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Is that because it goes by the date that the thread was created, rather than the date that the upload was accepted? In that case, Riverside is doomed to page 10!
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If that's so, we'll just have to promote the heck out of it, make a "what did you do with the Riverside characters" thread, relate it to Widespot, and so on. Everybody falls off the first page eventually, but starting at the back does require that one try a little harder.

One thing about Widespot RFD I didn't catch before it finalized: I tried to put Widespot on the "related" tab, and failed. Possibly because I didn't understand how to code it properly. Plus I need to update Widespot so that the subhood version shows up on the related tab.

Simlili made her Widespot a special tropical vacation hood, called "Wetspot," viewable here:

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Sandy Beech's doctor had told her she would not survive another pregnancy. Remembering his advice to "enjoy the time you have left", she had it terminated. She had not told anyone, but Daytona suspected; Hamilton (bless his little heart) would not have figured it out till she handed him a baby. He certainly didn't know about the baby's father, Rhett Hart. Well it was a brief affair, which Sandy would not repeat.
HART family: Rhett (busy boy) had also made a baby with alien Penny. He was proud to have "subdued" her, little knowing (or caring)that she considered HIM a test-subject. She named their son Hartless and put him up for adoption. He and his father both attended the birth (hard to MISS, as she had it at her open business!). Rhett barely noticed, but Valentine was concerned that his grandson was taken away. Daughter Goldy went to college (enough drama already!), while gold-digger Candy found her perfect match (a child-like man who would come into a large inheritance) in Junior man. And the old man, Valentine had made a baby with Mary Land; she had twins, and he was happy she was allowing him to be part of their lives. And we are seeing a difference between the "romance" of Valentine & his son Rhett. Valentine LOVES the ladies; he never met one he didn't want to woo. Sure he wants to get them to bed, but doesn't consider it a "conquest" but a privilege. He enjoys pleasing them; and always the gentleman, they can't help but love him (except for Penny, who hate ALL men - on principle). Rhett loves the ladies too - he loves what they can do FOR him! Pushy and crude, he has no patience if they don't appreciate how hot he is! He "forced himself" on gentle Mary, and is so sure she "likes it rough" he drops by at all hours of the night to start some excitement. He better watch it, Pappa Homer Land is an old farm boy and keeps a rifle...

MANN family: Rich and Lana agreed to let Junior marry Candy Hart. Junior really wanted her, and how could they refuse their boy? Besides, Lana made it clear to Candy what sort of person would be allowed into the family. Lana would pick out appropriate clothing, and help her learn a wife's roll - by keeping the house clean and cooking. Little did they know Candy's true nature, or what she was capable of to get her way.

WEISS: Sky spent one too many nights looking at stars - he was killed by a satalite. Woody went to college, leaving pregnant Penny alone.. with no job and almost no money. For 3 days she opened a "business" at home to sell stuff off, even dismantled the upper floors. And with a house full of "browsers" she delivered Rhett's baby. She named him Hartless and immediately put him up for adoption. (hack causes baby to just disappear). Oddly, she had hired Valentine to be a cashier! {I've already posted pics of Valentines concern, "Where did my grandson go!?"}. Rhett went into "customer complaining" mode, and Penny fought with him. She was now free to pursue her life goal (no, not to be a oceanographer) of investigation humans (especially men humans), and finding aliens. So she took a job in natural science; she is now "an expert in scat". In mid-winter she is finally abducted, and of course names her baby girl Coprophlia. She doesn't want to actually DEAL with babies; leaving it in the care of TWO nannies, she is sure she has provided proper care of her offspring." That wasn't so bad! Maybe there are MORE aliens out there! Maybe next time I'll remember more about what happened and how to reach TRUE enlightenment!"

