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Default mermaid eyes that i and my boyfriend Sims 1 customize
Yesterday I and my boyfriend Sims 1 made mermaid eyes for the Sims 2 and the are colors of the sea. I and my boyfriend Sims1 enjoy customizing on body shop and importing the customized. I had customizing mine and my boyfriend Sims 1 mermaid eyes. Their blue, light turquoise and green. It took a lot of patience but my caring boyfriend Sims 1 helped me out the mermaid eyes to customize for the Sims 2 game that we play a lot.
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Okay, but how do you want us to help you?

Normally, topics like these about creating custom content should go under the Create section, as in for feedback on your creation: Create > Creator Feedback > Sims 2.
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Thanks MMAA - moving the thread.

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