin Lidia Blanco.)

This is Isabel Rubio dating Juan Paredes, newspaper guy, and finally falling in love.
Both Isabel and her twin brother Daniel will go to college in the next rotation so it's possible she'll not meet Juan again. Or will she?

It has been decided than when Isabel & Daniel move to college, oldest sister Jana and family will move in with their parents. So they are packing everything they want to bring with them.
Also young Sonia is growing up. She's gonna love having more people around to play with!

Another Rubio sibling, Noa, gave birth to her first son: Daniel Miranda.
The Miranda family is still struggling with a loan, but I'm sure they'll do well enough.
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#90 Old 23rd Jan 2021 at 3:31 PM
The youngest of their generation, twins Daniel & Isabel Rubio, are now at college. They moved into Leonardo & Dolores Pardo house, so they can share bills.
Daniel first attempts to meet some girls failed miserably.

But Isabel is having fun with this former paperguy. What's his name? Antonio I think.

Leonardo graduated, and he rented an apartment in the same building as his sister Yen. It's good to be close to family!

Inés Blanco decided to have a good time with the gardener while husband Alfredo was at work.
Eldest child Lidia seemed devastated when she realized her mother was cheating! On the other hand, Carmiña did not care much...

Cute pic of Sara and Raquel Rojas playing together.

Clara Pardo had quite an exciting day - an electrifying one!

Now that Néstor is about to grow up - and Jorge being already a child - they decided it was a good moment to have another baby. So she's now expecting.

The Barroso family celebrated Lidia's birthday. She's now a toddler!

And finally the Rubio family divided the inheritance! Jana, her husband Carlos Rojas and child Sonia Rubio are moving in.
Which means that her parents are also sending their all their other kids an equivalent amount of cash, so their lives will be a bit easier from now on.

Mila decided to shut down her little home business and help son-in-law Carlos in his downtown store.
The help was really welcome, and they are doing a great job together!

Daniel Miranda grew up, and he's got a handsome new hairstyle
(Because mom is Noa Rubio, they have got some more money now, maybe they can afford a larger house soon?)

I run a retirement house which I ignore for all story purposes. It's just a way to make sure my townies grow up and eventually die of old age so the hood is in sync.
Sometimes they even marry another townie, and one of my elders married this younger guy named Germán Herrera. Who got abducted. And returned pregnant.

Now I had to make him playable. I HAD TO. He'd got a cute adorable alien baby in his belly. And that CAN'T be ignored.
I moved him and his very old wife into a house (the retirement household is rich, so they were given a good chunck - and I'm ok with that) and sooner than later his bump was showing, and his wife was dead. What a day!

Now Germán is on his own and must take care of a little baby boy whom he named Salomón.
Btw he wants to be abducted again... Apparently he had fun
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#91 Old 24th Jan 2021 at 8:38 AM
This semester was not great for Dolores Pardo, who is now on probation.

Isabel and Daniel Rubio did well in their studies (early semesters are easy) and also in their love lives!
Isabel did not waste time (she's a Family Sim after all) and proposed to Antonio Rodrigo.

Daniel on the other hand had not found a girl she liked, until he realized Dolores living with them and being quite a nice girl.
This was his first kiss (it's so cute when they are adults and have a first kiss!) but they went all the way to the whoohoo

I'm hoping this does not district Dolores even more!

In downtown Yen Pardo keeps focusing on her career.
But she rolled a want to marry a rich Sim. And she thought that Prof. Julio Pardo (yes, same surname!) might be rich... but apparently not. This kinda makes me want to cheat (and give him more money) because it would be such a nice storyline twist.

And brother Leonardo fell in love with townie Mónica Heredia. Another first kiss!

Life for the Blanco family goes on as usual. Which means Zacarías & Inés cheating on their spouses as much as they can.

The Rojas twins are now teens! They are both really handsome in very different ways.
This is Sara Rojas.

And this is Raquel Rojas.

And little Salomón Herrera, cute greenish baby, is growing up.

The Pardo family welcomes a new members: baby Milagros Pardo was born!

And little Néstor grows up.

Meanwhile grandpa Manuel keeps trying to find love in the arms of the vampire professor...

Diana Pardo has been focusing on her (criminal) career for long, but now that she's very near the top she thought she could make some room for a love life.
She likes Prof. Álex Roca very much so it was just natural to flirt with him...

It's nice to see Juan Pardo enjoying the family life. And Mercedes even convinced him to have yet another baby!

Francisco grew up, Lidia is a toddler... and Mercedes is pregnant again.

The Rubio family has hopes that Carlos' business helps them to improve their economical status. And he's doing quite well indeed!