LAND: Dixie and Scott (and finally River) go to college. Mary has twins by Valentine, Sue Ellen and Clovis. Everyone dotes on them. Good farm folks, Homer will be starting a garden in the spring, while Beaulah and Mary take in wash to make extra money. Beaulah understands Mary's loneliness, but barely tolerates the twins father coming over. He seems like a nice enough man, why doesn't Mary insist on making her an honest women? Mary doesn't have the heart to tell her mom that their are rumors about his drinking and wild ways. She's mature enough to know not to expect him to become someone he is not; and the babies are much better off in her parents stable home. As much as Mary hates Rhett, she loves Valentine, and just gets so LONELY. They seem fated to be intertwined. {see pic below for a picture of this entanglement}

OK - tried to attach 2 pics from photo bucket, got a "special" screen, and had to enter junk, then it looked like it was OK - but pics themselves did not come over (just the IMG string). And now I can't even attach little screen-shots. Are the new site changes changing the process of sending pics via photo bucket ?

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And just because I'm frustrated...

YEA! Pic of Homer and grandson Clovis - with his father's nose!

And try this: an entwined Mary and Valentine. Who just had sex while Mary's mom slept in the next bed.

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I have still been reading everyone’s comments here. I just haven’t had much time to write my own. I’m glad to read that the Widespot RFD is ready, Peni. I know you have been working hard on it.

I had some time to play this weekend in between barbecues and graduation parties. I won’t be able to play again until next weekend though. I can’t play during the week because my job drains my energy. Unfortunately, I’m not at a high enough level to get one of those career rewards that will increase all of my motives. Oh wait, employers don’t offer those in real life, do they? I feel like I’m way behind everyone else as far as my story is going. All of the babies are still babies in my game. They will age up to toddlers on the next round though. I will make sure to take plenty of pictures of them then. I want to give an update on what has been going on in my game, but I am only going to write about some of the interesting and funny things that happened recently for now or I would end up writing a novel. This is still going to be kind of long and I’m sorry for that. I hope everyone who takes the time to read this will find it amusing anyway.

The Land house was very eventful. There are so many people in this house that it’s not easy to keep track of everything at once when everyone is home. I think I already mentioned the last time that River grew up to a teen. Well this time he brought a girl home from school. It was Opal Raymond, the Bon Voyage townie girl that his brother Scot had his first kiss with. Crazy ACR things always seem to happen when I’m not paying attention. At the end of the day I was focusing on Dixie because she was leaving for college, when out of the blue River’s first kiss scene cut in. Yes, he actually had his first kiss with the very same girl that Scot had his first kiss with. I really was not expecting that at all. River isn’t even friends with Opal yet. He must have really wanted that kiss. Scot didn’t seem to care either. Although that scenario was amusing I was kind of disappointed that River took the spotlight off of Dixie. It’s not that I don’t love River just as much. All of the Land kids are great kids. It was Dixie’s last day as a teen though. That was supposed to be her moment. Oh well, at least the focus will be all on her when I move her into her dorm. I’m looking forward to that.

There is never a dull moment with the Hart family. They always make me laugh. I always find them doing crazy things and they make the best expressions. I made Valentine invite Mary over because I wanted to see what would happen. Would you believe they didn’t go straight to the hot tub? They played catch. I’m not saying they didn’t eventually make it to the hot tub though. Goldie brought a new boy home from school. I was trying to get Goldie to build up a friendship with the boy until something happened in the other room that distracted me. First, Valentine jumped into Mary’s arms. Then the next thing I saw was a very angry Candy heading over to Mary to shove her, so I decided to let her proceed. Mary cried after Candy shoved her. Then Candy slapped Mary. I managed to get a good picture of Candy about to slap her. Although I felt bad for Mary, the picture is funny. Candy looks really ticked off, but it’s hard to take her seriously while she’s wearing her nighty. The fact that Valentine is standing there watching the entire thing with a goofy expression on his face makes it even funnier. I’m not sure what Rhett is doing, but he looks like he’s in shock. I bet he’s thinking “I’m so glad it’s not my fault this time”. The baby was even a witness to her mommy’s sudden outburst. You can see part of her off to the left in her bouncy chair. I promise she is a whole baby. I didn’t center the shot properly to include her because I kind of forgot she was still there. I swear I thought someone had already put her in her crib.

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28th May 2013 at 5:18 AM
This message has been deleted by grammapat. Reason: still messing up pictures
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Here's the remodeled Land house, just a typical old farm house.

