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Default I don't understand 'mesh' - help please?

This is my first post on this forum so apologies if it's in the wrong place.

I am not new to Sims but pretty new to Sims 4 and a COMPLETE noob to Modding. My PC skills are okay but haven't got a clue when it comes to even the simplest programming.

So I downloaded a bunch of CC before I read about it (yeah, I know...) and then half of it didn't work so I began reading up and found you guys everything has been very helpful so far but I still do not understand what it means when someone says, for example "This is a new mesh" - I mean, what does this mean regarding my game and Gameplay? Please explain it like I'm 5

I don't have all the packs, I have Island Living, Get Together and Seasons, I play on a non gaming laptop that seems to run things okay, so far...I love to build so I'm mainly looking for items to decorate rather than changing what my Sims do or how they look for now,

Many thanks for any help and I'm sure I'll have more inane questions soon!
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New mesh means it's a new object, piece of furniture or whatever, and it has a new shape. It means it is not just a new colour of a shape that is already in the game. "Mesh" refers to the sort of wire outline you see in a 3D modelling program when you are making a new shaped object.

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Just to add on from Inge Jones some cc requires a mesh before it will show up correctly in your game.
Sometimes in the fine print of a Custom Content (CC) item like clothing or build items the creator will say "Mesh Required" most times they will have a link to the mesh which you need to download before the item you originally wanted will show in your game.

I hope that makes sense......
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