And last of all the Miranda family, in which Juan Miranda and Noa Rubio must take turns to take care of little Daniel.
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#92 Old 29th Jan 2021 at 11:54 AM
And here I come with another rotation.

Daniel Rubio proposed to Dolores Pardo. Now it's all settled, they'll marry as soon as Daniel graduates.

Right now it's Dolores who graduated and she moved out of college and rented an apartment - in the same building as siblings Yen and Leonardo.

Leonardo himself proposed to his girlfriend. I think her name is Mónica Heredia.

Yen on the other hand focuses on her career.
Earning a good salary and the inheritance from their parents allowed her to finally buy a house in the main hood and she has just moved in there.

Happy birthdays in the Blanco household. Lidia and Carmiña both grew up.

Lidia actually got a makeover, just because. And she's trying to make some friends her age (since the other playable teens are Sara & Raquel Rojas).

Their mother Inés went on a date with the gardener... Ehem.

And grandpa Ezequiel with some cow.
This is not the most loyal family but somehow they manage to not fall into pieces.

In the Rojas family they have a new plant. Josefa (who is a Natural Scientist) brought it home from her workplace. It's cute, isn't it?

Sara asked the paperguy out (there is a certain lack of male teens at this point in the game, so he's quite popular) but apparently he's not interested in her

And twin Raquel got a great promotion and decided to celebrate it with pizza

Germán Herrera, new resident, spent his little leisure time trying to socialize and maybe maybe eventually find someone who might be interested in sharing the responsability of taking care of a baby with him.

Because it is exhausting. So exhausting that he was unable to even reach his own bed

In the Pardo family they celebrated Milagros' birthday.

Diana Pardo has always been happy living on her own, but of lately she's decided it's time to settle and proposed to boyfriend/professor Álex.

Mercedes Barroso & Juan Pardo had twins: Welcome Carlota and Christian Barroso.
You would not have thought Juan to be a family guy, and now he has 4 children, two of them named after his grandparents and now the twins after his parents.

Their eldest Francisco is now a very cute little guy.

Not many news in the Rubio family, other than they got a genie lamp so it's likely they'll get some extra money in the next few weeks...

Also not much in the Miranda household.
Noa stayed home with baby Daniel, just because Juan was the only one of them with chances to get a promotion and therefore a much welcome bonus.

And that's all folks!
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#93 Old 3rd Feb 2021 at 3:18 PM
Everything goes on as usual on college. Both Daniel and Isabel are on track.

In downtown, Leonardo Pardo asked his fiance Mónica Heredia to move in with him. (She had to grow up into adulthood in order to marry, which will probably happen in the next rotation.)
From now on this will be the Heredia family and their children (Mónica apparently wants to have several of them) will inherit that surname.

Dolores Pardo also lives in the same building.

In the main hood, it's a sad day for the Blanco family. Maricarmen has died.

Her daughter Inés that grief was not her style and she'd rather go out with one of her lovers. Mrs. C obviously disagreed and thought it was terrible taste.

Grandchild Lidia apparently thought that going out would help her too, so she asked the newspaper guy (Javier) and even gave him her first kiss!

The Rojas family has a cowplant... and it has eaten a townie

Nothing relevant from the Pardo family.
But Diana Pardo (next house in the rotation) got finally married to Prof. Álex Roca. This is now the Roca family.

Plenty to celebrate in the Barroso household.
Three birthdays in the same day: Lidia is a child now (as her brother Francisco) and twins Carlota and Christian are toddlers.

The economical situation of the Rubio family is improving. Mila helps son-in-law Carlos in his business, and together they earn a nice daily amount. Zacarías has not retired, and Jana keeps getting promoted.
Of course burglars had to hear about it. But this one seems particulary stupid - bragging in front of the policemen

And a last birthday: Daniel Miranda grew up. He has his mom's gorgeous blue eyes *_*
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#94 Old 6th Feb 2021 at 4:01 PM
College was amusing this time. First because both Daniel and Isabel failed the semester, so they were on probation.

But even so they decided they would rather socialize. Actually both of them went on dates!

Before the date Daniel had flirted with the funky-hat professor - and he was rejected.
For some reason he though it was a good idea flirting with her again while he was on a date with the blonde student

That said everything turned out well for them in the following semester and now they are on track again.

Let's move onto downtown.
Leonardo Pardo and Mónica Heredia both got jobs in the Politics career. It's his LTW, she's family oriented but a job together with him while they are waiting for a children (not pregnant yet!) seems a good plan.
And they of course got married, both of them were looking forward it.

And onto the main hood.
In the Blanco family Inés keeps cheating Alfredo as usual, no more pics this time because I feel I'm overdoing it.
Also second child Carmiña grew up, she's got a cool outfit imho.

