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I need opinions, comments and suggestions on the new skin.
I have had this project since I started in 2019 and gradually improved until I perfected it. The idea of this project is that the skin shows details and human traits realistically at every age
I am making a hyper-realistic skin and I have had this project since 2019 that I started doing
I want to focus on one on each skin first and so I can work, fix the details, test the shades, exposures, highlights and among other, and maybe my perspective is different from people.

I'm focusing first on the sims face and working a little bit with the body stuff, first I'm detailing the athletic.

Previous version
It's the same sim, I was just testing the hair re-colors.

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It's really hard to write a review to something like this. This skin is absolutely unique. That surely worth such players who don't trust to most of maxis content (tho I am not from those category). So I look at this like photographer or even photo corrector, that I had worked before, rather then player who will download this skin.

If you work on athletic body, I guess this could probably suit Marvine and Beos' SBB body mesh. But I think both of your versions, updated and previous, could be used at once. Just like different versions. My opinion: I like new version really much then previous cause previous has a eye bag defect and lot of capillar viens that usually could be seen on skinny persons and could be caused by varicose. Updated version skin, without varicose viens, with less contrast pores and similar to each other eyebags, just looks more healthy. While previous version looks more weary and suit in creating adult faux-elders or sims with age of real life fifteen.
Even I'll never have such skin in Sims, I really like how it's done. I have a great interest about how body texture could be done. Would you make also two versions of this?

I strongly advice you to collect all links to content that shown on screens as much as possible before you will share this thread. Just not to make players become upset. You would need to be ready that players will start to ask you where did you got eyes, eyebrows, hair etc. Just better to be prepared.

Regards. Vic ^_^

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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