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A more recent photo of the Hamiltons. I actually had the time to fiddle with poses and stuff this time! (my first time using them so it's a little wonky but I tried!)

Parents Julia and Naomi at the back. Girls from left to right are Hayley, Alice, Gemma, Maddie, and Alexis. Alexis is actually just about to age up into YA, Alice will be following her in a few days, and then the triplets in about a week.

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"My" eldest Sims daughter was an ugly baby, a cute kid, now an ugly teen....

"My" Sim's son is a cutie though--

You have to love playing an alternative life--

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Default This is the maddness family - Perfect genetic's challenge Gen. 2
L to R. Back: Heiress of Gen.2 Beyonce, Holding Heir Cody. Lucky-to-be-alive Carl, Husband of heiress Stiles, Holding Youngest Caleb. Couch: the oldest of the oldest twins in the household right now Caroline, Last child of Connor Frio Calvin, Youngest of oldest twins in the household right now Carlos.

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Default Rumbaa Family

I have yet to snap another portrait since the family has grown.


Here's a recent family portrait of all fourteen kids with parents. Minus the simbots.

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Here's what the Lobos family currently looks like in my game.

Back L-R: Anita, her fiance Pascal Morel, Carlotta's wife Susie Broke, and Carlotta
Front L-R: Anita and Pascal's daughter Emilie, then the twins' mom Marisol, dad Angel, and Angel's two alien children, Orion and Astra.

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Originally Posted by Gingerxyz
Here's what the Lobos family currently looks like in my game.

Back L-R: Anita, her fiance Pascal Morel, Carlotta's wife Susie Broke, and Carlotta
Front L-R: Anita and Pascal's daughter Emilie, then the twins' mom Marisol, dad Angel, and Angel's two alien children, Orion and Astra.

That guy holding a baby actually looks like Thorton Wolff! lol! .. anyways.. Happy Halloween From my Wolff family .. Yes! they managed to have 3 kids plus a butler who moved in :D
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Marc Sanders, his wife Samara, and their daughters Rachel and Ella, in their mansion.

The Huerta family.

Roosenvelt household:



The Hudson family:

...and the Aspen-Hudson household:

Anton and Carlton Jr. Lodge fighting over something stupid.

Andressa, Sergei and Anton Jones:

The Holmes household:

Gustavo and Alan Greenfield-Sanders wedding:

The Hummels flaunting their house view:

Ellen, her daughter Demi and ex husband Marc Sanders.

The DeMilleto and Kobayashi-Lin families, and their creation, the Orchilds.

The spooky but loving Collins household:

The Strong brothers:

Mahoe and Kaiko families:

Cameron and her wife Inna Sanders-Anghel:

Maria, Pablo and Gabriela Sanchez and Antony Miez:

The Ferreira family and their descendents:

Modenese Sr. ranch, Riverview:

Modenese-Herrera family:

Ferreira Sr. family:

Halliwell sisters:

Strongfield household:


Coleridge siblings:

Dumphy family.

...The Goths obviously:

DeMilletos in Sunset Valley:


Underwood brothers and Bach sisters:




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Default The Maddoxes :)

Mommy and Daddy Constance & Kane and their twin daughters, Cadence :the softspoken sweet one & Camille :The loud evil one...

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The Artis Family

Felicia and Milton

Their son Martin's birthday

Martin as a teenager

Their twins Eve and Luke playing with toys a long lost friend got them (Eve's is Kylie and Luke's is David)
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Oh, family pictures! I saw this and wanted to try to get a good one, but one of my sims was pregnant so I thought I'd wait until her baby was a toddler.
However, this was the Banner family right as Oliver was being born:

A shot of that was definitely necessary, even if it isn't a very good one.

How do you get them all to sit and stay sitting?
So in the middle is Andrea Banner, two days before she becomes an elder. On the left (with the black hair) is her daughter Zoe. On the right is her daughter Emma. She's holding her son Oliver. On the far left is Emma's daughter Avery.
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Family Wesscott

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Some random shots of the Riddle family.
The oldest sibling Priscella enjoying the pool:

Her brother Tyrone attempting to dive:

Dad Ben playing a tune for newborn Elise:

Priscella and Elise watching some TV:
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5th Sep 2015 at 11:57 PM
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I started my Differences in the family tree challenge with the Sean-Anderson family. I really love this Challenge!

