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Default missing meshes - how to sort them?
Hello all!

I have taken a look around and do not find the answer, maybe somebody here can help me.

I have only the base game (no EP ...yet) installed. I've had no problem with installed hacks.

I download a lot of custom content, and decided to go through the lot with Clean Installer, to solve a "missing meshes" problem: I seem to miss some meshes for hairs so the bunny head shows up in the game, and want to get the nonworking hairs out of the game. Same with clothes that do not have meshes or overwrite something (I am not really good at comp stuff maybe it's not overwriting, but it shows several "different" clothes looking the same in the make-a-sim "clothing" window), but I don't know how.

I have read the FAQ and the forum, but for the life of me I cannot find how to do this.

So the question is: how do I recognize these "erroneous" clothing/hair files?

And: Is that "fault" why this program does not show the preview picture of some clothes? Are those the faulty ones? (if yes, then I'll delete them)

thanks in advance for the help,

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id like to know this as well ...if would be much easier to use this insted of having to open bodyshop and go through all ove the many many pages to delete all the cloths that i forgot to get the mesh to or the mesh didnt work with when i have a hair that i didnt get th emesh with for whatever reason i cant seem to delete it in bidyshop (it treats it like the default hair so i cant remove it) so it would be nice if i could tell the differences of items that have a mesh to go along with it and one that is missing it in the cleaninstaller ...i hope i made sense lol
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Yes, you're right. I hope some of the talented people here will do some program or mod to do so

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The best thing you can do regarding missing meshes is to prevent the problem by being more organized with your downloading. If something says it needs a mesh, don't download it until you get the mesh. Then you won't have missing meshes.

But it definitely sounds like a helpful idea to have a tool that can scan for "orphaned" recolors ...

We need a "Tools Request" section, lol :P

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#5 Old 11th Mar 2006 at 1:21 PM
This thread - right here on this board says you can do it with SimPE
I agree it would be nice to do it in cleaninstaller, but maybe we're being greedy.
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#6 Old 12th Mar 2006 at 3:54 PM
tkdjunkie: yeah, I try to, but sometimes something goes missing anyway. I have a downloads folder almost all in subfolders by author, but I just got Nightlife and sorting out the skins and accessories was harder than I thought And some clothes seem to overwrite others, and I can't understand how to find the "bad" one
cwykes: thanks, I'll try that, and perhaps you're right

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#7 Old 24th Mar 2006 at 10:52 AM
I just added OFB to base game and I'm doing the same "sort into subfolders" job. I'm about half way I think and I know my problem is that I messed up some meshes by clicking a bad choice of button in SimPE, it's just I have to work out which ones so I can replace them! The SimPE route looks tedious to me too!
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speaking of sorting with ofb how much can u sort can everything be in seperate sub folders now? or what

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Cwykes: yes, SimPE seems the right thing.

Dragon_tfm: I do not have OFB so I cant help in this, but since Nightlife you can keep almost anything in subfolders, except for a few things but those are specified usually in the *.txt files that come with the downloads.

There are threads/FAQs for OFB in the forum, I suppose the answer could be there somewhere though.

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#10 Old 23rd Jan 2010 at 12:34 PM
this topic is out of date and its over 4 years older but i got some cloths from someone and he does not have mashes or he has the mashes and not the cloths so it just shows white , ye like plastic cloths . or it shows as the default cloths from maxis. For the Pc there is a program that alows you to update ur drivers like video card or sound card drivers and all u need to do is to load up then scan the computer and its called "Driver magician" (google it if u need it , u might need it to update ur drivers in order to play sims 2 better with graphix). Here you guys , great modders could create a software similar to that one i just say earlyer . Basicly what i wish a software whould do is that it scans my computer for missing or invalide items i DL or i got it from a friend via yahoo messanger and after the scan finishes it whould find on the google the perfect solution and the webpage it was DL and let u have the option to remove the item or DL the missing file . ..
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