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Default I Need help learning sim pe
Hi I am in need of someone who can teach me sim pe the tutorials aren't really helping if anyone would like to take time out of their lives to help me I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

(Edit: Ok thanks HystericalParoxysm I think I want to first learn to recolor but like i said the tutorials don't help me much so i still would like someone to help me with that. Oh and sorry for posting this thread in the wrong place.)
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To be honest, there is no "learning how to use SimPE" because SimPE is such a widely varied tool - it can do so many different types of things. I daresay there are few to no people who know how to do everything it can do - including those people that have worked on creating SimPE itself (you might know how to make a longbow but have no skill at hunting with it).

If you are having trouble doing something specific, then why not ask about that, but if your goal is "learn to use SimPE" then you should probably scale it back a bit or choose one specific area to learn first - there are plenty of great tutorials on many aspects of using it, but they're all specialized.

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hey il help you(well with what i know)so where would you like to start.

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badboy200, this thread is over a year old - if they haven't found the info they were looking for by now, I doubt they're still interested. Make sure ya check the date on a thread before you reply - and note the little "This thread has not had a reply for..." warning that appears at the bottom when a thread is old.
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