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Default Asian Sims. Feedback needed please
Hello, Im currently making two asian sims, a male and a female married young couple. I need help to make them unique if possible please

First is the male Jinhai Chau; a materialistic, inteligent and ambitious man. He is a computer Whiz. Second is the female and his wife, Huiqing Chau, a music genius and clean freak; she is also confident and wishes for a career in music.

I havent given any make up to Huiqing yet but she will have some light one.

Edit: Should I make them single?
Edit 2: Added skin color options
Edit 3: Added their body types and everyday makeup for Huiqing

Mods used:
Glossy eyes 50% ver
clipse [Sims 4 Hair Conversion Set 001] Hair
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from what i see in your work it's really great and awesome nice work !!

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Love their facial sculpts so far. If you would like more feedback, please post some profile views of them, as that is very crucial for me to identify features, especially ethnicity.

If your vision of them is as a married couple, then by all means, make them married. Downloaders can always change them how they like. The idea of a downloadable couple sounds interesting to me.

In regards to deciding between the light or dark skins for them, I think it would depend on what image you'd like to convey. Yes, in real life, people are naturally light or dark. But I believe when designing a character, one should use visual cues to help depict the lifestyle they live. So, to make this more concise before I ramble on too much, I think the darker versions depict either 1.) they like the outdoors or 2.) they feel being tanned is more desirable than being pale, as is the image of beauty at least here in the West. Their being wealthy (or aspiring to wealth) can support the idea that they tan in their spare time, since by their descriptions, neither sounds particularly outdoorsy.
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I guess I will go with the lighter tones of skin. here are the profiles for both of them, also the clothes I have choosen for them til now thank you

Edit: mod used - What lies beneath - Sheer Ruffled Blouse
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Very nice! I especially love Huiqing's profile, but they're both excellent.
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Originally Posted by SleepyTabby
Very nice! I especially love Huiqing's profile, but they're both excellent.

thank you very much, I think I will try uploading them now, Im satisfied with them, also played with them for a bit, they are into each other a lot lol

Also making a starter house to fit them
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