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Doctor Who - Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
Hi, new to uploading, not so new to simming (as you can tell by my unfortunate 10y/o created username). I'm working on a Rose Tyler sim for TS4. So far I think she looks decent, but I think she still could use a little tweaking. Any suggestions?

I also made the Union Jack top (my first attempt at CC!) Going to recolor the jeans also to get rid of the rips.

Anyone else dearly missing the Nostril Definition slider? >.<
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She looks very good right now.

But it's hard to give too accurate of an assessment while having to scroll so much. Side-by-side comparisons pics are always the easiest to judge. Profile shots, if you can find them, are helpful, too.

The nose looks good to me. From what I can see, the one thing that seems off to me is her upper lip. The Sim's lip looks too defined, especially the tip. I'm still getting used to Sims 4 CAS, too, though, so I can't offer much more specifically.
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Oh I agree with you completely! No matter what I do in TS4 CAS, I can't get her nostrils or top lip right. When you widen the top lip to make the sides more rounded, the cupid's bow widens too much with it. It's infuriating! And I need that nostril definition feature back! >.<

It's definitely 100 times harder to make lookalike sims in TS4 than it was in TS3.

Sorry, here's a side-by-side.
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Thanks for the side-by-side comparison. It makes it much easier to judge, and I think the proportions of her face match up excellently.

You're right, after fooling around with the lips yesterday, I couldn't find a way to make it less defined either. In this case, I think it's actually just the skin that makes it looks so sharp.

I think she immediately recognizable, though, and it's only those nitpick details that look off to me. You've done a great job with her.
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Love it! I think the nose is fine. I think the eyebrows need work, though. The arch is too exagerrated (I think that can be adjusted in CAS), and they terminate too far from her nose (that would probably need CC).

Even without that, though, she's immediately recognizable. Well done!
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I remember have a similar problems w my creation regarding the lips, eye corners and nose.

For the lips, I was able to create a mask of sorts that seemed to make her lips look almost identical (IMO at least). If you want an example of what I mean you can check out the Pink thread. Maybe that might work for you here too?

I'm not sure. Just a suggestion.

But I think she looks really good!
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Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll definitely play around with the eyebrows more and see what I can do. Will post more pics when I'm done
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