Life for the family Herrera can be summarized in one picture.
Germán is so busy attending baby Salomón that he hardly finds the time for anything else. And he probably went a bit over his head when he chose such an expensive house...

Maybe if he could find someone to share all the burdens of a household with?

Fortunately Salomón is growing up so everything is probably be a little bit easier.

Not bad for the Pardo family, which was once the poorest of them all.
Now Manuel eans a little income every now and then by writing a restaurant guide, and Joaquín was promoted which means a juicy bonus.

Diana Pardo got her last promotion - and she fulfilled her dream! Now it's time to relax and wait patiently for retirement
Her husband Álex Roca isn't retired yet, and actually he got demoted... but at least they are not in any danger of being unable to pay their bills.

Zacarías had a day off so he decided he'd help his wife Mila and son-in-law Carlos with the downtown business, while Jana stayed at home with their daughter.

And Yen Pardo gave her first kiss to Prof. Julio Pardo - unrelated.
It's amusing how many first-kiss-as-an-adult pictures I have lately, because most of the playables of this generation were actually related and had an smaller pool of potential love interests.
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#95 Old 12th Feb 2021 at 11:09 AM
Isabel Rubio did well enough this semester, but Daniel spent way too much time dating Dolores and not enough studying - therefore he's on probation. Again.

His fiancé Dolores Pardo keeps working hard, and waits for him in her downtown apartment.

Her own brother Leonardo Pardo and wife Mónica Heredia live next door, and Leonardo is doing great in his job too.

In the main hood the Blanco family keeps doing their usual.
Inés has a new lover, and she did not hesitate to bring him home - and her daughters are definetely not happy about seeing men around.

Ezequiel (now a widower) does not need to restrain himself and also went on a date, and so did young Lidia. She's falling in love with Javier, the newspaper guy.

Things went very interesting in the Rojas household.
First the cowplant ate the former neighbourhood burglar. She was not loved and won't be missed!

Later Sara decided she wanted to go on a date but did not know anyone... so she paid well for a blind date.
Her date was some guy named Albert, and it was not great (blind dates usually are not because they don't have a good relationship to begin with) but it was a good start.

Then things started to get weird.
Aliens meant to abduct the cowplant, but since they were unable they decided to take Josefa instead.
She's now pregnant with an alien baby, but Rafael already agreed to recognize it as his own baby. With their other daughters grown up, it's gonna be a challenge, changing diapers again!

And then, all of a sudden and without notice, Sara's date Albert decided to go check the cowplant (oh! the fence was left unlocked!) and there go all of Sara's chances of getting to know him any better.
Unless she develops a taste for the undead, which seems unlikely.

Events at the Pardo household were pretty normal though.
Milagros and Jorge both grew up in this rotation.

The Barroso family received an unwelcome visit: a burglar came and took their bookshleves
Fortunately the police caught her.

And more growing up, this is Sonia Rubio:

Yen Pardo finally decided to propose to Prof. Julio Pardo. She really wanted a rich husband, but one with a good job might be as good.

Last but not least, the Miranda family are ready to move to a new house.
They are now packing their things, and as soon as it's their turn again they'll be leaving this small cheap one for an slighty fancier one.
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#96 Old 28th Feb 2021 at 2:39 PM
Both Isabel and Daniel did good in college.
She's starting her last semester and will soon be graduated - if everything turns ok.

In downtown, Mónica Heredia happens to be pregnant. Her husband Leonardo Pardo and her both wanted children, so it's a happy event for them.

In the main hood, Lidia Blanco met Jorge Pardo. I think they would be a nice couple, if they decided to give it a try

Her sister Carmiña decided to call the matchmaker and pay for a suitable date, which brought her the paperboy. And turned out barely ok.

Josefa Santos gave birth to a cute greenie bean, which was named Rigoberto. Rafael adopted him as his own, so his surname is Rojas as well.

Germán Herrera had quite a day.
The bills were dangerously unpaid and he is raising a child on his own, so he decided he definetely needed a partner to share all the responsabilities with. He proposed to Marta Oliva - and they got married right away!

Good that he did, otherwise little Salomón would be left alone while daddy gets abducted. Again.

Do you know who else is pregnant? Diana Pardo.
Her husband Prof. Roca will be quite an elderly father, but it's never too late to bring a simmie into the game

In the Barroso household twins Carlota & Christian grew up - and they are both really handsome.

The Rubio family has been the less wealthy for a quite a while. Maybe Zacarias' huge bonus helps them to grow richer!

Yen Pardo finally decided to marry Prof. Julio Pardo. Same surname, so if they ever have children it's no doubt whose surname they'll inherit.

