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Default 3 layers, 3 worlds, 3 lands Challenge
3 layers, 3 worlds, 3 lands (Sims 4)

I think I may have to go through some more editing.

Please note:

There are a couple of setups for this challenge.
1. You can have them all in one Household, this is not suggested as space will run out quickly.
2. One household for each
3. Dividing the town you are going to use into 3.
And as for the households they will have setup instructions under their rules.

(Prologue/Introduction thingie)
According to many fables,folktales,stories,mythologies and religions the world is made up of three layers. The Underworld, was not a very happy place for those who are not familiar. But as you venture deeper you may find ancient runes and discoveries frightful to the eye of humans. Then we have, earth the land. Where Humans and magical beasts populate, living somewhat peacefully amongst each other. But neither of those can compare to the glory of those up above! Where thunder is made and the sun rests at night and the moon who dreams during the day.

(Challenge In a Nutshell)
3 layers, 3 worlds, 3 lands. Now we will have parts which are the 3 layers: Underworld, Earth, Heaven/Skies. Your goal is to make and keep as many friends as you can from the other worlds, and at least one person from each of your layers has to have a child with a person from another world. However the rulers hold a grudge against each other. If they see a sim communicating with another world they will be sure to banish them The child will grow up in the world which their mother is home to. They are the heir and have to continue the secret relationships. You the creator are the one who decides. Oh! And another thing the secret passage ways only appear when the moon is most right, and you must have lots of skill to pass to another land.

(How to lose)
-Have the last Moon remaining die.
-Have everyone in a layer die. (Not including Ruler)
-Have a relationship massively exposed.
-Have all sims fail “The Test”

Money cheats are allowed. Mood cheats are allowed, for anyone but Moon. Skill cheats are not allowed either. Mods are fine. Clothing CC and object CC is fine and all other worlds as you call them.


(All Layers)
-Each layer must have a ruler, they are the main and/or most supreme. Rulers are to wear special clothing. You may cheat a negative relationship between the rulers.
-Rulers may not pass to another world and if they catch a sim passing to another world the sim will be put to death, in the house of punishment.
-Base each layer of a theme. You can have an interesting story! I mean if you want rainbows in the underworld go ahead!
-If a Ruler is trespassing they are put to death and a new ruler is chosen. (Unless you are finishing the challenge)
-Sims from different layers may not get married to a sim from a different layer. If they do, they are put to death.
-If any interaction is revealed to a ruler or a sim who disapproves of different world relationships will put the sim with the diff/layer relationship is to be put to death.
-Deaths are your choice.
-Fortune and Family aspirations are forbidden for all layers.
-Make all of the layers different! Have them have special ceremonies where special privileges are granted.
-All layers may also have a Queen/Partner beside the Ruler.

(Heaven/Skies Layer)
-First Ruler must have Ambitious, Hot-Headed and Materialistic traits and have a popularity aspiration. (From there every ruler must have ambitious trait)
-A sim from this layer must be the Moon. Moon can be either male or female. Moon is a very important sim as the passages depend on her/him. The passages may only open when she/he is either “Very Happy” or Has all of his/her needs up high and has the “feeling great” moodlet. Moon also has to be nocturnal.
-(Optional) Have a Sun as well.
-No one from this layer may hold a job, or earn money for the household. They will only be allowed to hold a job if you are playing in different households. If you do it must be the Business career. The moon (and sun) may paint however they may not be tied to an easel 24/7. If possible do not have jobs and just use money cheats.
-This layer should have the maxium amount of stories you can go up. The bedrooms should be on the top one. They must have the highest point in the lot.
-They should have luxuries.
(Skills for this layer)
Note I will include all skills from the game packs and expansion packs
-Not allowed to have: Handiness, Fishing, Gardening, Herbalisim.
-Should especially practice: Charisma, Wellness and Violin skills.

(Earth Layer)
-First Ruler from this layer must have Loves Outdoors, Cheerful and Non-Committal traits and a nature aspiration. (From there every ruler must have loves outdoor trait)
-Must have access to a garden area, and may have a swimming pool open on special occasions.
-Only layer which may hold any job. However ruler is not to hold a job.
-The Sims in this area do not have to be human, in terms of imagination. You can make a fairy sim, excluding the magic of course.
-Must have a garden in terms of plants.
-Is allowed to fish but only on lot. (Private fishing pond can be found on a site called Simista, or use bb.showhiddenobjects)
-Not allowed to have: Charisma, Video Gaming, Rocket science and Programming skills. (If Charsmia is accidentally gained during conversation it is fine)
-Should especially practice: Painting, Gardening, Handiness and Writing.

(Underworld Layer)
-Ruler should have Genius, Ambitious or Mean, Evil or Good as traits. The should have a Knowledge aspiration. (From there every ruler must have genius trait)
-Living area has to be in a basement.
-Ghosts must be kept on this layer, unless they are from the skies layer where they stay as “Angels”
-Not too luxurious items.
-Any person (except ruler of course) may hold a job in this layer. Must be criminal career or Tech Guru Career.
Not allowed to have: Wellness, Fishing, Gardening and Herbalisim.
Should especially practice: Charisma, Piano and Programming

The test should almost be an obstacle course. You as a creator shall decide whever the person passes the stage. If they just have one stage unpleasing they will be not be eligible at the time. However they may come back another time. If they are not eligible 2 times (counting first) they will not be allowed to try again. As for creating the test I would make a narrow place with different items at the end with all locked doors. If they pass the stage, access is granted to the next stage. You decide if they pass or not by checking an items quality, viewing how good it looks or hearing how good the skill or sound on the an instrument. But make it creative!

All of the lots must have the test on them. Also chose one small lot to have the secret gatherings on.

You may play a couple of generations and then end the challenge. You have to decide when you want to end it. You can end this challenge in a few different ways.
1. Have a major war between the three layers causing mass pressure on the world therefore everything explodes and create our world as we know today.
2. Have an uprising from the ones with the secret relationships. New rulers are elected and make the decision to end the world as 3 layers.
3. Have ruler uncover a relationship and seek out a relationship with someone from another layer. Realize that the 3 layers do not cause harmony. Convince the other rulers to leave the old ways behind. They end the 3 layer world.
4. A meteor strikes ending the world as the way it was (3 layers) After many years humans come again but this time all as one. With space above and the core under.
5. Anything else you can think of.

I hope you all enjoy this challenge! I am still in a process of testing but I would love to hear your feedback!
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