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Default The Fair Folk (Fairy Legacy)
Create a YA Fairy. Any gender is okay, any looks, any traits. They must have one of the fairy-related Aspiration, a gardening aspiration or the Alchemy aspiration.
Put them on the largest lot in your neighborhood, give them a tent and a fireplace, then set their funds to 100. Go to the Grocery Store and buy some produce, then plant it.
- Lifespan and seasons set to normal, Lunar Cycle is on
- No jobs, except for self-employment
- no cheating, obviously
- No selling from inventory! Use the Grocery Store for selling produce, and the Consignment Stores for everything else!
- Spouses and adopted children must be converted into Fairies!
- Your founder and every Heir must max out the Following skills: Fairy Magic, Nectar Making, Charisma, Gardening
- You may not build a large house. Spread out little huts over your lot that contain Bathrooms, Skill objects, living rooms etc. Use the Fairy Castle for as much as possible!
- Your Fairies may not eat meat.
- As soon as they have enough points, your Founder must get the King/Queen of the Fae Lifetime Reward
- Befriend as many fairies as you can. On the day after Full Moon, use your “Summon Fairy” ability to hold a Court meeting.
- As soon as you have the money, go to france and buy a Nectar Maker. Pass the nectar making skill down through the generations. You must serve nectar during Fairy Court meetings!
- Over the course of your playthrough, buy out every park and fishing spot!

Succession Rules:
- Your Founder and their Heirs must have at least 3 children.
- You can either have kids biologically or adopt. If you adopt, you must adopt a baby. Your Fairy will have stolen that child from its human parents.
- Once the children reach YA, the one with the highest combined skill points becomes the new heir.
- Like your Founder, your Heir must become King/Queen of the Fae as soon as possible.
- You may move one of your children per generation into a human household your King/Queen has befriended. Changelings!

- 100 for every death or child taken by social services
- 50 for every time your utilities got shut off
+ 50 for every child born
+ 25 for every child “stolen” and turned into a fairy
+ 150 for every LTW completed
+ 5 for every non-household fairy befriended
+ 15 for every changeling placed
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