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Default Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

At this point I just want to make sure I have a place to kind of consolidate thoughts and screenshots and ideas for this project- I don't have much in the way of specific questions yet, but it's also still got a LONG way to go before this is finished so...

Also, at this point this project is spread out over 4 separate lots, to make room for everything (thankfully there's an area that was pretty easy to split the castle in two without it ruining anything except for three unnecessary bridges) so that should give you an idea of the scope- two lots for the castle, one for the bridge and Hagrid's hut, and one for the Quidditch Pitch (which doesn't have to be placed in a specific location the way the other three do)

Below are a few photos in no particular order to kind of capture what I've got so far, but I genuinely think that neither the books nor films actually indicate enough locations within the castle to actually FILL the thing... I have a lot of classrooms and offices and whatnot left to make, but I really doubt if they'll fill the entire space here, so if you've got thoughts on additional things that seem like they'd belong in Hogwarts, by all means, let me know! I guess that's my question at this point... once you get beyond the various locations that are actually visited in the films or books, what other locations do you guys always think of as being an essential part of the interior of Hogwarts castle?

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Maybe you can get some inspiration from the three first Harry Potter games on PC? Not really a Harry Potter fan myself so can't help you otherwise.
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These locations look Ah-Mazing!!! I am so exicted to see these locations simified!!! You've done an awesome job so far recreating iconic locations. The Bridge and Hagrid's Hut is stunning!! I love all the details in the Divination room and Gryffindor Common Room. The Quidditch Pitch looks legit! Also can we talk about the floating candles?? I am deceased!! Lovely work <3 <3 <3

If you're trying to think of more locaions I would try taking a look at the Marauder's Map! There might be some hidden passageways or rooms that you may want to use.
I found a pdf file from a blog on how to make your own Marauder's Map.

Or you could always make your own hidden passages/rooms. I agree that getting inspiration from Harry Potter games might help. I used to play on gamecube and I remember in almost every classroom there was a door where you would go to complete a mission, and it would be a whole hidden part of the castle. Maybe a magical creature would be somewhere in these hidden locations.

You may already have thought of these, but have you created the room of requirement? Or the dueling room?

Also it might help to see a floor plan to help with suggestions. How many more rooms do you need to fill?
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At this point I have all four House dormitories, the Potions classroom (& Snape's office), the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom (and office- can't decide if it'll be Lupin's or Moody's), the Library, the Hospital Wing, the kitchens, the Great Hall, the Headmaster's Office, the Herbology Greenhouses, the Divination classroom, and then on the grounds, the Quidditch pitch and Hagrid's hut (obviously)

I'm still planning to include (but have not yet decided where to place) the Chamber of Secrets, the Dumbledore's Army version of the Room of Requirement, the trophy room, the Transifguration classroom, the Charms classroom, the Astronomy classroom, and maybe Muggle Studies (just because it could be an amusing room to design in contrast to everything else).

So far the only things I'm explicitly NOT including are other versions of the Room of Requirement, secret passages leading OUT of the castle (what would be the point?) the Third Floor Corridor challenges from Philosophers/Sorcerors Stone (too big), and the Dark Tower where Sirius is held in the movies (too small in relation to other towers to actually be usable, and made the castle too cluttered)

Attached below is a full overview of all four lots that make up this project, so you can get a sense of how they all fit together and how much space there is to fill... In particular, I need ideas for the dungeons/basements (Hufflepuff and Slytherin common rooms, potions classroom, and kitchens is all I've got there so far, plus knowing I want the chamber of secrets somewhere) and for the huge main tower (8 stories of which I have truly no idea what to do with)

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It's hard not to blindly fangirl whenever you post asking for feedback, haha. It obviously looks great already.

Here are some more ideas, mostly canon:
- Moaning Myrtle's bathroom
- Prefects' bathroom
- McGonagall's office
- Filch's office/caretaker's utility room
- Portrait gallery, which was a reward room in the first few games.
- Some kind of hall/reception area in the dungeons (Deathday Party Hall)
- History of Magic classroom, could be fun since it's staffed by a ghost.
- Mirror or Erised room
- Some kind of store for stationary and misc equipment
- Owlery
- Care for magical creatures shed or area

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It's so cool how you've manage to seamlessly join four separate lots!! It really looks like a single location!

