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#401 Old 21st Mar 2021 at 11:33 PM
Default Artie from Shrek the Third
It's been well over a month since I shared any progress pics of this Sim. I'm trying to remember whether I updated the latest version of him, or went back to a really old version of him and tweaked that one. Either way, it gave me this, and I really like how he looks at the moment. Special thanks to @Nemiga for converting the highly-coveted WINGS-TO0307 (her conversion can be found here). It's perfect for him, but it's probably the only time I'll ever use a piece of CC with such a high polycount. Had some difficulty getting the hair colour right but I think I've got it now. In terms of sculpting him, I think I ended up taking out some custom sliders (less stuff for the downloaders to get) and it did him some good.

Obviously his outfit isn't done yet. That's a bridge I just don't wanna cross right now.
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^^You're welcome And this hair indeed looks very good on him
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Someone secretly took picture of my son while he was resting on a beach before his performance. Why can't paparazzis and curious girls leave him alone! He's got work to do!
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Originally Posted by LucieSims
No problem @Wojtek by chance I posted 3 men sims of mine here post #394 if you are interested.
But in my collection I have a little hundred of sims I did or makeovered.
Okay they look fine, but there's something wrong with the textures. They seem out of focus. It's a good idea to set texture quality to maximum in the options just to take the picture and then revert if the computer can't handle high texture quality settings.

Jacek has just turned 50.
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Made from Miles Forthright

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