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Default Runaway Teenagers Challenge (modified)
Hi everyone I'm Tardis Simmer! As you know there is already a Runaway Teen Challenge, but this is going to be different. If you want to check the original post out here it is...

So in this Challenge there is more than 1 runaway here is the backstory...

Your foster parents were horrible people they treated you like dirt. So one day you ran far away and never turned back. You slept anywhere you could and had barely any money to spare. That is until you found others like you. And so you all joined forces to survive as runaways.

Create 2-8 Teenage Sims (including 1 adult you can't start the game with out one if you don't have the mod just kill the adult off when you start playing) they can be male and female or just one gender either way is fine. Then just randomize your sims traits! Make them look how ever you want it's up to you.

When you get into the game you can choose any town you wish (I used Bridgeport). Before you buy anything use Ctrl+Shift+c , testingcheatsenabled true , Ctrl+Shift+c , familyfunds (last name of sim) (amount of money). For each sims you have 50 simoleons. Put teen
NO house until you earn the money.
ONLY talk to teens and kids.
NO phone or school until you have a house.
You CAN get a part time job and use skills to earn money.
NO buying food you must grow it.
You Can use Autonomous mods etc.

When you become an YA by following the gameplay rules.

Not following the rules you lose and are brought back into the foster system.

I hope you enjoy my modification of the Teen Runway Challenge!
Ask me in the comments if you have a question!
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oohh i like this challenge! might do it at someday!
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