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Default Modding ACR to Work With an Aging Mod
Hello! I know this question is asked all of the time, but I've noticed that no one seems to have the same answer. I've been attempting to mod ACR with...kind-of good results? I've made a custom aging mod, and the ages work out like this:

baby = 2 days
toddler = 4 days
child = 7 days
teen = 5 days
adult = 42 days
elder = 10-30 days

Recently, I reached out to another simmer who managed to get it to work, kind-of works? By which I mean it appears to work for adult sims, but not teens. According to ACR's "show my token info" option, teens' TFB % stays at 55% until they age up to adults, even though I've edited the BCON. Once they age up, the fertility edits begin to work, although they're several days behind what they should be, I'm assuming that's because ACR probably begins using the fertility curve once sims age up to adult rather than teen.

Also, another strange thing: ACR's "Show my token info" option is a few days off as well. I've double-checked my aging mod, and the ages should be correct. The fertility % also doesn't change unless I choose misc>reset (resetting ACR completely) for some reason. I'm not sure why any of that is happening, but I figured I'd mention it.

Anyways, onto my main question: anyone know of a way to make the fertility curve begin when sims age up to teens instead of adults?

For reference, I've followed this method (from another simmer who I follow on tumblr):
1) Follow hat's ( thread but stop after it says
"Commit, double-check which line your very last entry is on, and go to the BHAV."

2) Do simbology ( #1-6

3) Take the two numbers (or a number and a letter)
after the x of the last line of your bcon and plug that in the third box on the top row of the operands box of line 0x5.
Example: in mine the last line is 0x53 (83) so i put 53.

Thank you! My apologies if I wasn't super clear.
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Since I fiddled with this recently myself, I'll take a stab at answering, but I'm by no means an expert so keep that in mind. Also these links may help you!

To make fertility start at teen stage, I think you'll have to put that into your teen pregnancy mod. InTeen has it start at what is roughly 18 years old, which is some days before adulthood. Hat details it here a little ways down the page. So there's likely a BCON in InTeen that you'll need to edit to account for your aging mod.

As for the days being slightly off, make sure that you're putting in the days as 1 day longer than you want the stage to last. Er, I may have said that wrong... Basically if you tell it 6 days, they'll be teens for 7 days. Also, aging mods don't take effect until midnight or whatever of that day unless you reset them somehow. So that right there would account for 2 days. Hope that helps!
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I've done this although I didn't start the curve so early, so I can't answer that part I'm afraid. I didn't have enough days so I decided to abandon the teen curve. I just have fertility begin to reduce at age 35 instead and everything under 35 is the same.

It's normal that the age is a few days out. I think maybe it doesn't count the baby stage. And it takes a while in-game for their fertility to reset if you change their age using mods, but it will adjust after a few in-game hours. Make sure you have tokens set to dynamic, not static - if they are static, they won't update at all.


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Hello again! I'm sorry it's been a while, things got pretty busy. I tried again with a fresh copy of ACR V2, but now the percentage doesn't change at all. No matter what, it stays at the same percentage. I've reset ACR, aged sims up and down, waited a few hours (up to a whole day) in-game, but it doesn't seem to change at all. I took all of my mods out, etc., but nothing seems to work. I don't think I did anything different from the last time I tried this, so I'm a bit lost. Could someone possibly take a look at the file for me?
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