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So I have a feeling I write a post like this every spring, when I'm excited to play more sims. I love the RLC as it's in my top two challenges of all time (pun quite possibly intended) and I'm always looking for ways to have atypical or odd jobs be a 'job for the sake of rolling later on. I've already rolled 11 generations of the Sparrows out, so this is most likely the result of the fact that so many jobs that I rolled are the same and merely skip a generation or two.

In any case, here are the new jobs/ rolls I've made up as jobs to shake things up in the future, and I'm curious if any of you have your own variants to the jobs in the challenge? Some of mine are based on mods or store content, so of course there aren't rolls for it in the challenge.

Here's what I've added;
Home Business (candles, honey, toy, sewing) (candles are the store object canning station and overhaul mod, sewing is a newer mod that I haven't gotten to work without glitches yet but sims can make teddy bears, rugs etc)
Home Business (Private chef, Herbalist, Fish Breeder) (private chef and herbalist are limited gardening with the canning station store object and overhaul mod, fish breeding involves stocking a pond to fish from and sell only those fish, or breeding in a tank and selling only those fish)
Breeder- cats/ dogs only. (Horses have to be raced to be worth more as I understand it so I'll separate these and have horse breeding only with equestrian).
Small Business (brick and mortar, savvy seller or cafe)
Homemaker (no job but crafting things for the home without selling them, or gardening to eat from like eco), that sims does all household chores and majority of the cooking
Homemaker- no crafting version involves the homemaker career mod from NRAAS (could also be assassin but I don't want that one).
Chess Player
Handysim- NRAAS
Trainer- trains at local gym (NRAAS too I believe)
Martial Arts Practitioner
Performance Art (tips)- may play for tips only on musical instruments, art, streetart, acrobat etc but may not sell art or take on-stage jobs.
Party Planner- has an at least once/week party and provides entertainment at their own expense (hires dancers, musicians, singers, mixologists etc), owns the venue or hosts at home and could use a ticket machine on the lot.

Also, yes I know that several of these things cross over into other rolls in the challenge, i just wanted to share and see what you all may be doing differently too. It's spring, or something.

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Hmm... I guess I'm boring, I don't add careers to my rolls (the ones we have cover pretty much every way to make money in the game already), I only take some away, lol. I don't do dumpster diver or daycare ever, and exempt myself from some other careers if they're inappropriate for the world I'm in and I don't wish to move the family.

One thing I did do was put adventurer back on my rolls (I had banned it for years because of travel glitches) and I've been exploring player-made tombs in addition to the base game ones.

One thing I find fun about the challenge is playing the exact same roll in a different way every time I roll it. I may roll the same career, for example, but the sim/character focuses on a different aspect of it than the last one, or has different reasons for getting into it.
Field Researcher
#16729 Old 24th Mar 2021 at 5:13 AM
I can definitely see those as variants for some of the careers, especially if you're trying to find something that fits your Sim better. Also that canning station overhaul sounds amazing, I have to check that out.

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#16731 Old 28th Mar 2021 at 10:23 PM
I've went ahead and added additional income rolls for Store Content, as well as maybe some Misc. income. Just reroll if you don't have the required content:

56. Gambler - Level the gambling skill, and risk your household funds to bet at the Casino using the Blackjack Table, Slot Machine, Poker Table and Roulette Table (reroll for 1 Sim households).
57. Big Bucks Freeloader - You're in it for the big kaching, baby! Earn the jackpot by playing for the lotto, wishing for wealth from the Genie and/or Wishing Well. Why work when you could be set for life!
58. Produce Vendor - Tend the Fruit & Veggie Stand to earn some cash (Use TestingCheats to place stand on lots).
59. Animal Husbandry - Sell products collected from Bees, Chickens, and Cows.
60. Toy Maker - Sell toys you make from the Titanic Toy Machine.
61. Savvy Seller - Using the Savvy Seller's Collection, buy a commercial lot and sell items (or invite Sims to your At-Home business)! You may sell items other Sims in the household find, or roll for a type of collection to find and sell. May be OP.
62. Fine Artisan - Use the Glassblowing Station and Artisan skill to create and sell glass objects, perfume, and jewelry.
63. Baker/Food Seller - Use the Bakery Station/Collection to sell divine treats, or any other cooked food item! Buy a commercial lot and start your own business.
64. Canner - Use Grandma's Canning Station to can and sell product. Use items from other household members, or go to the grocery store and buy ingredients. May be OP.

I may come back and add more rolls later. Enjoy!
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#16732 Old 2nd Apr 2021 at 9:25 PM
Howdy! It's been... about two years, since I last posted.

For anyone interested, I have an update to the Wilder-Moons. (The who?) Maybe I'll update again soon, maybe I won't post again for another two years.

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Hope everyone's been doing okay! I'll try to backread the thread a bit and catch up on what everyone else's sims have been up to.
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