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Default Lot Package Files
I use Clean Installer to install custom lots/sims/etc. Whenever that is finished I load up my game and after I exit the game I get a bunch of package files consisting of numbers and letters. I keep them all in one folder which I shouldn't have done, I don't fully know. When I remove the lots from the game using Clean Installer as well as removing the pack file, do the package files consisting of all the letters and numbers delete automatically or I would have to delete them myself? If so, is there anything that can help me locate the ones I would like to delete as I have other lot packages I would like to keep?
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They're most likely CC from the lots. If there was a list of items in the Clean Installer, those would've been installed alongside the lot.

The Clean Installer usually doesn't rename CC files, but the default installer tends to do so. The package files are most likely files from the uploader (or files they've had on their computer) from lots installed with the default installer. if you want to keep any of the CC, the only ways to figure out what the files are would be to look through each one in either the Clean Installer or SimPE, possibly combine with looking at them ingame (it's always safest to delete things from the Downloads folder, though).

You would have to remove the CC files yourself - they're just regular CC and have no connection to the lot other than being present on an installed lot if you place it down in the neighborhood. The only difference from an EAxis item is that if you remove a CC item, the game will usually replace it with the original item it was cloned from.

The lot file should be just one file in the "Teleport" folder, and if it's been installed properly the file disappears after you've started your game (it gets moved into the LotCatalog folder, gets a name according to the current numbering, and appears in the lot bin ingame). It won't appear anywhere in the Downloads folder.

Personally when I install lots, I put all of the CC for each lot into individual folders, so I know what belongs to which lot. Makes it easier to pull them out, or sort out problems with individual lots or CC (there's usually some problem bits and pieces of CC involved).
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Okay, that makes more sense. Thank you for your help!, I'll be trying these out.
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May I ask how would I know which lot is which in the lot catalog? I currently have 19 lots that I am using in-game but the lot catalog shows 27.
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Simmertot, the other files in Lot Catalog will probably be the Maxis lots you have installed. I usually figure out which is which by the date of the file--the newest file is the last lot I installed, etc.

Here's a bit more info about the gibberish files, for the OP (I figured since I already have these tutorial pictures, I may as well share them):


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Ohh now I understand and thanks so much for the information, ill definitely try this the next time I install a lot.
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If you're not too afraid of using SimPE, you can open up the (CX_) lot files there to take a peek at which is which.

The "Jpg/tga/png Image (IMG)" resources lets you see images of the lot (they're small, but if you know which lots you're looking for you can get a fairly good idea which is which - the images show the lot floor by floor.

The "[Text Lists] (STR#)" resource has the name of the lot (so if you've given it a good name, here's where you can more easily find it).


I think the lot catalog also has some hidden lots that don't show in the catalog, or show up elsewhere in the catalog.
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