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Sims getting money for moving out of the apartment!?!?
My sims get richer when they move out of an apartment! At first, I thought that moveoutbugfix mod was responsible, but even after removing it, the problem remained. Next thing, I removed the whole Downloads folder to check if game behaves the same with no mods/fixes, and IT DOES!
Example: I moved in the Goodie family into an apartment unit (two elders) with default amount of funds (about 38k simoleons), and as soon as I rented an apartment I moved them out (not buying/selling or playing at all), and their funds shown to be 10k larger! Seems that game took the apartment value into account and added it to them. Maybe. Or something else might do it. Any experiences with this, anybody?
I know about that no20kandouts mod, which eliminates the 20 000 simoleons ''gift'' to students after they graduate and move back to original neighborhoods. Is there any mod available for this issue?
I want my game to be as realistic as possible, so i don't want that extra money coming out of nowhere.
I'd appreciate any help!
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