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Originally Posted by tinyhayuk14

This one, to me, is one of the most impressive for one particularly reason only - you can actually see reflections in the flashy cars metallic shine.
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About the cover, there is official Sims2 art that features a couple in almost the exact same pose as the one on the left and if I remember correctly the Sims2 girl has as much cleavage showing. I don't know if this is the real cover or not, but I don't think it is any sleazier than the Sims2 one. I think the sims look hot, but then I'm not twelve either. XD
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i am going to make an entirley '50s neighborhood...then a tuscan one....and...and...a um... a modern one! yes!


EDITZ: also--- dose anyone else get reminded of the romance cover novel couple in the sims 2 by looking at the couple on the left of the game cover? i do.
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Oh well, it's not the official cover. The official cover is the plumbbob one.
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Game Cover Is Official
Actually according to SimPrograms, it IS the official cover, and I'm glad because it's so much more attractive than the plain one. The Sims look hot and the cover gives us the feel of a prime-time soap opera.

Source: http://www.simprograms.com/official...ially-official/

And some of you think the cover is skanky? Ugh, please! These are the most attractive Sims from Sims 3 that I've yet seen! They look way better than in the in-game screen shots. I hope we get to have Sims that look like them.
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I think the covers a bit boring.. Sorry. Only because i think it would have looked better if they would have varied the skin color on some of the sims on said cover. :D
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Well, for starters, there isn't an alien this time. There were more types of characters for the cover of Sims 2, even an MIB type of guy. This one just looks more like a prime-time soap. I like the cover but I agree they could have even used a fat Sim to show that they can now be very fat. But I guess perfect-looking Sims is what EA believes will sell. They are assuming that not many people will even want fat Sims in their game. Personally I can't wait to make my first obese person. I'll make him/her not work out just to not lose the weight. That's the nice thing about it is that now we can have obese Sims and we can make them eat all they want and never worry about health issues.

Wouldn't it be cool if they came up with a few different covers and we got to vote for the best one to be picked as the official?

Suggestions for a cover:

Different skin tones on different Sims
Different body sizes
Different type of Sims as in Astronaut, rock star, mayor, etc.

I mean at least show off these new features in the cover to impress people.
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Exactly! I knew someone would get what i meant.

I think my first character will be at least chubby.. Maybe a self sim?
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HeeHee! I can't wait to make a fat sim either. And I don't mean that to sound bad, if it does. I'm just glad that we can finally have some really different looking sims. I also can't wait to make a really skinny, wimpy guy! LAWL! XD So much fun!

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It looks so... wonderful!
Yet, I can't bother to be excited for it, because it will take an extra six months to come out on Mac anyway, so I don't see a point.
Maybe in a few months, I will become excited

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Actually, negneg, versions for Mac are starting to come out quicker than they used to. It used to be about 6 months now it's gone down to only a couple of months, at least for the Stuff Packs anyway. I have a PC but I still hope that the Mac version comes out a lot sooner for those who are Mac users because I can really imagine the frustration.

Yeah, I want to make a really skinny Sim as well! Come to think of it, skinny Sims existed in Sims 1. Anyone remember that of the three body types, skinny was similar to what we now see it in Sims 3?
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It has improved, you're right. But that's only for things that are in high demand. So I suppose TS3 will come out in a decent amount of time, but I'm still waiting for freetime :/

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What??? Free Time is not out for Mac yet??? But it's going on a year already!
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I believe we are up to....
Bon Voyage, and Glamour Life.
We have all the story things, but I'd prefer my Eps :/

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Yeah that's very unfortunate. Especially considering the fact that in the latest Sims 3 Fan Day Report in Spanish, it was mentioned that the Mac version would not be coming out around the same time as the PC version like Spore had done. Mac users are going to very pissed off and I don't blame them. They need to stop doing this, it's ridiculous! They should come out at the same time.
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I agree. I know it takes alot of work, and extra resources to release the mac versions. Which is why I forgive the prices for being much higher ($50 for Base, $35-40 per EP, $20 per SP), and maybe it even being... a month or so late. Yet this? A year? I wouldn't be surprised if they never released either of the two last EPs for mac, and went strait to TS3. If I had the option, I would switch to a PC for the sims, but being 13, I can't exactly buy a new computer whenever I feel like it.

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Well, the PC version has very similar prices. The base game is $50 but that's only when it first comes out, it goes down after a few EP's. And EP's are $30 and SP's are $20.

But yeah, it sucks. I wish Mac could run PC discs. That would solve the issue and they would never have to have Mac versions.
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#193 Old 16th Nov 2008 at 7:39 AM
If I buy the game, I plan to make an extremely chubby Sim lady who gets a handsome hunk to fall in love with her and marry her.

The skinny babes shouldn't be the only ones to find true love, you know.
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Oh, haha.
Well then that's not bad.
I just got annoyed because I was buying AL and Double Delux for my friend's bday today, at target, and both were $20.

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Yeah they go down in prices much later, especially if they are not higher sellers than others.

Momthing, I so agree with you and I want to do that, too. It'd be fun!
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Originally Posted by frankie
Actually according to SimPrograms, it IS the official cover, and I'm glad because it's so much more attractive than the plain one.

I hope so.
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The Sims 3: Massive Q&A Tells All
The first thumbs-down post from me. This has got to be the worst article ever. Not much new info and the questions and answers are repeated very heavily and they look copied and pasted. This was indeed a rip-off. Even the many negative comments at the bottom agree. I suspect Bim was a part of this, lol. She's good at repeating herself and not making herself clear enough.

Source: http://kotaku.com/5090633/massive-sims-3-qa-tells-all

On a positive note, Snooty Sims fixed their Sims 3 section with facts, trait descriptions, lifetime wish reward descriptions, etc. This link has everything you need to know about TS3. Check it out!

Link: http://www.snootysims.com/thesims3index.php?id=info
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#198 Old 17th Nov 2008 at 10:40 PM
I'm extremely upset about that "tell-all" Q&A. I can't believe someone at Maxis would think that avoiding questions, answering questions with completely wrong answers, and blantantly copy and pasting answers would work. What the hell is that all about?

At least Snooty, who doesn't even work for Maxis, can provide us with more accurate and clearer info.

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#199 Old 17th Nov 2008 at 10:41 PM
That was certainly disappointing article... It sucked even in terms of grammar! But the update on the snooty sims is at least worth checking out.

I'm not fond of the cover for the sims 3. The sims on the cover are very pretty, but I'm pretty sure they could have toned down the cleavage and still have gotten the same effect. However, it's not like it's a big deal. I'll probably leave the disk in my computer, toss the case under a couch or something, and never look at it until I have a technical issue that I need to reinstall for.
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And not only the copying and pasting was bad, but what's even worse was the fact that some of the answers were the same exact answers in previous Q&A's from other sites. Seriously, go to my first post of this thread and look at the links to some of the past Q&A's. EA should be ashamed of their lack of professionalism. I mean, I understand about not giving new info but why not just put it in different words instead of just copying and pasting AND why repeat the questions and answers FROM that same page just to make the Q&A massive? It's only massive because of the repeats.

In fact, here are the pairs of the same questions:

Questions 16 and 24 are equal.
Questions 17 and 26 are equal.
Questions 18 and 27 are equal.
Questions 19 and 28 are equal.
Questions 20 and 29 are equal.
Questions 21 and 30 are equal.

Why not just leave it at 24 questions instead of 30? Ugh.
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