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I'm now confused. IS it my laptop or what?
Personally i think its my laptop. So, here's the problem whenever i try to install something with or opening the Clean installer!

Please help! I'm desperately in need using of the CC. And i can't update my anti-virus program, log into any sites using FF. Now im using my PC.

So, after few days, i try to install some house's i thought it was success since the program start up then...

Right after i click "okay" button. Another message came up. it said " Files successfully installed" So, i was happy and check it on the game, NOTHING APPEAR! Even after few times of re-starting game...
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Why no one replying to this thread? After a months?!
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All I can say is that I had something similar, but I didn't take a screen shot.

I went to the Clean Installer and uninstalled and then D/L again. Seems to be ok.

You could also try delphys download organizer :
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