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Test Subject
#476 Old 13th Apr 2021 at 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by nitromon
That would be a rather complicated mod I think, not only would it require animations for child to elder, but scripting and injecting a whole new function that is either genetic trait or some sort of accident at work etc... It can be done, but a person must be really dedicated.

Yeah I know, hence why it's a mod that I wish existed but likely never will - I definitely won't be making it
Mad Poster
#477 Old Today at 11:19 AM
A night market mod where you can shop in the town square when the festivals aren't running and you can buy items you can't normally get for decoration or for whatever use depending on your EPs like flying brooms or wands for Supernatural.

Just a suggestion of possible ideas.

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#478 Old Today at 2:08 PM
Do sort of wish handling babies was more seamless & continuous when moving between actions, so that you don’t have babies lying on the ground all the time!
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