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Default The Simchester Mystery Challenge!
Ever hear of the old Winchester Mystery house out in California? It was built by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester gun fortune, who believed she was being haunted by everyone who ever died at the hands of a Winchester gun. The only way to keep them away? Keep building on her massively massive mansion, so the ghosts would presumably get confused and couldn't find her. It presumably didn't work because she died in 1922, but her house and the legends surrounding it remain.

In this challenge, we're going to do something similar. We're going to make sure Sarah Winchester (or dare I say... SIMchester) is still alive and building up her house as if to keep the ghosts away. She will live for as long as the challenge goes on. And possibly after?

Before we get started, we need to do a few things, like make a family. Two members are absolutely required, but you can add more if you wish.

Required Member #1: The Heir/Heiress This sim must be Adult or Elder, Must have the Coward, Unlucky, Neurotic, Loner, and Hates the Outdoors traits. They can be male or female but cannot be any sort of occult type, just a regular sim. Because of all their neuroses, they cannot take care of themselves all alone. Instead, they must rely on the help of...

Required Member #2: The Caretaker This sim Must be younger than the Heir/Heiress, and have the Brave, Neat, Schmoozer, Ambitious, and Evil Traits. They can be either gender or even an occult type (Except ghost) And they are actively trying to kill the Heir/Heiress and take the fortune, but it's gonna be hard because of that darn Unlucky trait making it impossible for them to die of anything other than old age.

Plonk the family down on a large lot with a tiny house on it. Then start playing with the following rules:

1. You cannot have more than $100,000 cash at any time. You have to get rid of excess money by buying stuff or adding on to the tiny house. Property values can be any amount, you can even buy properties outside the family lot, but no more than $100,000 spendable cash.

2. Because the Heir/Heiress is so afraid of ghosts, The caretaker is going to make sure that there are lots of (unplayable) ghosts on the lot! How do we do this? We can buy the cemetery and move to active graves to the lot, kidnap a bunch of sims and kill them in various ways, or if you have Ambitions and World Adventures installed, Have the caretaker get a job as a ghost hunter and collect spirits to make graves to put on the lot. Keep in mind the Heir/Heiress cannot actually see these graves/urns of they'll know what's going on. Find creative ways to keep them hidden around the lot!

3. Again because of the Heir/heiress's neuroses, they cannot leave the lot for a job, they must have a skill job. However, the caretaker can take any job they want.

4. The caretaker and Heir/Heiress must maintain an amicable relationship despite their obvious differences.

5. Maids and Butlers can be hired to help the caretaker. But if you have Supernatural installed, you can ONLY buy the bonehilda coffin instead of hiring maids. Butlers are still okay.

6. You cannot leave the lot you started on, so pick a good one to build on.

7. The Heir/Heiress cannot go to university or abroad or into the future. The Caretaker can, so you can reap the benefits that way.

8. Pets are permitted, but the Heir/Heiress cannot use a horse to get to and from other lots.

9. The Heir/Heiress cannot get married or have children. The caretaker, however, can.

10. The challenge is over when the Heir/Heiress dies, leaving everything to the caretaker.

Have fun, and stay spooky!
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