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I do have some pictures from before I idiotically deleted all my game saves. So I'll write around those and then write out the rest of what will happen and roll random generators to find out the full extent. It may take a bit but I'll get there eventually. I needed to take a break from sims for a bit cause I was so frustrated that I deleted all my saved games.
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Default MistClan -- Update 1
Ahhh, it's been so long. I missed this challenge very much :,) Thought it might be nice to come back for nostalgia's sake, since Seri! Pixel Biologist said she was considering bringing her own Sims 3 Warrior Cats series back. Gonna have another go perhaps! I think we all know the drill at this point though-- no promises this will be around for long, lol.


Here's our founder, Lotusbloom! Being the sole survivor of a calamity that wiped out his entire Clan, he has been left behind to pick up the pieces, rebuild the camp in a new place, and revitalize the Clan to the vision of glory that it once was.

This is the camp! Thought it might be nice to give a bird's eye view and point out all the specific dens. It looks much nicer on ground level though-- I'm actually quite proud of it.

The first day is more or less the usual, run-of-the-mill start for the challenge. Lotusbloom relearns hunting, being completely unused to this terrain, and catching a bit of prey to prepare for the cats that will eventually be sharing this territory with him.

A good move, considering that two rogue she-cats - a pair of littermates named Berry and Miki - decide to pop in for a visit the next morning! Berry is the long-furred one with ginger patches, and Miki is the small white one.

Miki gets along well with Lotusbloom, but Berry doesn't trust him too much. Although, she does take a keen interest in hunting and tries to teach herself when she can.

At the end of the day, the two sisters both decide to stay in the Clan for their own reasons, aside from wanting to stay with each other in general.

Although Berry still doesn't fully trust him, Lotusbloom helps her out with hunting, teaching her the techniques he knows. It helps her warm up to him a bit-- in fact, they seem to get along better than Lotusbloom and Miki do by the end of it.

Berry does some actual hunting to test out what she's learned. Unfortunately, she just can't seem to catch land critters... but she scoops fish up with no problems!

Miki, on the other hand, isn't really much of a fighter. Not even of small critters. She does, however, seem rather interested in herbs. Perhaps a future medicine cat is in the making?




[ Adventurous, Genius, Proud ]
A brown tabby tom with a white underbelly and green eyes.

[ Skittish, Lazy, Hunter ]
A small, white she-cat with blue eyes.

[ Friendly, Lazy, Hunter ]
A large, long-furred white and ginger she-cat with heterochromatic blue eyes.



(Hope it's fine with you guys if I use a much simpler, scribblier art style for the family trees. It's just easier for me to draw lol)


Well, not too big of a first update, but it's alright to start small I guess :]
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Default MistClan -- Update 1: THE GREAT RETCON
Okay so I'm restarting-- but not in the usual way. It's gonna be same cats in the world, same exact territory, etc. etc. but I'm changing one thing: I'm starting them as apprentices.

It was starting to bother me that they were warriors, and yet had JUST started adulthood with no hunting skill to their name. But I also didn't want to cheat by having my founder cat start off immediately with hunting skill (also it would've been bothersome to set all of them older, considering I have TWENTY FOUR ROGUES in the neighborhood to start). Hence: apprentice start.

This also makes things a bit more structured for me regarding the early game! The Clan will become truly official once there are five cats settled into the group, and all cats have at LEAST Level 3 Hunting or Fishing (I got a mod) skill.

There will also be a three-day grace period in which I will not roll any random generators aside from the ones that dictate rogue visitors and new recruits to the Clan. It is only fair, since they're all, well... apprentices.



Harsh coughs and hacks shake Lotuspaw's body as he crawls out onto the muddy bank, fur sopping wet and hanging pathetically off of his trembling frame. The young tom shudders and expells the last of the lake water from his lungs, eyes watering and throat burning.

He takes in a much-needed gulp of air, then another. And another.

I'm... alive? I'm alive! Oh, good StarClan, I'm alive!

The apprentice's legs give out beneath him. He can't bring them to move no matter how he wills them to, and in spite of Greenleaf's warmth keeping its hold on the night breeze, his drenched pelt sends a chill through his body.

Shivering and alone, he can't help thinking back to the safe, compact warmth of the apprentices' den, where at the end of every busy day, he'd curled up next to his denmates. Back to whispered exchanges of gossip and planned mischief, schemes which the warriors would always end up thwarting the next day with amusement. Back to the knowing gazes of his parents and the patient instructions of his mentor.

