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Default Not Enough Teen Townies For Custom Neighborhood
Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a custom neighborhood and have already gone through the process of disabling the Pleasantview townies from spawning. So to spawn new townies, I entered 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' and shift clicked on the mailbox to force the creation of townies. It told me that it created 30 townies. and that seemed a little light to me, and upon entering the data files for the neighborhood, I saw that it had 145 user packages, which seemed to be a little more along the lines of how many you'd expect in a vanilla neighborhood. But just to double check I created a university for the neighborhood so that I could see how many teen townies were created. Only 9 teen townies were available to be sent off to college, and that to me seemed to vastly differ from the vanilla neighborhoods where a ton of teen townies could be sent off to college. Is there something I'm missing? Like should I batch create more townies or should I just leave this be?
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The teens that you can send to Uni come from various places, not only from PleasantView. If you have empty templates, you will lose the following teens, who are all available to send to Uni:

The Pleasantview Teens are: Ivy Copur, Orlando Centowski, Randy London, Meadow Thayer, Alvin Futa, Sophie Miguel, Tosha Go and Ricky Cormier - I don't think I missed one, so that means there are only 8 of them.

Nightlife has some teen townies, including the 6 Tricou relatives, and at 3 or 4 others.

BV also have townies to send to Uni - I think there are 4 of them in each vacation destination, which means 16.

OFB has some teen townies as well (their names change, though) - I am not sure about the number, and they are available to send to Uni. I think there are 4 or 6 of them in total.

(I know because I sent ALL of them to Uni at least once )
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For the townie pool only:
By default the game maintains a pool of 25 townies, which is 17 adults, 8 teens and 5 children. Once you have 25 the game won't spawn any more.
The extra sims you are accustomed to seeing as townies would be Downtownies, Holiday Locals + Tourists and Apartment Life Social Groups.
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