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Default Any one interested? Hair+Heels.
Hi Folks,

two CAS Parts for Full Game... I don't really like the yf Wedge hair (bangs too long) but like the potential... so I shortened it and tried to get a little choppiness in. Texture fits a little rough for now, but S4 modding is still young, I guess.
Cloned with Cmar's CASCloner 0.3, shortened with milkshape. Has the more common default colors, but not the exotic ones.

I also think that EA likes grossly deformed feet, the way the heels look like. So again I used Cmar's CASCloner and Milkshape to create some more old-fashioned pumps (no platfom sole, higher heel, pointy toe) and also modified the colours a bit... they come in black, bright red, gold, skin/orange and pink for now.

Both are single multi-colour packages.

What do you think?
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I'm just curious. Are there any clippings in the back of the hair? if so, then tell me how many polygons are there in both the modified hair and pumps?
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