He'd fantasized since kithood about an adventure where he stakes out into the night alone, doing something glorious for which his Clanmates would hail him as a hero. But now that he really is alone, he wants nothing more than to hear their teasing about it. Even just once more. just a lonely kit shivering in the night, he wails his grief into the wind and the unfamiliar trees that surround him.

It takes a while for him to let out all that he currently can. Even after that, Lotuspaw doesn't feel that much better... nevertheless, it's at least enough to get him back onto his paws.

He knows he can't stay there all night. Even if he managed to fall asleep in spite of the wet and cold and even if it didn't end up giving him an illness, he didn't doubt that something must've heard him. And he'd just narrowly escaped drowning in a river-- it would just be a waste of his efforts to get snatched up by an owl or a coyote now. So with a heavy sigh, he trudges onward and away from the water. Mist billows around him, obscuring much of the area... if he had the strength to be skittish about anything lying behind that mist, he would've been.

That being said, however, it catches his attention when something odd happens.

The mist parts, revealing a way between the trees. Rays of moonlight dapple the path forward, and in shock, Lotuspaw looks owlishly up towards the night sky. The clouds that once swarmed below Silverpelt and obstructed it from view are gone.

Are you watching over me...? he silently asks his Clanmates as he hesitantly steps forth.

He comes across a moonlit clearing with dry ground, bushes and small trees and crevices galore surrounding him. All good places to take shelter for the night, it looks like.

Squeezing into one of the tiny, moss-lined caverns, he notes absentmindedly how perfect this place would be for a camp as he curls up and starts to feel drowsiness tugging at his senses. It's warm inside... no wind to buffet his damp pelt, and a speckling of moss and leaves across the floor to cushion the rough stone.

Before he knows it, he's drifting comfortably off to sleep...

Lotuspaw wakes up to the sound of pawsteps and an unfamiliar cat scent.

"Huh... I don't believe I've seen you around before."

With a startled shriek, the apprentice scrambles to his paws and puffs himself up reflexively. The stranger that stands before him - a tall, bright ginger tom, seemingly around his age - looks less intimidated than he does inquisitive.

"Who are you?" the smaller cat tries to sound tough, puffing up his (thankfully now dry) fur. "This-- I found this place first! It's mine!"

"Uh... sorry to intrude then, I guess?" the ginger tom looks awkwardly down at him. "I was just walking around for some peace and quiet. Twolegplace has been getting stuffy lately... too much competition over the pellets, you know."

Twolegplace? Competition over... pellets?

"What's that supposed to mean?" Lotuspaw wrinkles his nose and inches back as the other cat leans forward to sniff him.

Golden eyes blink curiously. "Ah. So, you're new here then. Weird... you don't have even a hint of Twoleg on you. Do you catch all your food?"

"Uhh. Yeah? Why would I ever let a Twoleg give me food?" he asks, the question half genuine and half snarky. His pride doesn't allow him to mention that he hasn't yet even learned how to hunt properly-- he'd been an apprentice for less than a moon.

The other cat draws back and sits down, calmly swiping a tongue over his paw and drawing it over his ear. Somewhat pacified, Lotuspaw reluctantly allows the fur on his back to settle flat.

"Honestly, I'm kind of jealous. I'd like to learn how to hunt, but no-one around knows either." the stranger remarks. "All of the older cats just chase everyone away from the first servings of food and then leave the leftover scraps. You'd think getting fed by Twolegs would be easy, but... well. No one around here is getting any more willing to share, and I don't blame em. There used to be plenty. But most of the Twolegs who gave us food before went way down the Thunderpath in their monsters, and they haven't returned since... now, there's just not enough for all of us."

Blinking, the smaller cat looks around the area, the place much clearer in the daytime. He can hear scuttling in the undergrowth and smell birds and rodents in the trees. This place... it'd be great for hunting.

"What... you want me to teach you or something?"

"Are you offering?"

Lotuspaw's gaze swivels back to the other tabby. Having lived in a Clan his whole life, he admittedly really doesn't like the thought of being alone... but was he really willing to fraternize with a pellet-eating rogue, of all cats?

He thinks over it for a moment, and eventually his better judgement wins out against his prejudice.