Delta really DOES do laundry, for small money. And Mary is making butter

I had Delta wish for friends, and who should show up but Pooter Langley, a college CAS guy! Delta got her first kiss from this college guy (way to go Delta!) Maybe when her brother Scott comes home from college he'll bring Pooter with him... He's really a sweet guy, playing with toddler boy for the longest time.

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Don't like to double post...but where IS everybody? Tumblr? I can't figure out how to Widespot posts there, or start my OWN story there!
In MY world the Land's are salt-of-the-Earth, old fashioned folks. Mary quit her job and had twins by Valentine, her parents retired to help with the babies, and Homer (who grew up on a farm) is preparing the garden. Most of the teens have gone to college. This is where Scot met Inga Landish; raised in an orphanage, this shy, sweet girl won scholarships to go to college. Scot proposed, and invited his family to college to meet Ing. As the weeks went by and a cold, dry winter came in, Ing kept getting sick. Scot suggested she take a break & visit his family farm. It was warmer there, and he thought his mom's soup and advice would help Ing with what he thought was just "women problems". Ing was not sick, but someone would die in the spring...

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Almost 900 people have downloaded it and they certainly aren't all on tumbler, though some people are. Take heart - the Pleasantview and Strangetown threads sometimes go for weeks or months without a post. Though I can't deny I'm greedy to hear what people are doing, given my share of the market I think this thread is reasonably lively.

Somebody's going to die in the spring, huh? I suspect when Homer and Beulah go, they'll go together, most of the time.

Can you get butter out of that churn, worth food points and/or money? I miss the butter churn (and beehives, and nectar press) from Sims1. They were great for making working farms.

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The butter churn makes a bowl of butter; sell or put in frig for food points. I also have a beehive; check on honey, gather honey, or irritate bees...(dum dum DUM!) I won't give it away till I get to that point in the story.
Problem with posting story HERE is that it is picture-heavy, and I forget what part of the story I've told, and I really get irritated at myself when a sim does something "out of character"

I really like the way the story is going, with the characters and plot getting more filled out. I've spent a lot of time with the land family, and although I was tempted to join the Hart & Land family (to create a generation with the last name Hart-Land), it just didn't work out. I've also gotten so I like their unique features - and they are a sub-plot through the story.

I just finished a log period with Penny Weiss; you may remember she put Rhett's baby up for adoption. She has become quite anti-social; well, anti HUMAN-social anyway. She has been "abducted" by various alien - and she LIKES it! She became elder with a toddler & a baby, plus a girl that she has always mistreated ---

Holding her precious Kinnard, a moment before having Quasi, and a day before becoming an elder --

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Not so much happening there yet but they have become installed (as a sub hood). My sims went shopping there. Also one teen from there (Virginia something) walked by in the main hood when the Bluelongs were having a party. So she was invited.

Elephant! Handcuffs! Naughty! Tee hee!
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I haven't figured out how to make entries in Tumblr, but have read some nice stories - and pictures are a must! I actually like the looks of the thread HERE for stories. If I figure out how to put my story together, I will start with this story thread (I remember reading some tricky things that happen because you are posting chapters on different days..?) I WOULD like to see (here) links so I can see people's story.

If that's too much work (I know not everybody is into that) I would like to ask people to post house remodels, makeover, and ESPECIALLY pics of the offspring of the unique Widespot characters. I made "mates" for some of them in college, and they are just as "special", can't wait to see how my "colors" and all those features combine!

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These are all things I'd really like to see, too. I'm reblogging a lot of that sort of thing at my tumbler in hopes of encouraging people to share. But you also have to wade through my Drama Acres pictures. (See here

And of course, if documenting interferes with your play, to heck with it. Enjoyment of play is the point.

It weirds me out that you've managed to make Penny anti-social, Grammapat!

