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Default High School Exchange Students Legacy!
You have the terminal right. The plane is landing soon. You wave off your teens to an international flight. A new person, from another Culture and Country, will be living with your family for Four Cycles of All Four Seasons of Schooling. Best School In the Country, A Gifted Program, and Cultural Learning; A Higher Education Means Everything. Knowledge is Power; Now, you have a new Culture, Religion, and Student from halfway around the world to learn with. Your Teens are in a new Country. Thankfully, you are all Bilingual!

China W.A.
France W.A.
Egypt W.A.
India ( New Deli; Free Download )
Africa ( Ziwie Bonde, Afrikan Village )

Choose a Family with A Teen or Teenagers; or, Create your own Family in C.A.S.

Swap your Teen or Teenagers for an Exchange Student from China, France, Egypt, India, or Africa. 


Chinese Culture,
French Culture,
Egyptian Culture,
Japanese Culture, ( No World yet found of Japan. Put Chinese and Japanese Traits Together. :/ )

Extra Challenge: 

One Chinese Student, 
One Japanese Student, 
One French Student, 
One Egyptian Student, 
One Indian Student, 
One American Student,
One African Student,

Goal: Four Cycles of all Four Seasons at High School; After; Return With, I Would Hope, International Friends for Life!
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