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Default Live Mode Disappears When Visiting Community Lots
I've recently come across this problem: whenever my sim visits a community lot, the lot will load and then live mode will disappear - along with the sim - and will be replaced with buy/build mode. I tried loading the game both with and without custom content, and it still happens. I can go back to my sim's home, and they go through the return animation, like they've just come back from visiting the community lot. As far as I can tell, everything else works just fine. I just can't visit a community lot.

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Does this happen in every neighborhood or just one? All households in the neighborhood? If it's constant across your game, it's most likely a download. Back up your neighborhood and remove the entire Downloads folder, see if that makes it work. If it does, you can do the 50:50 method to find the culprit.

Keep in mind that removing some mods can break your neighborhood, so once you've found the culprit, put your backup back in.

If it's just one neighborhood, try running HoodChecker to see if that fixes it. If it doesn't, your neighborhood is probably close to explosion.

If it's just one household, try having them move.
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What type is this community lot? If it is owned business then fix may be here
Otherwise there must be a reason why your sim arriving on community lot is made unselectable. Try go to lot with 2 sims together. Is it still happening?
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I would take a look at any custom downloads installed recently just before noticing the problem is it's universal as in it's happening in all households in every town throughout the game because that's a sign that a recently installed file might be causeing the isssue.
I'd move the family if it's only one household because their home lot might be glitched in that case and would use hood checker if it's one town having the issue to see if it's fixed that way and if not just give up that town as it's likely corrupted and about to explode.
I had that happen to a household's owned business once on my old computer before I even started using Mods or CC.I started a new town that time after it happened because I was playing vanilla and couldn't fix it except by reverting to a backed up copy of the town.
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