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Default "Request registry access is not allowed." on Startup
Before I begin, I think this may have something to do with WHERE it was installed. I don't have my privileges on my account for my computer, my dad took them away because of something...Anyway, because of this I have to get my dad to switch over to his account on my computer if I need anything installed. I downloaded S2PCI on to my USB (into the EA games file on it) and was also installed while in the same location. (I'm sorry if this paragraph didn't make any sense, to be honest, I was starting to confuse myself!)

Installation of S2PCI was fine. A .NET framework has already been installed. On my account, whenever I start up S2PCI it comes up with the message:

System.Security.SecurityException: Requested registry access is not allowed.
at Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.OpenSubKey(String name, Boolean writable) at Sims2Pack_Installer.Config.LoadConfig()

I clicked okay and the program seemed to have come up fine. I tried to make sense of it all and tried open some custom content rar Files in a file I created named "RAR Files" and nothing appeared. I then tried testing it with a zip file that I had already used. That came up with the message:

There was some files which couldn't have been read
C:/Documents and Settings... Etc. then the name of the package file.

This is the first time I have downloaded S2PCI.

For the past few days I have tried WinAce, 7-Zip and WinRAR (again.) but none of these Archivers are installing custom content; RAR, zip or 7Z. I think I know why WinRAR isn't installing anything, I used the 40 day trial up last time I used it. But that doesn't explain why the other Archivers won't let custom content install. Are there some Archivers that don't accept .Package files?
Depending, my dad might by WinRAR, but I doubt that'll work even so. And just as a little more information, I do have Seasons, wouldn't have anything to do with this all?
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