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The Sims 3 Full Expansion Pack Collection Life Challenge
Heeeey that's a long Title for a very long Challenge!

Hey, Own every single Expansion Pack and want to make the most of your Game? THIS IS THE CHALLENGE FOR YOU!

Also this is my First EVER Challenge. EVER! Not even in Private, so please go easy on me and give Feedback!

This Challenge follows the Main Sim from Baby to Elder/Death! So you better be in for the Long Haul!

Also some Trait Suggestions for every Pack ^^ There aren't enough Trait Slots for all of them so choose wisely!
You will DEFFINATLEY need to set the Life Span to at least Long, just to complete all of this!



!!BASE GAME!! - The Beginning

A single Female Sim/Two Married Sims move to Sunset Valley to begin a new life for herself/themselves

REQUIREMENTS: Have a Baby, that Baby is now your Main Challenge Sim!

TRAIT: N/A (Babies can't have traits...That I know of...)


!!Seasons!! - The Festive

Throught their Life, Sim decides to enjoy as many Festivals as possible!

REQUIREMENTS: Attend every Festivel, Celebrate every Holiday

TRAIT: Loves the Outdoors

Over Baby/Toddler/Child/Teen Years

!!Generations!! - The Dreamer

Sim has watched a LOT of Action Movies and TV, and now has big plans for their future, and fully intend to make them come true!

REQUIREMENTS: Get at least 3 Skills, get A's in School

TRAIT: Ambitious (<< Might want to go with this one, just saying...)


!!University Life!! - The Student

Sim decides to do what their Mother (and Father) always suggested, and get a Higher Education!

REQUIREMENTS: Complete 2 Terms at University, Streak 3 Times

TRAIT: Bookworm/Artistic/Genius/Charismatic


!!World Adventures!! - The Traveler

After completing their Education, Sim decides to Explore different Countries!

REQUIREMENTS: Travel to China, France, and Egypt and complete at least 3 Activities each

TRAIT: Adventurer


!!SHOWTIME!! - The Entertainer

After traveling for so long, Sim decides to settle down in Starlight Shores to make is big! Will it work out?

REQUIREMENTS: Become an Acrobat/Magician/Singer

TRAIT: Natural Born Performer


!!LATE NIGHT!! - The Party Goer

After Sim Accieved/Failed their goal in Starlight Shores, they decide to move to Bridgeport to relax from all the hullabaloo, Only.... Something goes wrong......

REQUIREMENTS: Attend at least 3 Parties, Get into 3 VIP Rooms (Through Sneaking or Status), MALE: Get Abducted & Pregnant / FEMALE: Try For Baby with Vampire & Succeed

TRAIT: Party Animal/Irresistable


!!AMBITIONS!! - The Worker

After realising they are pregnant, they decide to move to Twinbrook to make some money!

REQUIREMENTS: Get an Ambitions-Exclusive Skills (Tattooing/Inventing/Sculpting), Have Baby to Term

TRAIT: Perceptive/Eccentric/Savvy Sculptur


!!GENERATIONS!! + !!PETS!! - The Single Parent

The Baby is here! And they... don't seem entirely Human... So now Sim wants to give this child the best life they can!

REQUIREMENTS: Move back to Sunset Valley, Raise Baby to Child, Own 3 Domestic Pets (Dogs or Cats)

TRAIT: Nurturing/Animal Lover/Cat Person/Dog Person


!!ISLAND PARADISE!! - The Retired

Finally getting through the tough trials of Raising a small Toddler, Sim moves to Isla Paradiso with their Child to realx for once in their life in Sweet Retirement... as an Adult...

REQUIREMENTS: Live on a Boat, Scuba Dive, Enjoy Relaxing in the Sims!

TRAIT: Sailor/Loves to Swim


!!INTO THE FUTURE!! - The Legacy

What's that? Turns out Time Travel is real! Now Sim wants to shape the Future with their influence!

REQUIREMENTS: Become the Lustrous Entertainer, the Time Keeper, the Pioneer of Plumbots, the Renowned Philantropist, and the Trendsetter

TRAIT: Bot Fan


There is no set timeline for this btw, just accomplish The Base Game to Island Paradise before becoming an Elder!

There you go My first ever Challenge (So of course I went all out and used every Expansion... ) I hope to see Let's Plays on the Youtubes!
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I like this challenge
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Do we change the traits for the sim for each segment? And - any restrictions on sim getting married, having more kids, etc?
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Originally Posted by sims3luvr
Do we change the traits for the sim for each segment? And - any restrictions on sim getting married, having more kids, etc?

Nah, they are just suggestions The idea is to carefully choose 5 traits that will make certain sections of the challenge easier on your sim

Some traits make leveling up specific skills easier, so it depends where you want your sim to succeed or fail XD

Good luck
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