"... you know what? Fine. It's not like I can keep this whole area to myself, anyways." he sighs, brushing past the tom and padding out into the clearing. "I'm Lotuspaw, by the way. And you are?"

"Boris." the rogue's eyes widen slightly, likely not having expected an actual yes. He pads after the apprentice. "So, how do you hunt?"


PHEW.... that was a lot to write. Anyways, onto some extra pictures and mini updates!

One of the first things Lotuspaw gets to is teaching Boris how to hunt! Which is a bit interesting, considering he doesn't fully know himself... they eventually figure it out, though.

Having just gotten out of drowning, naturally Lotuspaw isn't too keen on touching the water.

The two of them become very close very quick. Which, I guess, would probably happen considering they're the only two here at the moment.


No family tree this time, since no-one's related yet. Hope you guys enjoyed this update, and I'll hopefully see you in the next one!
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PantherClan Final Update!
This has been taking way too long. So, I kind of took the lazy way out in the end.

Moons pass and Thrushheart and Raventail get closer than ever. Thrushheart and Blazerun bond with their father.

Ripplekit catches a kit illness and Pantherstar and Quickbright are unsure if he will pull through.
Pantherstar's voice is shrill and worried as she fuses over her kit.
"He was fine this morning! I don't know what happened!"
Quickbright sniffed at young Ripplekit. He was almost apprentice age. "It's a small cold. He should pull through just fine, Pantherstar," He tried to soothe his young leader.
"A-Are you sure?" Her voice comes out small and strained.
It's to be expected, Quickbright thought, she lost her mate and a kit very close together. Perhaps, he could take this kit as an apprentice when he grows. He thought back to when the young kit asked him about the herbs in his den just a few sunrises ago.
"I'm sure. When he grows to apprentice age, I think he would make a good medicine cat."
"Okay. Take good care of him Quickbright. Please. I can't lose him too."
"Of course, Pantherstar."

The morning patrol finds a queen and her kit.
Birchbright, Brushspeck, and Leopardfur go on the morning patrol. They didn't expect to find a terrified queen curling around her small kit, they smelled blood coming from her.
Brushspeck stepped forward, "We have a medic that can help you and your kit."
The mottled tabby queen shakes her head, "It's too late for me. Please. Just save my kit. Please." She collapses, too weak to hold herself up.
"Of course," Brushspeck meows. "We'll keep your kit safe."
They comfort the dying queen and then take the kit back to meet the rest of the clan.

Pantherstar's kits become apprentices.
Leopardfur and Birchbright take Mothpaw and Crowpaw as apprentices. And Quickbright takes Ripplepaw as an apprentice.

Moons go by. Mothpaw becomes Mothfang. Crowpaw becomes Crowclaw. Ripplepaw becomes Ripplestone. Sandkit and Gravelkit have both become apprentices. Brushspeck and Quickbright had a new litter of kits. Birchbright and Leopardfur become best friends. Raventail and Thrushheart become mates.

Mouse has been training up the kits and adults to fight. He recruits more cats and trains them as well. Then, he finally decides to invade the camp.

PantherClan was slowly picked off until the numbers were low enough for Mouse to make an all-out attack. It's a bloody battle and no one survives.

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Default MistClan -- Update 2: THE GREAT TIMESKIP
Whoops, been a while!! But don't worry, I haven't given up on this Clan just yet.


It's been several moons since the fateful day Lotuspaw washed up on that shore.

Looking back on it all now, he finds himself amazed at just how the time flew. It's hard to believe that he was once that trembling, lonesome kit, doubting the odds that he could ever bring himself to feel happy again.

After Boris came several other rogue cats, investigating the area for their own particular reasons as rumors of a wild cat started to spread. Out of all of them, three decided to join in on the Clan: Newt -- a small gray tom with a unique affinity for herbs, Miki -- a small white she-cat with a keen prey drive but an unfortunate tendency for nervousness, and Midnight -- a quiet, absentminded black she-cat who mostly keeps to herself. Over the moons, the five grew to trust each other like they'd been born side by side, working together to keep themselves fed and protected from the elements.

And then came the dream.

One day, Newt bounded out of his den like he'd seen a ghost, urgently telling the others about how he'd heard the whispers of dead cats and seen their reflections on a pool of water. He couldn't quite grasp how, but he knew the way there despite never having travelled that way before.

