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Default Why are CAS outfits not showing up in game?
I've recently downloaded several older outfits from Sims Resource and none of them are showing up in game.

For example, this one- Stripes Dress by Abby

The downloaded file name is called abby_yfDress_3_stripes dress.package, and there's no different name showing up under CAS Parts in Sims 4 Studio. In case the file name is causing the problem, I've changed it to something else, e.g. Abby Dress 3.package, but that makes no difference. I've checked that this item is compatible with base game and it is.

I've checked that the right criteria boxes in Sims 4 Studio are all ticked, i.e. female/adult, and I've done a batch fix for CC, i.e. Update CC for all genders. The batch fix results say that item is ok. But the outfit still doesn't appear at all in game. The same issue is happening with other older outfits I've downloaded.

Does anyone have any solutions to this problem?
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I just have one more question, because it is not obvious to me - did you check the original base game dress's (shown in the pic) swatches to see if the dress shows up when you click on them? It looks like maybe it aggregates that way. In the meantime, I am going to download the file from TSR and see what happens in my game.

I downloaded it, and updated the tag for feminine, etc., and I found it exactly as a swatch for that base game dress.
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Myself I have never had the problem of nothing showing up, is it tagged Feminine, if not you have to uncheck that filter in CAS or correct it in Sims4Studio, also check if it is not hidden, in S4Studio, go to Warehouse, Pick any CAS Part, scroll down the Part Flags and make suret ShowInUI is checked, if not check it for all the CAS Part(s).
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Thanks, for some reason the ShowInUI was unchecked- strange- but I've found it. Thank you both for your help
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