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Originally Posted by coolspear1
EA - "gotcha! Loot boxes? Shmoot boxes. Piecemeal penny-pinching at pocket money prices, here we go! Win, win."

Shmoot boxes?

Any relation to schmutz?


Definition of schmutz

US slang

: a filthy or soiling substance (such as mud, dust, or grime) : dirt

What's a little schmutz to a New Yorker? That's why we have immune systems.

What to watch while wiping some schmutz off your million dollar face with a hundred dollar bill in the presence of an attractive young lady

Point out the schmutz on a classmate's shirt.

Smeg Head
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No, not one of those old, tried and tested Yiddish terminologies in English common use. (Yet I cannot help but imagine those EA CEOs go into a Fagin routine every time they come up with their latest nickle and diming schemes. Got to pick a pocket or two, boys. Got to pick a pocket or two.)

Just one of those Yiddish-sounding, rhyming things folks make up in the moment.

"Become a government informer. Betray your family and friends. Fabulous prizes to be won!" Red Dwarf - Back to Reality.

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Has anyone seen this? First video discusses the development procssess for TS2, while the second discusses TS2's compensation issues- I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of EA's internal management still holds true to TS4 (especially given some of the rumors leaking out of EA in the last few years).

On top of that, given the amazing job Maxis did on TS2 even under those conditions, one might even wonder if the screws have been tightened even further on the devs as the quality of TS4 packs has steadily decreased since 2018- and even the best of TS4's packs are a pale shadow compared to TS2's packs? It's amazing to see the amount of foresight in TS2- they had pets and OFB coded in the basegame just to ensure that when the EPs eventually arrived, they would fit in perfectly.

Interesting tidbit of info in the comments section- I wonder what the Kits are funding in the rest of EA? No doubt there's no money for TS4, considering the huge amount of asset and mechanic recycling going on.
Originally Posted by Nahuel
Lol. This reminds me of what EA did with all the money they made from The Sims 3 Store. It wasn't used to improve The Sims 3 or even develop The Sims 4. Most of the money they made from The Sims 3 Store was actually used for the development of Titanfall (released in 2014) according to multiple inside sources.

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