It was there that Lotuspaw saw his fallen Clanmates again. He spoke to his parents, to his siblings, and all of the friends he lost-- and when he and his new Clan woke up, they were no longer the same cats as they were before.

Fast forward several more moons, and he's stretching out in the late greenleaf sunshine, hearing the patter of pawsteps and chatter of friendly voices that aren't his own. As he does so, he knows without a doubt that he's made it. He's found new companionship-- a new family.

"Oh, you're awake... good morning."

Lotuspaw -- or rather, Lotusbloom now -- turns to see a small she-cat walking toward him, pace languid. Her white coat practically glows in the sunlight, and her eyes gleam with an amiable tenderness that he finds rather difficult to look away from.

"Cottontail! Good morning." he greets her, unable to keep the tip of his tail from twitching self-consciously. "How was the hunt?"

"I... still have a ways to go, I think." she folds her ears back sheepishly, paws scuffing the ground. "I may or may not have mistaken a branch for a snake and scared away every bit of prey in the area."

"Don't forget the actual snake that we managed to catch." another voice adds, a large ginger tom shouldering his way out of the bushes, dragging along said snake. "Your reflexes are better than mine, honestly."

"Oh, you're just saying that... it was only a fluke." Cottontail purrs. Lotusbloom doesn't miss how the look in her eyes changes when they land on him, and he feels his good mood dim slightly. However, the smile he gives his best friend is a genuine one.

"You're lucky she was there, huh?" he teases, butting him lightly with his shoulder. "Come on, you may be SmolderSTAR now, but that doesn't mean you can go wasting your nine lives on things like that!"

"Yeah, yeah." Smolderstar snorts, placing a paw on the stouter tom's head to lightheartedly shove him away. "Anyways, how's the new cat? Are they adjusting well?"

This catches the attention of the cat fiddling with a pebble just a short ways away. They pad over, amused.

"Well, I think it's safe to say we'll have enough moss and rocks to eat for the next five moons." they snort, flicking some moss off of their own pelt with a black paw. "When d'you think I can try out this hunting thing for real?"

"Lotusbloom can take you, I suppose." Smolderstar answers, flicking his tail towards the brown tabby.

"You have to ask Lotusbloom first!" the deputy swats him indignantly. "But yeah, yeah, let's go..."




[ 9 / 9 ]
[ Non-Destructive, Quiet, Genius ]
A ginger tabby tom with golden eyes and a white muzzle, paws, and tail tip.
Previously a rogue named Boris.


[ Adventurous, Genius, Proud ]
A brown tabby tom with a white underbelly, darker brown legs, and green eyes.
Is reluctant to go into the water, and will not go fishing unless he has an active wish to.



[ Non-Destructive, Quiet, Genius ]
A small gray tom with green eyes and a white muzzle, underbelly, and paws.
Previously a rogue named Newt.



[ Skittish, Hunter, Lazy ]
A small white she-cat with blue eyes.
Previously a rogue named Miki.

[ Neat, Clueless, Independent ]
A long-furred black she-cat with white splotches and dark blue eyes.
Previously a rogue named Midnight.

[ Destructive, Piggy, Hunter ]
A short-furred white cat with dark patches and violet eyes.
Previously a rogue named Socks.


Kind of a small update for the time it took, but the ball is more or less rolling now! Now the real fun and shenanigans begin.
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Default MistClan -- Update 2.1: THE GREAT BABY BOOM
So I'm back and BOY has MistClan had a time. Birth, death, Twolegplace shenanigans-- buckle up, fellas, because it's been a wild ride.



So, where we last left off, we had six in the Clan! Lotusbloom, Smolderstar, Skygaze, Cottontail, Nightbreeze, and newcomer Heatherpatch. Six wonderful kitty cats to kick off this grand legacy-- I got attached to them pretty quickly.

... which was a mistake, because Cottontail died of a stomach illness, like immediately. First mate of Smolderstar, unrequited love of Lotusbloom, and closest friend of Nightbreeze... she will be remembered.

Nightbreeze was the only one to be afflicted with Grief Disease, fortunately, and Skygaze had the herbs to get her back on her feet.

Did you think this was the end of the tragedies, though? Not even halfway! Because it's not long before Heatherpatch runs into a large dog on patrol and gets their legs broken beyond repair-- they can thankfully still walk by themself (I mean, have you ever SEEN a cat move without the help of their hindlegs? It's crazy), but it's not very ideal for hunting or fighting. They therefore decide to retire to the elders' den early.