To make entries on Tumbler: First, get a tumbler account, which is easy. Then, go to your Dashboard. Then, see that banner across the top with all the little buttons? Click Photo. It'll open a box in two parts. Clicking the upper part allows you to load the pics you want directly from your computer - up to 10. You can rearrange them by shoving them around, but don't do that yet if you want to add text in the bottom part, like I (of course) always do. Add whatever text you want in the bottom, then shove the pictures around into the order you want them. You can have up to three in a line, and the little blue lines show you (theoretically) where you're shoving it; but it doesn't always work. If you want to individually caption the pictures, click on the speech bubble on each one. It'll give you a countdown of how many characters you have left. Then click "set caption" for each; then, Publish. Then go back and check, because sometimes (not so much to me anymore, though I don't know why) it rearranges the pictures and that rearranges the captions, too. If that happens, click the gear button at the bottom and choose the "edit" option, and shove things around some more.

But if you'd rather use the PIcture and Story threads here, people who don't want to follow tumbler will thank you.

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Peni re Penny: in my story it's because she was an outcast for being half alien. Her brother went to college, her father died, she was pregnant, poor, and alone. Actually, only a few snobs rejected her, but like people sometimes do, she made sweeping judgments, based on her own insecurities. She gradually convinced herself she was special, that humans were terrible (and ugly!) and that if only she could contact her "alien people" she would find happiness. She loves her alien babies, she dotes on them, lets them get away with anything, will try to live through them and control them. Like so much of my "plot" it just builds on itself, and I see suggestions for future drama.
So right now I'm trying to "find" the baby she had by Rhett. Normally when a baby is taken, it's first up for adoption. But I have a hack that allowed her to CHOOSE to "adopt it away". I had someone adopt and the baby isn't showing up. So I think I have removed the hack and will try again(it allows teen townies to be adopted, and is supposed to allow the adoption to happen the same day - but it still happens "tomorrow at 10"

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I'm still getting started with my Widespot, but the personalities and relationships are pretty much established already. There are some strong personalities in this hood!

Penny proposed to Rhett. He seems displeased with the notion, but sucks to be him. If he imagines he can get away with being an unemployed lady-chaser, he's gonna be disappointed: Penny has proven herself to be very strong-willed and no-nonsense. Makes me wonder how she fell for him in the first place, but she does seem to be the only person able to set him straight.
Skye and Rhett hate each other's guts, but too bad, they're gonna have to deal. Penny calls the shots in this household.
Woody reminds me of a guy I know, so my feelings toward him are "cautious pity" and "polite arm's distance".

Mary and Junior were going strong - he's friends with several members of her family, and I thought it would be lovely if they bought a house and were a happy little family, but Candy intervened by wohooing him right after giving birth, and instantly getting pregnant again. Had her pegged for an airhead at first, now I see she knows exactly what she's doing. Junior pretty much has no choice but to marry her now. Mary can do better, anyway. Jerk.

Speaking of Candy, she hasn't touched her kid once. It's like she doesn't register its presence. I'm still not sure what she does all day, exactly.
The Hart family is surprisingly nice! Even Rhett goes out of his wy to play with his niece, and Valentine is a doting grandfather! He even rolled wants to teach the kid its toddler skills.
As for Goldie, she's my favorite of the household. She studies hard, she does all the chores, she cooks, and she wants to be more than the rest of her family. I feel like she could be the sort of girl who never knew she could be intelligent or respected for somehting other than her money and good looks, and only now discovered other ways of expressing herself, and getting slowly eased into being herself. Also, she's into tinkering, and after she got electrocuted while messing with the dishwasher, I bought her a toy-making station, so she's the only member of the household actively earning money. What a cool kid.

I don't have that much to say about the Lands, except that Mary is a darling, and that Dixie is my #1 Widespot sim. Beulah and Homer mostly ran around making out during the entire turn.

As for the Beeches, I haven't finished their turn yet. Sandy is cute as a button, and Virginia's the second-most resourecful person on the household.

Also, the makeovers attached aren't the only ones I made, of course, but the only ones that got nice posed shots before I realized that oh right, posing takes effort, and I just don't do effort.
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I haven’t logged into my Tumblr account in a while. Does anyone know if it’s possible to send messages to people there? I was trying to figure it out the last time I was logged in, but I had no success.

