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Save it to your downloads folder.
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23rd Jan 2011 at 9:53 PM
Default Contempo Chair
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Default Contepo Chair
For reals this time! Included is a .psd with a shadow/woodgrain layer. Just floodfill and you'll be good. "Vertical" and "horizontal" refer to the direction of the woodgrain in the Maxis textures, but the shadow layer takes care of it. Just ignore those words.

Also Included is a .png template and .png shadow file, for if you have a program that doesn't support .psd.
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Default CokeAndVodka's bedding template and the gimp
Originally Posted by cokeandvodka
These are psd files, i'm not sure how they'll run on alternatives like gimp.

And, seven years later, someone gets around to telling cokeandvodka that the template works perfectly with the gimp.

It's still extremely useful, too. Thanks very much for making it.
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