Last but not least, the Miranda family moved to a new house. I'm sure their little kid will enjoy playing in the garden!
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#97 Old 28th Mar 2021 at 4:22 PM
I had played another rotation but I had not added the pictures yet. I guess it's already time due to it, before I dare to play yet another one.
I'll try to be brief.

Daniel Rubio is in his last semester at college, while his sister Isabel graduated.
She rented an apartment, got a job and married her fiancé Antonio Rodrigo - quite a busy day!

Leonardo Pardo and his wife Mónica Heredia moved into a house in the main hood.
She then gave birth to twins Antón and Josefa.

Rigoberto Rojas grew up.

Older sister Sara decided to try again for a blind date. This time was definetely luckier!

Germán Herrera was abduced again - he was already impregnated and actually gave birth right after returning from this last abduction.
It's a baby girl, and he named her Filomena.

Néstor Pardo growing up.

Yet another baby: Hugo Roca.

Francisco Barroso grew up and he's handsome.

Also Yen is pregnant, so there will be another baby in the next rotation - which I will hopefully able to play soon enough!
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#98 Old 5th Apr 2021 at 8:40 PM
Another rotation played

Daniel Rubio was the last college student of his generation, and he finally graduated.
He moved into Dolores Pardo's apartment and they got married right away.

In another downtown apartment Isabel Rubio (Daniel's twin) with her husband Antonio, and now she's pregnant.

In the mainhood I play from richer to poorer households.
So the first one is the Blanco family, where the youngest children - Carmiña - just grew up.

Filomena Heredia's birthday.

And Hugo Roca's.

Sonia Rubio decided to sneak out, but it did not turn out great...
(I guess she wanted to celebrate that they are about to move to a bigger house, now that her family has saved up some money!)

The Miranda family hired a nanny to take care of young Daniel while his parents are working.
She apparently does not cook very well... and does not care much about fires Luckily Noa arrived right after the fire began and she phoned the fire brigade.

Birthdays of the Heredia twins!

And last Yen Pardo gave birth to a baby girl, named Loli. (Her skin color is definetely her father's!)

Also I'm gonna give a try to Boiling Oil's Alien Experimens mod, for the sake of trying something new.
I'm gonna tune it to my tastes and hope I don't screw it
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#99 Old 9th Apr 2021 at 3:59 PM
At this point there are only 2 families living in downtown.
One is the Rodrigo family, in which Antonio and Isabel welcome their daughter Lara Rodrigo.

Back to main hood, Carmiña Blanco and Francisco Barroso fell in love

Another good date for Sara Rojas. (What's his name? Javier?)
She also got promoted in her career, and since it's her LTW career she's considering to going to college at all!

Fortunately it was not him the one eaten by their cowplant - I'm afraid they no longer have a maid...

There is yet another teen! Yeah, this generation is growing up, and Lidia Barroso is as handsome as her brother Francisco. Good genes here.

As planned, the Rubio family moved to a fancier, more expensive house. Good for them!

Fire again in the Miranda household - and this time they almost almost get in serious trouble.

Their child Daniel grew up.
He considered getting a job but his grades are soooo bad that they won't hire him. Which I guess suits a Pleasure Sim as him!

Now that Loli is growing up, her parents (Yen Pardo & Prof. Julio Pardo) decided it's time to pack their things and buy a larger house. They'll be moving in the next rotation.

While Mónica Heredia was working, her husband Leonardo Pardo staying home with the kids.
Taking care of twin toddlers is such an exhausting job, but even so they decided to go for another baby - Mónica is now pregnant!
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#100 Old 9th Apr 2021 at 4:06 PM Last edited by Amura : 21st Apr 2021 at 2:20 PM.
And since the first teenagers of this generation are about to grow up, I guess it's time to save up some family thumbnails so I later remember which family they belong to

All things considered, I'm gonna write down the name of the children of each main family - so it's easier for me to figure out who must inherit when the parents die.
  • Blanco: Lidia, Carmiña & Manuela.
  • Rojas: twins Sara & Raquel. Also alien boy Rigoberto.
  • Rubio: their only child is Sonia, so definetely the heiress.
  • Pardo: Jorge, Néstor and Milagros.
Also the rest of the families:
  • Miranda: their only child is Daniel, who apparently won't inherit much - but at least it's all for him
  • Herrera: alien children Salomón and Filomena
  • Barroso: Francisco, Lidia and twins Christian & Carlota
  • Heredia: twins Antón & Josefa, plus another baby on its way
  • Roca: their only child so far is Hugo - and they may not want more
  • Yen Pardo: so far only Loli
  • Rodrigo: so far only Lara
  • Rubio-Pardo: apparently not interested in having children whatsoever, they may leave their belongings to one niece/nephew
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