And... what's this? A newcomer? Meet Winona -- later to be called Morningstep -- who happens to be Heatherpatch's littermate! She wandered over, wanting to see what her sibling had been up to, and decided to stick around. (Context: they weren't actually littermates originally, it's just that I made Winona / Morningstep FAR earlier than I did Socks / Heatherpatch, and they coincidentally ended up looking very similar. So, I kinda just went with it.)

Morningstep was initially not very well liked at all. She eventually became the Clan's first fisher cat, though, and the others did eventually warm up to her! Especially Lotusbloom, who admittedly couldn't help but admire her tenacity and unique skillsets.

Meanwhile, Smolderstar and Nightbreeze bonded over their shared grief, and found that they had quite a lot in common over the many moons they ended up spending together. So much so, in fact, that they ended up becoming the strong, silent power couple of the Clan! What followed soon enough was...

Sunsetkit (the one that ran off before I could get a picture of him with his siblings and mom), Twilightkit (the calico), Mallowkit (the one with the white cape), and Burnkit (the one with the black smudge on his foot)! A litter of four adorable kits, three toms and a she-kit! Unfortunately, however, the one she-kit - that being Twilightkit - ended up stillborn, and there were no revival-level medical items in Skygaze's stock. Which is honestly such a shame-- being the only she-kit aside, she also had my favorite coat out of the whole litter.

This is not where the chaos ends, however. Because out on a hunting patrol, the thunder and lightning scares poor Smolderstar right out of the territory and into Twolegplace!

There, he encountered a small dog and then... well, beat it up. He beat up a dog. And I didn't even have to roll for injures, because the fighting skill mod assigned an injury level for me! It's worth checking out if you're one of the eleven people in the world still doing this challenge (/lh /j).

Thankfully, he found his way back, and just barely managed to stop Morningstep from sneaking out to look for him. Skygaze dressed his minor wound with cobweb and an anti-infection poultice, and he was right as rain after a good long sleep accompanied by his mate.

After that whole ordeal, Morningstep has her and Lotusbloom's own kits that very evening. Two kits, this time: a she-kit named Figkit, and a tom named Leafkit. Both kits rolled good health, but Morningstep rolled death! Thankfully, however, there was a single plasma beetle in stock-- caught by Lotusbloom himself, no less! He inadvertently saved the life of his mate and the only fisher-cat in the Clan.

And that's where we leave off for now, folks. I'm glad to say that I've been having a lot of fun with this challenge!



He got sick

Heatherpatch has a really weird obsession with chewing moss. I have to repair the nursery beds every few days because of them.

They were very cute while they lasted.

Sibling reunion!

Lotus has the slither stalker achievement now-- but this was beforehand, and it gave me a heart attack!

This alien keeps showing up for some reason.



The whole family...

Like mother, like son.

snorkkk mimimimi

Out of NightSmolder's living kits, I like Mallowkit's coat the best! There's something so cute about the white cape.

And one last Cottontail... RIP.



NOTE: If you see the personality traits on the kits that aren't there for the adults, I started using a personality generator midway through the game and was too lazy to do it for everyone. It'll be put on every newcomer, including newborn kits and rogue recruits!


[ 9 / 9 ]
[ Non-Destructive, Quiet, Genius ]
A ginger tabby tom with golden eyes and a white muzzle, paws, and tail tip.
Previously a rogue named Boris. Former mate of Cottontail, current mate of Nightbreeze. Father of Sunsetkit, Twilightkit, Mallowkit, and Burnkit.


[ Adventurous, Genius, Proud ]
A brown tabby tom with a white underbelly, darker brown legs, and green eyes.
Is reluctant to go into the water, and will not go fishing unless he has an active wish to. Has earned the ‘Slither Stalker’ achievement. Mate of Morningstep. Father of Figkit and Leafkit.



[ Non-Destructive, Quiet, Genius ]
A small gray tom with green eyes and a white muzzle, underbelly, and paws.
Previously a rogue named Newt.



[ Neat, Clueless, Independent ]
A long-furred black she-cat with white splotches and dark blue eyes.
Previously a rogue named Midnight. Mate of Smolderstar. Mother of Sunsetkit, Twilightkit, Mallowkit, and Burnkit.

[ Skittish, Clueless, Proud ]
A white she-cat with a few black patches and amber eyes.
Previously a rogue named Winona. Littermate of Heatherpatch. Mate of Lotusbloom. Mother of Figkit and Leafkit.


