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Default Neighborhood dialogs have no text
I've returned to playing after a bit of a break, and now the neighborhood dialogs that ask for confirmation about moving sims out of houses, or merging households have no text in them. The one you get when moving a sim into an apartment is normal. It's not CC related, because it still happens if there is no CC installed. SimPE does not even think this text exists anywhere in objects.package, I have no idea where it might be and thus what might be overriding it, somehow without being in downloads. I haven't replaced any core program files files with different versions, aside from clean neighborhood templates. Does anyone know what might be causing this? It's not really a big deal because I know what the dialogs are asking, but it's annoying.

Edit: After some more investigation, it looks like some files were deleted from the Text folder in TSData back in February. Not sure why this happened, since I've never gone in there and none of my anti-viruses have records of deleting or quarantining things from that folder, but whatever. After I restored the files things seem to be back to normal.
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I've hqd nightmares of that very thing happening with the latest version of AVG's virus "protection" the last time it was even installed on my computer before I removed it.I've had a few scary things happen while it was there and was lucky to have uninstalled it before anything that bad happened.I've also backed up my Origin Games program directory just in case a disaster like that could ever happen again.My AVG nightmare was with being unable to back folders up because it would stop me from making any backup copies.
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The best thing to do is add your sims games main folder in program files to the white list, or add an exception, in your AV program.  If you use an .exe not shipped with the game you chances of your AV quarantining or deleting are high.  This includes using lazy duchess' RPC.
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I do have those folders whitelisted, and like I said, none of my antiviruses have any records of deleting files there.
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