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These are two images of Terrance fishing in Salmond woods. I ended up placing Summer hills fishing spot from sunset valley in one of the empty lots and well it looks good in this world.

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Originally Posted by Gargoyle Cat
Yes I have a Nvidia card, but I don't know what AO is.  What is it?

EDIT: I got curious and poked around in my Nvidia settings.  If by AO you meant Ambient Occlusion, thank you!  The difference is huge.  Below is a few test pics; I moved the light source around.

Sorry for the double post but when I look at turning on this feature it will let m do it globally but when I go to specifically the sims 3 .exe it says that option isn't available for that program. so idk.. I cut it on globally but I'm unsure if it will have an effect on my game.
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Lately I've been developing Sunset Valley 2 and populating it with my own sims, although there are a lot of old friends from the original SV about the place. And other families have been moving into the houses I've placed faster than I can keep track of. A lot of them included toddlers, and although I have ageing turned off for now, I decided to age a few of them up.

And this happened...

All that from a few little candles! Wtf was in that cake?

The first fire fighter had to call in backup, and it took two of them to put it out. After which they admonished me to be more careful in future. Well, I'll try not having a birthday cake incinerate my dining room again, but you can never be sure about these things.

The measly insurance payout wasn't enough to cover the table and chairs, but I replaced them and the cake and we tried again. The firemen hung around to lend their support, and for cake. So, certainly one for the family album, I think. The little girl's name, BTW, is Misty. She seemed to think it was all great fun. Happy birthday Misty!

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I miss my game so I am glad to see your pictures everybody.
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