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A quick suggestion to save on carpel tunnel...
How about putting in a function to let S2CI automatically delete all duplicate files. Have it determine which one to keep by date or something. It would save hours of repetative clicking when you have a large amount of custom content. I have over 30,000 custom files of various types and I just had to completely reinstall the game on my new machine. It has taken me 3 hours so far to get rid of duplicates and Im only about half through. At least put in an option to allow you to group all of the duplicates together so you can just do a shift-click to select them all. I think it would be probably the best addition to the program you could make. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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oh my, wouldn't that be dandy!!! i fully agree that it would be nice to have something that addresses the issue of having to scroll and multi clicking. Nice idea.

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