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Default Feedback Please: Man of Steel
At the request of a friend, I am working on a Superman costume from the Man of Steel movie. I would like some feedback and suggestions. (I'm colorblind, so sometimes that presents a challenge...)

Here's a comparison shot from the movie:

A couple of things I notice right off the bat:
* The toe texture is visible! D'oh! I used the wrong overlay. I can easily fix that.
* Some of the colors seem to "bright", especially the boots. I plan to desaturate them a bit, and darken them. Maybe add a little texture.
* The grey parts (like the belt/hips area) are way off. The shape is close, I think, but the color/contrast is awful. They need to be darker, and the highlight/shadows are just terrible. It needs some major work. They need to look more metallic, and be a bit thinner.
* I feel like the overall mesh/scale texture is too large. I want to shrink it a bit, but I'm afraid it will be barely noticeable at that point, especially when zoomed out.

Anyway. What do you think, and what suggestions would you have for me? (NOTE: I'm just talking about the costume itself, not his face or whatever.)

Thanks in advance!
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I think you did an awesome job so far and I can't say anything else that you didn't already mention yourself. You are right about the colours, some parts are too bright. Yeah, the boots especially.. lol

I've always liked the costume in the old Superman movies and don't like the new one that much. I guess I'm a bit old-fashioned ...
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Thanks for the feedback. And yeah... those boots. lol Superman wears pink, right?

It sounds ridiculous (especially from someone who's been reading comics since the 80s), but the "old style" superhero costumes are ... how do I put this ... too easy? They're so ... flat. Just solid colors, no detail, no texture. I find creating them in the Sims makes them look very silly.

I'm not a big fan of Superman, but from the perspective of someone who enjoys making digital versions of superheroes, this is a great costume. Lots of neat details, texture, and colors.
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Okay, gave Superman an upgrade. What do you guys think?

New one:

To make it easier to judge, here's a side-by-side:

Thanks for the feedback!
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This is so much better. Now he looks like a real superhero and not just like a sim in a halloween costume. I love it! :-)
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