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I hadn’t played my (now extended) Greenwood family in Twinbrook for quite some time, so I decided to gather all of them at Kelly Alleyne (née Greenwood) and her husband Derrick’s house for a Feast Day party. Here are the family members who made it into this picture:

The blonde teen is Ivy Prudence, daughter of Parker Prudence and Emerald Prudence (née Greenwood).
The child off to the right is Ivy's younger sister Laurel.
The elder in pigtails (believe it or not) is Jade Greenwood. As you may know, she was a teen at the beginning of the Twinbrook neighborhood, so it shows how long I've been playing...
Pansy Prudence (Parker's younger sister) is the elder in the yellow robe standing next to Derrick Alleyne.
Kelly's just wandering around in the background, LOL...
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Family portrait of the royal family of Hell in their palace ballroom! Sitting holding the baby is Elvira Rhodivich, Queen of Hell, holding her newborn baby boy Baby Carlos Rhodivich. Standing on the left is her children's nanny (and actually her sister in-game), Victoria Wellington, holding Elvira's toddler son, Carlitos Habsburg. On the right standing is Elvira's husband, the King Consort of Hell and former King of Spain in the 17th century, Carlos Habsburg. In the front row standing on the far left is their son, Damien Rhodivich and standing on the right is his twin brother, Lucius Rhodivich, his other brother, Jim Rhodivich, and finally, their sister and Elvira and Carlos's only daughter, Mara Rhodivich.

And here's a bonus family snapshot of Elvira wheeling Baby Carlos through the palace gardens in his stroller, bringing him home from the hospital, which is a few blocks away from the palace,
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Family portrait of the Royal Family of Hell/Rhodivich-Habsburg-Wellington family:
From left to right: Elvira Rhodivich (whom was pregnant with baby #6 and her second daughter at the time), Carlos Habsburg, Victoria Wellington (the nanny) holding Baby Carlos Habsburg, Holden Rhodivich, Jim Rhodivich, Damien Lucius Rhodivich, and Mara Rhodivich.
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The Uzopoc-Harrison Household, probably not a "normal" family:

Left to right: Carrie Harrison, Stella Uzopoc, Zero, and Brie Uzopoc.

(If you're curious on how to pronounce my screen name, I pronounce it "ess-bug".)
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Oh wow, I actually finally decided to try out Sims 3 which I got from a Humble Bundle a year or two ago.

Burke and his father Thornton spending some quality time together
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The (rather large at 20 sims) Royal Family Of Hell:
From left to right, Elvira's polygamous husbands, King Carlos Habsburg and King Dandy Mott, King Consorts of Hell, and Queen Elvira Rhodivich, Queen Regnant Of Hell.

King Carlos's other wife, Queen Marie Louise Bourbon, Queen Consort of Hell,, and King Dandy's other wife, Countess Elizabeth March, with a slight side view of Queen Elvira's daughter, Princess Mara Rhodivich, Princess Royale of Hell.

King Dandy's previously conjoined twin wives, Princess Bette and Princess Dot Tattler, Princess Consorts of Hell.

Queen Elvira's daughter-in-law and wife of her eldest adopted son, Princess Dysentery Doll, Ruler of the Doll Kingdom, Elvira's eldest adopted son, Prince Lil Buddy Doll, and Princess Dysentery's other husband, Prince Inbreeding Doll.

Queen Elvira's adopted son Prince Holden Lowe, and eldest biological son and heir to the throne, Crown Prince Damien Lucius Rhodivich, Antichrist.

Elvira's son, Prince Jimmothy "Jim" Rhodivich, and her only daughter, Princess Mara Rhodivich, Princess Royale of Hell.

The 3 Royal Nannies of Hell, Victoria Wellington, Alex Lowe, and Marie Antoinette, former Queen of France, holding Elvira's son Prince Carlos Habsburg, adopted son and biological son of Countess Elizabeth March, Prince Bartholomew March, and the Queen's grandson and son of Princess Dysentery Doll, Prince Inbreeding Doll, and Prince Lil Buddy Doll, Prince Lil Buddy Doll II.
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Default Legacy family
Hello, this is my legacy family ' Differences in the family tree legacy'. The first en second generation.

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Default The Grey Witches
Rowan Di Grisogno surrounded by the Grey Witches; Old Missy, Granny and Taïga. Teddy and Derek Vargas in the background.

You can read about their adventures on my blog, The Grey Witches!
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My (now much smaller at 11 sims) latest incarnation of Elvira and family in a family portrait, Carlos lazing about on the couch, Victoria holding Bartholomew, Mara standing next to her, Elvira sitting and nursing Baby Carlos, Dandy holding a toddler-aged Lil Buddy and standing, Holden, Damien Lucius, and Jim sitting in the front.

