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The Cheats wiki could use a bit of rewriting to include that 'TestingCheatsEnabled True' Has to be entered before a lot of the other cheats. At the top of the page, that should be the first thing the person sees after learning how to open the cheat console IMO. Otherwise it kind of skips a step.
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Level skip solved (not literally)
Originally Posted by Srikandi
I found the highrise shells in BuyDebug, but was not able to place one on a residential-zoned lot (I get the message "cannot add, change or remove objects outside of your unit"). I'm guessing there must be a cheat, and probably the same cheat lets you modify the in-game highrises. Anybody figured this out yet?

Edit: OK, right after posting this it occured to me to look in the Readme, where new cheats are usually listed Here's what I found:
rbbb [on|off] or RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings [true|false]: Allows
editing of any lot with a public room marker on it.

Public Room Markers: For Residential Lots with Buildable Shells. Only
available in BuyDebug catalog and only visible in Build/Buy mode or
if RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings or BuyDebug cheats are on. A Public Room
Marker must be placed in all rooms that are supposed to be public except
for the "outside room."

Hidden Room Markers: Only available in BuyDebug catalog and only visible
in Build/Buy mode. Any room that these markers are placed in will be fogged
unless RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings or BuyDebug cheats are on. Any room that
contains one of these has the same Build/Buy restrictions as public rooms.
Doors leading into rooms with these markers do not have the Go Through

Level Skip Marker: Only available in BuyDebug catalog and only visible
in Build/Buy mode. Any floor level that this marker exists on is skipped
with floor up / floor down actions, unless the RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings
cheat or BuyDebug cheat is active.)

Off to play with this and see what I can do :D

Edit 2: First result, "rbbb off" didn't work for me, but "RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings Off" did, and allowed me to delete exterior windows that I hadn't been able to delete before. THis would be they way to modify existing apartments that your sims are living in.

Edit 3: I was able to remove and add the hidden room marker (taking em out is a good way to expand your apartment if there's extra room on the same floor). Was not able to go up and down floors though... regardless of the state of RBBIB... so because I couldn't land on a "skipped floor", I couldn't remove the floor skip marker. Anybody else solved this? I must be missing something ><

I would love to be able to expand an apartment up or down a floor, to make it bigger as the sims get wealthier (after all, the butler needs a bedroom!)

So if that is the BIG SKIP of Floors you're talking about, those floors doesn't really exist. There are no actual "FLOORS" there so you won't remove the skip floor marker because there is no really skip floor marker *there* because there no "*there*", I mean there is no floor.

But it depends on the shell you're using
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#128 Old 13th Jan 2016 at 3:43 PM
If anyone is still viewing these posts since Sims 4 is now out I just found a new things for apartment expansion in Sims 3 Bridgeport, or any shell for that matter. If you put on the testingcheatsenabled true then restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false it will let you build and edit the walls/windows/lobby of the apartment building. Some apartments only have one level and in order to expand you have to find the place holders that make certain rooms 'hidden'. In my game the are black orbs. In order to buy these as well as public room markers you use the cheat buydebug and a ? category will appear in the buy mode. Anyway, in order to get more than one level in an apartment, even apartments that have more than one level, use cheat moveobjects on, then you just add a fireplace. This will let you go up at least 3 floors. I haven't tried adding the fireplace to the lobby level, that may open up way more floors. Once you are able to go up and down all of these previously 'hidden' floors you can locate the 'hidden room orb' and delete it. This makes those floors functional! I am working on a 3 level luxury apartment now. Hope this helps someone!
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Yeah, that's the kind of stuff being discussed 3 years ago (really 4 when LN first came out). But thanks for the necro anyway, you never know when someone else might stumble upon these ruins again.

EDIT: sorry it took me so long to spot the necro. I was taking a nap.
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I think that this really good team work. Whenever I see a thread in this section with eskie as the last poster, chances are that it is a necroed thread.

Closed and inhumed (hopefully).
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