In my game Dixie is in college now so I have been mostly playing her and the other sims at Academie Le Tour. I moved Dixie into the Lam Plaza Dormatory. Her lifetime want is to earn $100,000. She also has a high enthusiasm for nature so I decided that I want her to be in the Natural Science Career. She is majoring in Biology. I moved three townie teens into the dorm with Dixie. They are Tamara Guevara, Armando Langerak and Pierce Collin. Pierce is one of the teens related to the Tricous.

I also created two of my own families so I have spent some time building houses for them. One of my new families is supposed to be Asian, so my background story for them is that they originally came from Takemizu Village. I know it’s not much of a background story, but I admit I haven’t put that much thought into it yet. I didn’t have a background story for this family before I created them as I did with the other one. I just knew that I wanted an Asian family in my game.

My other family is Italian. The father of the family, used to be involved in the mafia, but decided that he wanted to get out of it. He wanted to protect his family so they went into hiding, changed their names, moved to different locations frequently and eventually moved to Widespot. He feels like Widespot is a safe place for him and his family to stay. However, he has yet to learn that his oldest son, who is currently a teen, will bring the mafia back to them once he is older. I’m thinking that Rich Mann will also have some involvement in it, since he’s a criminal mastermind. I will tell more about my new families as I play them. They just recently moved into their houses, so I don’t have any pictures of them yet.

Yesterday I played with the Weiss family and Star grew up to a toddler. So far Penny has taught her to talk. Skye wants to potty train her so he is working on that. Skye recently got another promotion from his job. Sadly, he only has one or two more days to live. I want to extend his life, but nobody in the house has enough aspiration points to get the elixir of life. I’m very sad because I have grown attached to him and I’m not ready to let him go yet.
Below is a picture of Star and her mommy.
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Originally Posted by rogue_55
I haven’t logged into my Tumblr account in a while. Does anyone know if it’s possible to send messages to people there? I was trying to figure it out the last time I was logged in, but I had no success.

Yes, if they allow "asks", you can click on their ask link and send them a message. You can also send fan mail with the envelope icon at the top of the page (where follow is).

I have a simblr now! Check it out: simblr
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Rogue, it strikes me that you have two options with Skye and the elixir. One is to blitz somebody sufficient points - I did it by dream-dating Woody with Dixie, who normally I would consider too old for him, and then Virginia after Dixie left for college - and then hustle to get Skye's mood at least to gold. Which I did by dating him with Dora Ottomas. I'm afraid I fall back on dating a lot when there's a time crunch and I want to be sure to get the points in under the wire.

The other is - the Manns have elixir in their secret room, and Penny is outgoing, nosy, loves her old man, and has multiple routes into that house. Junior is the chink in it's armor, and she could get at him directly, or use her best friend Mary or her baby's father who is the brother of Junior's baby's mother, to persuade him to get the stuff. How exactly this would work would depend on the precise configuration of relationships - Rhett normally would be disinclined to prolong Skye's life, but if he's in love with Penny and doesn't want her to feel the way he feels since his Mama died she might be able to persuade him anyway - and there's no mechanic for most of the drama potential in the storyline, so if you wanted it you'd have to work it yourself. And of course you'd still have to get his points up, and there's time pressure.

I feel bad for how short Skye's natural lifespan is, but he had a frustrating time during development and his aspiration took a couple of hits. And I left it because the elders should all be different ages. And at least one of the playtesters found the Weisses dull until Skye died after Penny'd married Rhett and moved out, at which point Woody was a teen living alone and became interesting. And it does give the player who's a Skye fan something besides the pregnancy and teen angst storylines to worry about.

Your Majesty, in my own Widespot Candy is usually to be found glued to the big screen in the living room (which is also next to Mama's urn, so maybe she's communing with Angel instead of watching novelas), especially at diaper-changing time. I think most people have found that the only way to make Candy do child care is to deprive her of babysitters; but I have watched Rhett force her to take the kid and change a diaper once. And yeah, Beulah and Homer running around making out does sound pretty typical.

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Thank you for your quick reply regarding the Tumblr messages, Ohgreatone22. I will remember that the next time I log into my Tumblr account.