I agree with Azelanne's suggestions. If you did make Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, maybe you could make the Chamber of Secrets directly below it? I was doing some research and there is some debate on whether it's located on the first or second floor. But either way you could maybe create a basement area for it? And maybe stairs/a ladder down to the chamber?

I found these floor plans someone created on DeviantArt and thought they might help give you an idea of where to place the Room of Requirement, the trophy room, and the classrooms you mentioned if you haven't already stumbled upon it:

What about more classrooms? Study of Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Alchemy, Art, Ghoul Studies, Magical Theory. If you look on Harry Potter Wiki they go into detail about these other classes that we don't hear/see as much about but it might be fun to see some of them. What about wand-making? Or a fashion-design class but wizard-fied.

What about a study hall/lounge for the students? Maybe Fred and George have a secret shop on Hogwarts grounds? Maybe a laundry room (sounds boring but don't they have to wash their robes?) Idk just throwing ideas out there.
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Like said before you can try to make the chamber of secrets in the basement. Also I always wonder if theres in someplace of the castle a crypt for the headmasters ( is compatible with the lore? I read the books a very very time ago) Also a teachers lounge or a place that they can reunite to discuss things, Maybe some dormitories with offices for the teachers? ( I imagine that the teacher dorm are next or near to their classroom in some cases)
Its strange, the thing that I most remember of hogwarts castle depicted in the movies are the halls and the corridors. Im only throwing ideas so see if are compatible with your castle.
Apart from ideas, I have to say that your rendition of the castle is very beautiful, one of the best that i have seen.
Edit: Also you can try to use doble height for some rooms ( Like you use it in the great hall) and remember the prohibited section in the library
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wow, these lots are stunning!
I think Moaning Myrtle's bathroom would be an awesome thing to include - if you didn't want to be accurate about which floor to put it on, then perhaps the first so you could use swimming pools in it? A fountain also works.
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Now that I've stopped drooling on my keyboard....

I'm third (fourth?) -ing the old games. I played the gameboy and pc games and they were just full of places you wouldn't think of. Another one I don't think was mentioned is the newish app hp:hogwarts mystery. I'm caught up in the story at the end of sixth year and there are a lot of beautifully illustrated castle locations. Also I think it's canon but if not then a very logical fanon, the professors have private quarters. I would love to see small rooms/suites decorated with each prof's personality.

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A problem just occurred to me... I split the castle over two lots to make it so I could actually get the dimensions close to correct, which has worked well, architecturally speaking- however, I just realized that this leaves me with the kitchens and great hall on one side, and no logical excuse I've come up with so far to allow for a kitchen/dining area on the other side... What would you suggest here, so that my Slytherins and Ravenclaws can actually get something to eat?!?

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Hmmnn difficult question, I think that there are a few solutions for that, however, I will throw some ideas:
-Move Slytherin common room to the basement and locate Ravenclaw in some of the towers ( maybe add a mini tower to the great staircase tower, so there you can make the Ravenclaw room? )
-Let it be the form that they are ( assume that they have to walk a lot to reach the great dining hall)
-Add small dining rooms in each common rooms???? ( normally they use it for study or play table games like magical chess, however it can be used as a small dining room for only the students of the House and the teachers in charge of the House, I dont think that is a good idea however any idea is useful)
Also I think that you can post photos of the floorplan of the castle or the distribution that you will make ( maybe can be useful for throwing ideas)
Pd: you can add a reading section for the library, or a place where the students can study.
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FWIW, the Great Hall isn't actually functional as a dining area, since I wanted to have it look right (form over function, which means diagonal tables, since it's a diagonal room), so the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs will have to get their food and eat it elsewhere too, I guess... that might simplify the problem somewhat.

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Like franfeliano said. Maybe the common rooms for each house have "secret" kitchens? Like, appliances tucked away in a closet or alcove and study tables doubling as a dining area?

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