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Default Need help/advice on whether I did something wrong installing Andrew's Poseplayer, as it's not showing up in-game, whether paused or in live mode?
I download Andrew's poseplayer and installed it in Mods as per the instructions on his post on his website, and downloaded poses that he suggested would work with the Mod.

However, the Menu selection to get to the box to type in Poses if necessary doesn't come up in the menu surrounding the Sim in either live mode or paused when I am playing Sims.

I have checked that the poses are up to date, checked that they definitely in my Mods folder Sims and looked at the troubleshooting post that Andrew has made, but I have no idea why it's not coming up in-game.

other mods like MCC by Deaderpool and the Royal Mod by Lazyneiph work fine, even the XML injector comes up when I click on my sim either normally or shift-clicking to get pie menu options.

Has anyone had a similar issue after installing troubleshooting this poseplayer in their game? I'm stumped!

Thanks in advance,
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So, the new update seems to have broken an awful amount of Mods, but surprisingly it fixed mine? Andrew's poseplayer comes up and works as it's described as working by other players and in my game... which is weird but that's the only thing I can think of other than the fact I bought a more powerful laptop.
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