Peni, I like your ideas for getting the elixir from the Mann’s mansion. I know I had Rich and Lana each drink at least one dose of it. I will probably have Mary convince Junior to get the rest of the elixir and give it to Penny. I don’t think I will have a problem getting Skye’s mood up. He wants to potty train Star and they are very close to completing it. I will have Skye take a day off from work to do it if I have to. They need money, but his life is more important to me at this point. I really adore him. Then again, I adore the entire family. The way Skye interacts with Penny, Woody and Star is so sweet. I didn’t have to think twice about giving him the family aspiration as his secondary. I didn’t want to make you feel bad about Skye’s shorter lifespan. I understand your reasons for it. I want you to feel good knowing that you created a character I care so much about that I would ask for advice on how to save him. Besides, it gives those who want to keep him around a while longer a bit of a challenge.
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I just added Widespot to my madeover but otherwise unplayed Riverbossom Hills. I am so glad I did! Very quick update for now because I need to sleep.

Weiss. Penny had a very fair daughter with light blue eyes, who she just had to call Skyla. All three family members use a hacked telescope frequently, so there may be an abduction of Penny or Woody that results in another baby in the home. Skyla is not yet a toddler.

Mann. Junior married Candy and had a daughter named Tallys Mann. Hamilton and Rhett got into fisticuffs at the wedding.

Beech. Virginia needed a major makeover to be remotely believable genetically. I tried my best and am reasonably satisfied, but s2 or s3 skin would be better. The red fro knots I have help. Sandy had twin girls named Lahaina and Rhianna, one who is dark with black hair and brown eyes and one who is light with dark blue eyes and black hair. Nobody is concerned with the light and dark twins given Virginia and Rocky, but once features and hair texture show up we'll see what Daytona has to say.

Land. Mary met Leod McGreggor, who loved her and wished to make an honest woman of her. On a date he rolled a wish to get engaged. In typical not knowing what's good for her if it kicked her in the face style, Mary rolled wants to get engaged to BOTH Junior and Valentine as soon as the date was over and she was engaged to Leod. Junior was already married at this point. She only actually fell in love with Leod as they wed, like it took the reality of it to convince her of his intentions. Shortly after she had Landon McGreggor, who Leod adores. Landon is a play on Land 'un or Land one. They will have at least one more kid together. Landon has black hair and brown eyes.

Hart. Not a lot has gone on yet except Candy moved out to marry Junior and Goldie keeps asking Rhett to help with her homework, making them closer. Will post pics in the photo sections soon.
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I opened Widespot for a moment tonight (originally with the intention of playing, after the game finally opened I didn't really have much time left), and snapped some pics of Virginia. All the female teens in this hood are so great. I noticed she's got a point or two in each skill, so I suppose she's the sort of person who feels like she must be good at EVERYTHING, and, as a result, doesn't have a single skill she's really good at. She'll be much happier when she picks a hobby and sticks to it, but I suppose that if you have Daytona as a grandmother, perfection is expected of you.
I really like Sandy's face, and, even though I'm not fond of adulterers, I have to say that I can't blame her. The affair with Rhett does seem like the first exciting thing to happen to her in a very long time. She's 7 days from being an elder, dreams of being a Celebrity Chef, and the only memory aside from generic kid stuff and getting married is... making an omelette. Yay. Not to mention she's got 27 skill points, while he has 7. I really can't blame her for not being satisfied with their marriage. I'm kind of tempted to have her divorce Hamilton and try and do something with herself.
(I had the lot open for maybe 6 sim hours, and he got himself a flu from jumping on cockroaches. Surprised.)
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I'm in the process of getting Widespot set up - the way I play requires quite a lot of calculation and stuff before I start playing, but I wouldn't have it any other way! I also play with altered lifestage durations, so I'll have to age everyone up and then down again and then use the SimBlender to get their days remaining set right before I start playing. But when I do the first thing I plan on doing is adding the Travellers and sending them on back-to-back vacations to the two (downloaded) custom vacation destinations I use. Then after they've seen a bit of the world it'll be time for them to settle down in Widespot :-) I'll be attaching Mootilda's Brainania as the university, and Dixie will be heading there within a few hours of me starting up the Land household. Oh, and I'll be adding pets to a few of the households. I love sim pets <3
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I've been posting on Tumblr, but I'll summarize what has happened here.

