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Default Testers Wanted - Fellbridge, a 1990s Suburban Town [Contains CC, Requires All EPs]
Hi! This is my first neighborhood and I have been working on it the past few months. I think I'm finally done. That said, I would appreciate some new eyes for it. Lord knows I left a painting floating in midair somewhere with moveobjects or something silly like that.

Welcome to Fellbridge! (No relation to the village in England)

It's 1994, and Fellbridge is struggling to look alive. Shopping districts and apartments are starting to grow, but so is vandalism and smog. Will the local youth live to see the town flourish or abandon it altogether?

Fellbridge is an "urban rot" style suburb set in the year 1994 (which pretty much just means anything that makes you say "Oh God, that looks so tacky" was supposed to do that). There are 10 playable families, 27 residential lots (including a "work in progress" one), 4 apartment lots, and 20 community lots. There are 9 Adult Male, 5 Adult Female, 2 Elder Male, 3 Elder Female, 2 Teen Male, 2 Child Male, and 2 Child Female Townies, and most of them are related to the playable families, for a grand total of 97 sims if my math is right. The template I used is Aridia.sc4 already in the game and flattened it. Essential NPCs (Grim Reaper, Mrs. CrumpleBottom, etc) have been added by the game but not touched whatsoever. All playable families have pre-deceased ancestors, however unlike Maxis I did not delete them and they have all of their character data.

Hopefully the neighborhood story pops up, I'm not sure. In any case, it is there. Each family has family album pictures as well. I have more screenshots but I'm going to save them for when I upload the neighborhood to MTS.

Please note, this neighborhood was created with a specific image in mind, and may not appeal to everyone. Read through and make sure you know what you're downloading.

Notes (please read):
- Warning to those who play without CC or with default replacements: There is Maxis Match genetic CC. Sorry. There is one set of dark brown eyes (More Eye Colours in Maxis' Style by domi95) used on several sims and two different skin tones (Geneticized Maxis Match Skintones by Purplepaws and aqualectrix) used on three sims. If you do not install these, the sims who have them will get corrupted DNA, and if you use defaults, these will not get replaced. If you are comfortable using SimPe, you can replace the custom genetic codes with Maxis ones.
- Before you freak out at the photo of the Gentil family, the pet "skunk" is not the dangerous game-corrupting Stinky Skunk NPC. It is a normal cat wearing a skunk outfit, thanks to the brilliant MidgeTheTree. (As for why they have a skunk of all pets... um, I just like skunks. I think they're neat.) However, a consequence of this is that the outfit will not appear outside of live mode (he will look like a regular cat in thumbnails) and if he is selectable, his head will be invisible in his pie menu.
- North & South Obsidian Apartments have fire escapes (more than one exit in all units), which may cause annoying routing behaviour and townies breaking & entering.
- Since hotel lots do not work properly in main hoods, I made the Grotside Motel an apartment.
- It has been tested, and all lots containing CC should load fine without it, although there will be Maxis objects in their place you will need to delete.
- You need CEP installed for the wall hanging recolours and aikea_guinea's wall writings to show up.

CC and Credits:


Some Residential Lots:

Some Community Lots:

Download Here (Google Drive - Updated link)

I hope you like it
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Not so bad. Ok. Have fun.

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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I haven't updated the file for download here, but I made some small changes on my end. Fixing a few memories and such. I hope to upload within the upcoming few days as long as I don't run into any other issues... updating a whole 60 MB file just because one sim has the wrong LTW sounds like a hassle.

Now, if only I knew a way to disable the welcome wagon for the pre-made families, without the Welcome Wagon Dialog mod...
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Play it a day, get the welcome wagon out of the way, start on Tuesday.

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Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
Play it a day, get the welcome wagon out of the way, start on Tuesday.

Ah, that's the only option? All right. Shame, I wanted the lots to be as unplayed as they possibly could.

Especially since most families have teens and adults who need to go to work/school, but I'll work it out.
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Couldn't you play until the welcome wagon shows up, but use cheats to reset time back to where you need it? (Sorry if I don't understand the dilemma properly...)

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Originally Posted by Phantomknight
Couldn't you play until the welcome wagon shows up, but use cheats to reset time back to where you need it? (Sorry if I don't understand the dilemma properly...)

Sorry, I know I didn't make it clear.

For one thing, playing the families until the welcome wagon comes, at this point, would spawn CAS template-faced NPCs, like a carpool driver, which I don't want.

I'm working on it right now. It should be all good and fine and the way I want it if I just pull the right strings.
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15th Feb 2021 at 6:55 PM
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