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Default Oh, how you've changed (old posts)
Hiya! Never posted in these parts before, I've only ever posted in the sims specific threads.

So a few times now I've caught myself reading my old mts posts when I've been super duper bored. And boy, can I tell how I've changed just by the way I type in them.

Idk how easy it is for the average person to figure someone's age by a forum post, but can I just point out how in a post from 2014 I actually sounded 17/18 and in a post from 2020/2021 I actually sound 24.
It's borderline cringe, honestly. Do people still use ^.^ because I sure hope to never type that ever again or go "yaaaaaaaaay" or significantly over exaggerate things.

I'm sure in another x number of years I'll look back at the posts I've made around this time and think the exact same thing. But it's just an interesting observation.
Sort of makes me want to scour the internet for other old things I've said god knows where since I don't use any social media besides twitter these days. But at the same time, probably better to leave the past be the past might not like what I'd find
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Sometimes when I too look back at my old posts here, I just couldn't believe it and was like, "I wrote this thing?!" I guess in my late teen-early 20's I could express myself easily in words. Then lately noticed that my word count usually gets fewer and fewer, especially in WCIF forums where I only post just links and nothing else, or maybe that's just me being lazy.

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Originally Posted by CASnarl
 I sure hope to never type that ever again or go "yaaaaaaaaay" or significantly over exaggerate things.
I say 'Yaaaay' and overexaggerate all of the time, and I'm really, really old. Yaaaaaaaaaay!
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I do like to look back at my old posts on the internet from time to time. However, despite the fact that I joined here in 2005, there appear to be no posts from me before the early 2010s. I am thankful for that, as by the early 2010s I had done a lot of maturing versus 2005. So, TBH, there isn't much to look back at. And as I said, thank goodness. Teenage me was a little bit of a mess. I didn't mean to be, but I was.

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I've done this once out of boredom, never again.
There's the regular cringy posts from a teen, and then there's obnoxious posts by a teen who didn't think before posting, because.. as a teen you always know better. Duh. It has happened again every now then, mostly when I was in a bad mood. (nowadays I stay away from the internet when I'm in a bad mood)
I'm glad there's no such thing here 'remembering' posts from x years ago, like FB has, but I do miss the yearbook.

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I think I was somewhat over my cringy years when I first started posting, and looks like I'd already played for a few months to maybe a year before I started posting (probably did a lot of reading in the forums - I've always liked a bit of researching), so it seems I was busy doing the "not complete noob but still somewhat new to the game" thing and asking a lot of questions about details in the game. English isn't my first language, but I think I'd gotten enough practice by then to manage, and I generally don't mess up my writing unless it's deliberate (or if I miss keys and don't notice before posting, or rewrite the post 5 times because it has to make sense or I had to add this and that, hence the 14+ edits or so ), so most of it looks like something I could've posted now if I got a bad concussion and forgot 9/10 of what I know about TS2

As for the rest of my posts, I don't know. I think I've mostly kept my posting to the Simming areas until recently-ish. I post if I have a shitty day or if I want to try to say something I think is maybe a bit funny. My humor is kinda messed up, and I don't think that's changed much... Probably gotten worse with time
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"Do people still use ^.^ because I sure hope to never type that ever again or go "yaaaaaaaaay" or significantly over exaggerate things."

I thought that was personality-dependent... I had a friend (he was 23-25 at the time) who typed like that. Truth be told, I liked it for the most part. He also did that face, but I usually sent smiley faces, too, so I don't really consider that an age factor. I did consider him very "young" though, sometimes, but then again, I lean more toward being intense and 'old-lady-like' (it's probably why I liked the youthfulness of it, because I was also in my twenties).

I do miss that innocence to our friendship. I wish I could return to it, sometimes, but it ended. I am over it, mostly, but tonight was rough - coming up on the one year anniversary of it ending, so to speak.

BUT... what made me pop into this thread, is that mine deals with that friend I mentioned.

I have looked back and re-read some posts...
... and it is so interesting to me that, spanning even just two years back, I was having problems with said friend above and I was speaking out loud to this forum if I "should end our friendship" or not.
Spoiler alert: the friendship ended (on both ends), and on my end, it was for exactly the reasons I stated in those posts from years ago. When I read that post from years ago, I was just... in shock. I knew I had had issues before, and the issue never improved, but I was surprised that 2-3 years ago, I found it a big problem to complain enough to strangers, and STILL ATTEMPT to keep the friendship going. FOR at least 2.5 YEARS.

Goodness, I should hope I'd never get in a bad romantic relationship/bad marriage, I'd be trying to keep it going longer than that.
It was just enlightening to me to see that maybe I should have let it all go back then.

I do miss him still, but not enough to reach out. I have come to terms that it ended. I'm not happy, but I'm over the worst of it. Thing is, I KNEW I'd take this the hardest out of us two. I knew I was in a really weird, super unusual, co-dependent relationship (well, I was co-dependent on him....). I KNEW that when it would end, it would end with me getting the worst of it. I knew that I'd be the most sad and heartbroken. It's why I kept it going. I even mentioned it to him. I probably mention it in my posts, lol. I was not wrong - I did not take it well at all. I apparently know myself very well.

Oh! And I still type WAY WAY too much in my posts. I think that's just how I am...
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Someone just resurrected an old thread I was on...
Not enough emojs or funny gifs!
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Resurrected? I thought it's highly illegal bumping

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Quick, call the necromancy police!
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I've reread some of my old posts before. I dunno most sound pretty much the same, except I seem to complain more and more about uni and how ugh and inconvenient everything is à la first world problem
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I'm glad there was no internet when I was a child or a teen. It would very embarrassing for me today to read what I might have written then. . .

Because I was far more mature at the age of eleven than I am now!

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