[ Genius, Independent ]
A long-furred ginger tom with slight black and white stripes, and dark blue eyes.
Materialistic, Conscientious and Easy-going.
Kit of Nightbreeze and Smolderstar. Littermate of Twilightkit, Mallowkit, and Burnkit.

[ Non-Destructive, Quiet ]
A long-furred pale ginger tom with a heavy white cape and heterochromatic golden and dark blue eyes.
Forceful, Rebellious and Kindly.
Kit of Nightbreeze and Smolderstar. Littermate of Twilightkit, Sunsetkit, and Burnkit.

[ Non-Destructive, Hunter ]
A ginger tabby tom with white mitts and golden eyes.
Materialistic, Idealistic and Secretive.
Kit of Nightbreeze and Smolderstar. Littermate of Twilightkit, Sunsetkit, and Mallowkit.

[ Genius, Hunter ]
Brown tabby she-cat with white stripes and green eyes.
Adventurous, Charming and Secretive.
Kit of Lotusbloom and Morningstep. Littermate of Leafkit.

[ Non-Destructive, Hunter ]
White and brown tabby tom with amber eyes.
Idealistic, Optimistic and Lonely.
Kit of Lotusbloom and Morningstep. Littermate of Figkit.



[ Destructive, Piggy, Hunter ]
A short-furred white cat with dark patches and violet eyes. They seem to have an unfortunate addiction to chewing moss.
Previously a rogue named Socks. Had their legs broken so severely by a dog that they're no longer functional, and needed to retire to the elders’ den young. Littermate of Morningstep.



[ Skittish, Hunter, Lazy ]
A small white she-cat with blue eyes.
Previously a rogue named Miki. Former mate of Smolderstar. Died to a stomach virus.

[ Non-Destructive, Clueless ]
A calico she-cat with golden eyes.
Stillborn kit of Smolderstar and Nightbreeze. Littermate of Sunsetkit, Mallowkit, and Burnkit.


I take back what I said about using sketchy art for the family trees, lineless is back.


Side note: Not sure if I'm actually going to get any votes on this, but I've been thinking of possibly ignoring the 'medicine cats can't have a mate or kits' rule. It's kinda arbitrary in my opinion-- perhaps I could make it my own custom rule that so long as there is more than one active medicine cat, mates and kits are fair game? If you'd like, feel free to vote either agree or disagree on this post!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this one! I'll see y'all in the next update!
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#657 Old 9th Nov 2022 at 5:51 PM
I have too many cats. I might need to adjust the relativity or something. I was using my own set of rolls but they might be too forgiving. One of the cats though fought a dog and lost a leg. They're healing but could still die due to it being leafbare and not one of the other seasons.

Currently MeadowClan's allegiances looks like this.

- Blizzardstar
- Thrushfang
- Roseberry
- Leopardstrike
- Robinleap
- Flower
- Whitebeam
- Honeywhisker
- Tansypaw
- Spiderpaw
- Houndpaw
- Aspenpaw
Freckleshade (kits: Tumblekit and Crowkit)
Mudsplash (kits: unnamed tomkit and unnamed shekit)
- Branchfoot
- Silverbark
- Mudleaf
- Willowear

Romantic Relationships in MeadowClan
- Branchfoot x Freckleshade
- Silverbark x Willowear
- Thrushfang x Whitebeam
- Honeywhisker has feelings for a she-cat, but we are as yet unsure those feelings are returned.
- Blizzardstar may well have feelings for two different cats and we're determining if he's poly or not.

Other Relationships
- Leopardstrike and Freckelshade are siblings, they are also the cousins of Blizzardstar
- Silverbark and Willowear are the parents of
- Mudleaf has one known grown kit somewhere in the world.

Other Information -
In the current episode as of 11/9/2022 Flower has been tasked with helping bring another clan back to the territories as MeadowClan was brought back. We do not think this means he'll be leaving MeadowClan, but he might be away from them for a bit... like in Firestar's Quest ig?

NOTE: Can I just say trying to do those little scenes is exhausting? It just takes forever to get the footage necessary and then to edit it so it goes with the mini-script... fun though it may be it's very time consuming. Especially the one for episode 25.

If you want to know more/see more there's 26 episodes of season one as MeadowClan gets re-established.
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