Daytona rules the neighborhood. Everything that happens in my game can be linked back to Daytona. In my game she spiked the punch at the local pool party and that's how everyone got knocked up. This didn't work out too go for her as now Hamilton hates Sandy. After Virginia moved to Uni she learnt relationship advice and tried to get her parents to work things out. Hamilton and Sandy took a vacation together to the mountains leaving the newly turned toddlers with Daytona and Rocky who was now a teen. Things went from bad to worse when Hamilton attacked Sandy almost as soon as they arrived. She locked him out of the room and he slept in the hotel office. In the morning they left. As soon as they got home Hamilton broke up with her. She packed up the toddlers and their things and moved out. Hamilton attempted to flirt with a walk by and failed. Sandy has a crush on an elder and is teaching toddler skills. Rocky tried to flirt with River Land and was turned down. The babies are Atlantic (F) and Pacific (M).

Candy had her babies first. She ignored them. Val likes them but has better things to do, so when Junior offered to take the toddlers off their hands Candy took him up on it. With the 'loan' Junior gave her in exchange for the toddlers Candy built a hair salon and clothing shop. For a while I had her blackmailing him, but Junior decided to put an end to it with one big payoff. Goldie dated Scot for a bit then moved to Uni. Rhett moved out. The babies were two girls, Luvie and Dovie.

Junior married Mary on his mother's orders. Lana didn't care that Mary was expecting a baby, she still came from a respectable family and wouldn't sleep with Rich, unlike Candy. Junior loves his wife and kids, but he still has a wandering eye. His latest conquest via ACR is Virginia, they woohooed at a party at Candy's house in front of Dixie Land, not a smart movie on Junior's part. Mary recently gave birth to her second child, a boy. The baby she started the game with is a girl named Valli, he new son is Richard III.

Mary moved out when she married Junior. Dixie moved to Uni. Scot dated Goldie then moved to Uni. Delta adopted a dog, Dakota. River aged to teen. Homer bought a car for them to fix up. River started dating a townie. Delta aged to teen and wants to meet aliens.

Penny proposed to Rhett and he accepted. He still flirts with everyone he can, but so far hasn't gone beyond flirting. He purchased the local grocery store and works there each day. Penny gave birth to twins Nickle and Dime. Skye was demoted twice via bad chance card. Penny used smartmilk and the thinking cap to teach all the toddler skills in one day, and is now trying to convince her dad to stay home with the kids while she gets a job. She admires Rich's passion for his job and has decided that she too will be a criminal mastermind some day. Woody moved to Uni.

Dixie was the first to arrive. She fell in love with a dormie and after a few semesters of dating they are engaged. Scot and Goldie arrived at the same time. They continued dating, but when Virginia arrived a semester later Scot decided via ACR to test the waters elsewhere. The girls didn't seem to care thanks to a jealousy mod that is based on aspiration, but the next semester when Woody arrived and woohooed both girls Scot went into a fit of jealousy and began attacking everyone. Eventually I managed to calm him down and now he is beginning to flirt with a cheerleader.

I've only finished one season, but it has been quite interesting. I've pics on my Tumblr if anyone wants to see them.
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I just used SimPE to add the black-haired PT from my multi-PT set as Penny & Woody Weiss's "father". I'm going to leave my game to load whilst I pop to the shop to buy dinner and when I get back I'm going to play the Travellers through their vacations, so that everyone in the 'hood is on the same day when I start playing all of the Widespot sims.

People with Seasons, which season/day did you start the 'hood on? I plan to change it so that it's the day before "Winter's Day", and a Thursday, so the kids and teens get the day off school on the Friday and then it'll be the weekend. Having them not in school, and almost-starting with a day that's especially family/social oriented will give me a good chance to get to know them all properly, I think. Also, I want Skye to get one "last"/proper Christmas before he dies!

