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Default ragnarok online
so who here plays?

i used to play the original server. T_T onnn....iris [ or isis? idk ]. it was fun, but even then i was too poor to afford the monthly fee, so my boyfriend at the time payed for me.
from there i went to play private servers, and really got into it.

ive been playing since then, but, had a bit of a hiatus recently. now im playing on the same server as my brother, and im falling back in love with full support build priestess. a creator will not end well on this server, since its of modest rates. xD
and my gear sucks.
but hey, that can be built up \o/

i think what i like to do most is sit outside payon dungeon and buff lower level people who go in. i just think its a nice surprise, to them, and it makes me feel good that i helped them out a bit.
something about playing a support priestess makes me all friendly n crap xD

on higher rates i would main on a creator. i was good at PVP, but never liked it. i only PVPed to assist friends who were being KOSed for silly reasons, or to help during War Of Emperium. some of my fondest play times were on ragnarok, and i hope that i can gain more friends and more good times on this server.

[ in fact, ragnarok was how i met my canadian best friend. we've known each other around 4-5 years now, and i never regret having met him. i only have one other close friend, and shes from school. ]

so id like to know: how many of you play ragnarok online?
did you use to play it?
what do you think of RO2?
how long have you played, and are you still playing it?
if youve played it for long, whats your favorite class and why?
whats your opinion on WoE and PvP?

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I used to play on Chaos way back before transcendent classes were around. I played a uhmm.. 98 FS Priest and a 90something nat crit sin for a couple of years but like most of my guild, I ditched the game for WoW. It was a good game and it had a great community, nice to see it's still around!

My opinion on WoE and PvP? I was a total WoE junkie and did go into PvP a lot.

I haven't gone near RO2. I haven't heard anything good about it, haha.
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