Elvira with her 2 husbands Charles and Dandy, mind you I'm new to the whole "sim posing" thing if it looks a bit wonky...

Elvira nurses Lil Buddy, I really like that pose okay lol

The husbands are at work and Elvira and Victoria are left alone to their daily grind with 7 small children, ai yi yi.....

Plus 2 bonus family portraits

I'm new to using poses and don't think these are half bad for the first few tries, what's everyone's honest opinion? I tried very hard.
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My selfsim's kiddos got a (much appreciated) snow day recently. So we got to enjoy a more relaxed morning for once, instead of the usual mad rush to get everyone up and dressed and fed before the schoolbus arrives.

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My latest incarnation of Elvira's family, Elvira, her 4 husbands, 4 kids, nanny, and 4 sister wives, all 4 of whom including Elvira, were recently pregnant. Here is a family pregnancy photo!
From left to right: Brahms Heelshire and Elvira Rhodivich, expecting their second child together, Dandy Mott and the conjoined twins (done using Double Trouble poses) Bette and Dot Tattler, expecting their first child as well as their first with Brahms, Jim Mott, son of Dandy and Elvira, Cleopatra Ankhamen, daughter of Elvira and King Tut, Brahms Heelshire Jr, son of Brahms and Elvira and originally Brahms's doll avatar, Scarlett Smith, the nanny holding Baby Carlos Habsburg, son of Charles and Elvira, Tut Ankhamen and Marie Antoinette Hapsburg-Lorraine, expecting their first child, and Charles Habsburg and Marie Louise Bourbon, expecting their first child.
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My current sims family, a 60's human AU version of Elvira's family.

The brunette woman in the yellow cherry print dress and yellow rubber gloves holding the black-haired toddler in the middle is the family matriarch, Elvira Rhodivich. She is a wealthy housewife, as well as a hippie and member of the Church of Satan who greatly believes in the "free love" movement, married to one man, the borderline mentally handicapped, insane, deformed, and crippled due to centuries of inbreeding heir to the Austrian former royal family, the Hapsburg's, fortune, Carlos Von Hapsburg, while also living with her 3 extramarital lovers, Daniel "Dandy" Mott, heir to the wealthy Florida-born Mott family's fortune and the CEO of the Mott Frozen Food Corporation, Brahms Heelshire, a beatnik and heir to the wealthy British Heelshire family's fortune, and Benjamin "Ben" "Kylo Ren" Solo, another beatnik and heir to the wealthy and powerful French-born Skywalker-Organa-Solo family's fortune, whom were the inspiration for the Star Wars sci fi movies (which exist earlier than they actually did in this AU), both of whom work under Dandy at his corporation, while Carlos is unable to work due to his disabilities and stays home with Elvira. She met her husband and lovers 10 years prior when she, formerly employed as a nanny and personal care aide, got a job working at a mental asylum caring for them, whom are all convicted murderers, when she was 21, Ben 30, Carlos 39, Brahms 28, and Dandy 23. A year later, she married Carlos and the other 3 moved in with them to Dandy's late mother's (he killed her) mansion in Jupiter, Florida. They hired an African American woman, Scarlett Smith, as a housekeeper and nanny for their future children, like many middle-to-upper-class households in the 50's and 60's. Between the next 8 years after she married Carlos and moved in with the rest, she gave birth to 7 children, with Brahms, 8-year-old Brahms Heelshire, Jr, (seated on the couch on the right with his father standing behind the couch) and 6-year-old Damien Lucius Rhodivich, (on the right at the end next to his brother) with Carlos, after years of being told he was impotent, 3-year-old twins Carlos Von Hapsburg, Jr and Jose Von Hapsburg, (Carlos Jr is on his father's shoulders and Jose is being held by Scarlett), with Dandy, 4-year-old Jimmothy "Jim" Mott, (on the far left on the couch, between Carlos standing and Ben), and her only daughter (so far), 2-year-old Mara Mott, (dancing with her father Dandy in the middle), and with Ben, the youngest child, 5-month-old Kylo Solo. Recently, they just moved to Wraith, Arizona, to a house that resembles a vampire castle that was built as a set for a Dracula sequel that never made it to the silver screen. Not long after this picture was taken, Elvira became pregnant with her 8th child and second with Ben. The baby is due in 3 months (a day in game), and (being this is the 60's before ultrasounds could tell a baby's gender before birth), if the baby is a boy, they plan on naming him Anakin, after Ben's grandfather, and if a girl (which they're hoping for and is the actual gender), they plan on naming her Padme Amidala, after his grandmother.
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