I've got a sim planned as the 'hood's photographer - she'll be an ex-Artist, once I've edited her memories a bit. She'll have the career reward camera, so she can take awesome portraits and wedding photos and stuff. I've looked at the sims' personalities, aspirations (and newly added secondary aspirations) and LTW's (and sometimes changed their LTW's to ones that I think suit them better) and given some of the adults degrees, depending on whether I think they'd have one or not. That opens up more career levels for my sims, and gives them extra want slots & locks, yay! :-) I'm also making CAS pets for some of the households, because I want some of the households to have established pets as well as having the chance that sims will roll wants to get a pet.

Oh, and I'm swapping the Swimming Hole for plasticbox's Basegame Swimmable Lake - I prefer the idea of the 'hood having a lake than a swimming pool thing, it seems less "developed" which fits in well.

I do have/will have a few pictures I want to share, but I may have to upload them to photobucket tomorrow or Friday at college because my internet's being rubbish again..... :-( I'll try to post something on my Tumblr as well, given as I set it up a week or so ago and haven't used it for anything yet.... Can someone remind me how to tag things on there so that they can be seen by others with an interest in Widespot?
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When you post the photos, down at the bottom there'll be a place to put labels; just type them in, separating by commas. However, tumblr changes on a continuing basis and last I knew the tags were broken. They might be fixed now for all I know; I keep adding tags in hope that they will work sometime for somebody. However, if you follow me ( I'll follow you back, and I'm making a point of reblogging most Widespot stuff, which can help get your foot in the door.

I would have made the swimming hole a proper swimming hole if I could have, but I was strictly going for a no-CC neighborhood, and consoled myself a lot when building with the thought that a lot of people were going to replace, rebuild, and redecorate. It is tough doing visual-cue characterization with only base game stuff! (I think I say that a lot.)

Personally I started in winter so I could have time to get a little money in the bank before the Lands and Weisses (who are in live-off-the-land situations) needed to start their gardens. The default start day is Friday, because that's when I saved it that last time; also, so that the babies would come while people were in "family" mode and then we'd have spring helping them sort out the romantic issues. But I set Academie La Tour (where Dixie went, though it's a very un-Widespot-like college, because it was the one I've never played before) as spring/spring/fall/fall, to reflect the most important things going on at college.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
When you post the photos, down at the bottom there'll be a place to put labels; just type them in, separating by commas. However, tumblr changes on a continuing basis and last I knew the tags were broken. They might be fixed now for all I know; I keep adding tags in hope that they will work sometime for somebody. However, if you follow me ( I'll follow you back, and I'm making a point of reblogging most Widespot stuff, which can help get your foot in the door.

Thank you for the instructions! I will see how I get on once I manage to upload some pictures. I really wish my internet was faster. Or even just capable of uploading stuff..... I am now following you on Tumblr :-)

The no-CC thing is really hard! Kudos to you for managing to make such an awesome neighbourhood without using any :-) I know it wouldn't be the same, but I'd love to see what you'd create if you made a 'hood with all EP's and SP's. Or some add-ons to Widespot, perhaps? Like a downtown, or a university? I did like the Swimming Hole that you made, but plasticbox's one is one of my favourite lots and gets used in all my 'hoods, whether it makes sense or not, and it fitted well in Widespot, so there you go. Having a lake and a swimming hole seemed like overkill, so it was bye-bye swimming hole. I am debating whether or not to give the residential lots immediate makeovers or just do them as I go along. I have an owner in mind for the store, so that will get made over when it becomes an owned business....

Ah, great minds think alike then, at least with regards to seasons! :-D I have a bit of a storyline in mind, so Christmas was a good time to start, and I want to see if Phaenoh's school holidays mod is working properly in my game so Winter's Day had to be a school day, hence the Thursday start.

I've had my laptop switched on since just after my last post in this thread and the Travellers haven't even set off on their vacation yet! I have however made the new Widespot pets - I'll take a picture of them all together, write their names on it in Paint, and upload it tomorrow/Friday to see if you can all work out which one goes with which family! :-D I could really do with a list of Beech/Hart/Land/Mann/Weiss pun names to help me whilst I play this 'hood! I've thought of names for all of the expected babies (unless they're same-gender multiples - though I have names for all possible gender combinations of twins for Mary's babies) but I'm going to run out of ideas soon! What names have you guys used so far?
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