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For about a year (with long pauses) I've been building makeovers of EA's secret hobby lots. I wanted to make them safely shareable, since you have to visit those lots to makeover them according to the methods we know so far. Merging existing knowledge with my own research and useful tools avaliable today, I came up with a method that gives at least a little security to download those files and place them in your game. I mean, if you trust in Jawusa's Clean Neighborhoods (as I do), you can trust in these, as I used her cleaning methods, along with Chris Hatch's Orb and Lot Compresser. All the lots were created on a clean environment, constantly checked and cleaned with the tools mentioned above, and received a fair amount of playtesting by me and Jawusa herself on different scenarios and circunstances.

I decided to share some of these lots before the work is done to have some feedback. Note that none of them are finished versions and that I'm not the world's most talented builder, so you may face some quirky placements, landscaping and all that stuff while using these.

Feel free to ask any questions about the lots, but I can advance some things to you:
- Tools such as Mootilda's (Lot Adjuster and Compresser), Chris Hatch's (Orb) and others can be freely used on those;
- They can be turned into community and residential lots, and will work perfectly this way;
- They can probably be turned into beach lots, but no testing was done to prove this;
- You can edit the lots I updated anyway you want and they will functions as secret hobby lots;
- They won't function as secret hobby lots outside of the Hobbies stealth hood;
- As long as my playtesting went, witches won't spawn on those lots;
- You can use multiple hobby lots of the same type (2 Nature hobby lots, 3 Fitness hobby lots, etc.);
- If you're using multiple hobby lots of the same type, your Sim will receive membership to all of them;
- You can "unhide" those lots (so that neighborhood decoration around them will appear upon visiting), but at the cost of others lots also appearing to your camera;
- If you edit the original EA hobby lots without having a Sim visiting them first, they will not function properly as such. I haven't found a way to dodge this yet.


All the files on are .RAR type. All the EPs and SPs required, but only FreeTime and Mansions And Gardens are essential for the lots to work. No custom content was used.

WARNING: I recomend you to place these on a test neighborhood, as I might have missed something along the packaging process. Lots with Sim character leftovers may corrupt your save. Install at your own risk!

Aspirational Laboratories (Science)
Desirable Discourse (Films and Literature)
Games Of Glory (Games)
My Muse - Dance & Music Studio (Music and Dance)
My Muse II - Art Studio (Arts and Crafts)
Peerless Park (Nature)
Sue's (Secret) Kitchen (Cusine)

On The Making: Dreaming Fields (Sports), Platinum Gym (Fitness), Will's Garage (Tinkering).

You can also download a .RAR file HERE with all the original EA lots (Jawusa's cleaned versions), ready to be makeovered. Just place them on a clean and empty neighborhood, do the edits you want, use the methods I mentioned above to clean the lots, package them (and repackage if you want) and they will be done. Use the instructions below to install.

I highly recommend you to get this mod to prevent an annoying bug that can mess up with your food competitions. It doesn't necessarily has to do with the lot I built, but I do plan to rebuild Sue's Secret Kitchen a little more so such things happens with less frequency.

How To Install The Lots

A special thanks to Eulalia for compiling existing information and her own research in this tutorial. Without her, I would never make it with all that EAxis mess.

List Of U0 Values
For Cusine, Nature and Arts and Crafts hobby lots: 0x00000133
For all the rest: 0x00000132

I'm not sure of how much or exactly what changes between the two of the values, but I recomend you to follow the list anyway for prevention against avoidable issues.

Screenshots of My Makeovers

Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar Aspirational Laboratories.rar (390.0 KB, 7 downloads)
File Type: rar Desirable Discourse.rar (364.4 KB, 2 downloads)
File Type: rar Games of Glory.rar (301.4 KB, 2 downloads)
File Type: rar My Muse - Music & Dance Studio.rar (432.8 KB, 2 downloads)
File Type: rar My Muse II - Art Studio.rar (658.7 KB, 2 downloads)
File Type: rar Peerless Park.rar (356.6 KB, 5 downloads)
File Type: rar Sue's (Secret) Kitchen.rar (347.0 KB, 3 downloads)
File Type: rar hobby lots ready for makeovers.rar (2.90 MB, 4 downloads)
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