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Default Quest object stuck in child's inventory
I'm playing Ye Olde Magic Show quest, A Delightful Evening of Mystery approach. The heroes are the wizard and the bard. Previously, my bard's had a child. One of the steps to the quest was for the bard to purchase Premium Lute Strings from the Village Shoppe.

Having noticed an option to have the child go shopping, I've had the bard tell her child to go and pick up the lute strings. However, that object now seems to be stuck in the child's inventory. I open the inventory using the interaction on the child, but I can't move the strings anywhere (I tried both bard's inventory and somewhere on the home lot).

Have I made a huge mistake by having the child go and do the shopping? Is there a way for me to clear this step without having to quit the quest?
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No idea what to do with the kid, but you should be able to check the village shop the next day and buy it with your hero sim this time. Quest items that you need to purchase the same way as regular merchandise should keep restocking as long as the quest in active.
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