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Default [solved] Mod completley broke my game's camera and I cannot fix it?
I recently installed a custom mod that changes the Sims 4 camera view with a cheat (by typing a command in the in-game cheat box.) I've been using it with no issues whatsoever until today, when I launched the game and I cannot change the camera view anymore (through the cheat box), CAS is completely unusable, and many of the in-game buttons don't work as intended anymore. I did the obvious and took out my Documents/EA folder but it helped in nothing - the whole game is completely borked. I'm not a mod-newbie and I'm completely flabbergasted about this whole situation. I'd love to avoid a reinstall as long as it's possible. Does anyone know if there's a file for the game's camera and where it is located? I'd like to look at it and see if there's something wrong in it.
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You may want to try to reset your game. Make sure to back up your mods folder.

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Go into Origin and repair the game. Rename your sims 4 documents folder (temporarily) to something else before you do so. I miss it when you could access the cameras in the documents like in the Sims 2. Made it so much easier... to repair, but also to break, so... meh.
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i fixed this. thank you all.
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